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All Sea Ports Online

Comprehensive information about 3800 ports all around the world.

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The All Sea Ports Online service is a comprehensive database containing information about all the ports around the globe. The purpose of this service is to consolidate extensive data on ports and provide a convenient and user-friendly search interface. To utilize the search functionality, please enter more than 3 letters of the port name.

A seaport is an integral component of the global trade system. It is an infrastructure facility designed to service ships upon their arrival, facilitating cargo handling and various operations associated with vessel traffic. Its key role lies in ensuring efficient logistical connections between countries and regions, contributing to the development of trade and the economy.

A river port, in turn, is a similar infrastructure facility but is oriented towards servicing vessels navigating through inland waterways such as rivers and canals. They perform the same functions as maritime ports, but their primary emphasis is on ensuring transport connectivity within a country where inland waterways play a leading role in cargo and passenger transportation.

Seaports are crucial nodes in global trade and key components of the global transportation infrastructure. Their role in the economies of regions and countries is hard to overstate, as they provide not only efficient routes but also create jobs, stimulate investments, and contribute to business growth. The global scale of maritime transportation makes ports an integral part of modern trade, especially in the movement of large cargo volumes such as oil, coal, and containers. Their integration with other modes of transportation—rail and road networks—ensures multimodality and improves the supply chain.

At the same time, seaports serve as central hubs for transit trade, facilitating the swift movement of goods between different regions of the world. Their specialization in various types of cargo, from containers to raw materials, gives these “maritime gateways” competitiveness and enables them to remain central nodes in the global trade network.

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