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Exam tests for marine specialists online

Welcome to the page “Tests for sailors”! Here you will find a lot of tests for multiple seamen’s professions, especially, for one of the hardest tests – CES test.

CES test, or Crew Evaluation System test – it’s a complex of tests, whose purpose is to check a basic knowledge of seamans, defined by STCW Convention. CES developed in 1995 in Norway, and an online version showed up in 2010. Certificate of it’s completion confirms the undeniable qualifications of a marine specialist.

On our site you can try to pass the test, online and for free, anywhere and anytime! If you struggle with some of the questions you can use our Article categorieslibrary, where you may find useful information.

Amount of questions, for what seaman should answer – 60.

In our tests you can choose between two mods:

  • Practice;
  • Exam.

The difference between these two mods is simple – in “Exam” you can’t ask the computer to show you the correct answer.

Tests for seamans

Marlins test
CES tests
CBT tests

Tests for sailors on our site – excellent opportunity to check yourself knowledge before exams!

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  1. Sakhare chandrashekhar Ashok
    03.09.2023 в 22:54

    its the useful mcq website to study about marine field

  2. Alex
    29.08.2023 в 09:46

    IFFT – your correct answer is wrong! to be G3E , not H3E

    1. AlexVM
      29.08.2023 в 14:05

      Hello Alex!
      Can’t find proof for it, every source I check correct answer is G3E, as it in our test.
      The emission designator “G3E” is typically used for VHF (Very High Frequency) radio telephony transmissions. This emission designator indicates a type of amplitude modulation (AM) where the voice or audio signal is modulated onto a carrier wave using double sideband modulation with full carrier. This is a common modulation scheme for voice communication in VHF radio systems, including aviation and marine communication.

  3. Mark
    24.07.2023 в 04:38

    Good day!

    When there will be available following CES Tests:

    1. Steering gear, Construction and maintenance
    2. HAZMAT – IMDG Code, Advanced

    Thanks in advance

  4. Sherif Ahmed Sabry Mohammed Ismail
    31.12.2022 в 21:46

    I hope to have ces tests for marine chief engineer.
    Thank you..
    Best wishes

  5. Renah Racho
    29.09.2022 в 17:00

    its great to find this kind of simulation to know your knowledge about maritime english before taking the CES Test

    1. AlexVM
      30.09.2022 в 08:03

      I’m glad what you find it useful! We also made app for Windows with tests and other features, if you interested https://seatracker.ru/viewtopic.php?t=53255

  6. Jfj
    12.08.2022 в 18:24

    G hof cfc

  7. Sauraj
    13.05.2022 в 08:38

    All good

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