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Collection of tests for sailors from CES and other programs.

Tests for seamans

Welcome to the page “Tests for sailors”! Here you will find a variety of tests for positions such as navigator, marine engineer, and others. The tests for seafarers are compiled from popular programs such as Delta, Compass v3.40, CES and CBT tests, as well as Mintra, Marlins, and ACT.

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Use this global search, to find answers for your questions. Our database contains more than 21 000 questions from CES, SETS, SEEMP, IAATO, EXAMINER, eLearning, AECO tests.

The number of questions in each test varies from 12 to 60. A specific amount of time is allocated for each, and the faster it is completed, the better.

The tests offer two modes:

  • Training.
  • Exam.
  • Wild.
In the Training Mode, unlike the Certification Mode, hints for questions that pose certain difficulties can be used during the test. The Wild Mode initiates the simultaneous completion of all available questions in the selected test.

The seafarer tests on our website provide an excellent opportunity to assess your knowledge before certification exams!


About different test programs

The Delta test includes questions from a program designed to assess the knowledge of seafarers and maritime personnel. It is used for certification when obtaining a work diploma or qualification certificate for ordinary specialists. This software suite is approved by the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport for the training of seafarers in educational institutions.

The Compass test is designed to assess the knowledge of navigators and marine engineers. The exercises in the program comply with the requirements of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW).

CES tests are a comprehensive tool aimed at assessing the fundamental knowledge of maritime professionals in areas specified by the STCW Convention since 1995. The online version was introduced in 2010 as a computer-based training program. The Seagull CES test will help assess the level of specific skills in the selected module and answer general but profession-related questions. It also covers basic knowledge necessary for working on a vessel.

Each module of the CBT test consists of questions and answers on a specific topic. These CBTs are compiled into a single comprehensive testing block, which includes questions both related to the profession and covering general topics essential for safe navigation, such as first aid, actions in case of fire hazards, and more. These knowledge areas must be assessed for every active seafarer.

The Automated Seafarer Testing System (AST) is a new format for undergoing the GMDSS General Operator’s Certificate (GOC) exam and confirming qualifications. It served as an alternative to CES and was primarily taken within the territory of Ukraine without the direct involvement of a commission. Applicants were required to independently answer 1 240 questions to assess the level of their preparedness.

As for the Marlins and Mintra tests, the former is a specialized company focused on developing and conducting assessments of English language proficiency for seafarers and professionals in the maritime industry. The latter is a specifically designed test to assist organizations in training, hiring, and promoting maritime personnel.

To assess your communication skills, Marlins tests will be helpful, which is crucial because ships often have a multinational crew, and English is considered the official language. Therefore, it is advisable to test yourself and your knowledge by taking Marlins tests online to successfully carry out your professional duties.


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  1. Pedrito Emmanuel Suyom
    10.05.2024 в 08:06

    Do you have STCW LPG DECK MANAGEMENT revier?

  2. Leena Dogra
    24.02.2024 в 11:35

    Plz send oceanlearning 0214 and 0647.11 cbt answers

  3. Mark
    05.01.2024 в 13:38

    Good day!

    When there will be available following CES Tests:

    1. Steering gear, Construction and maintenance
    2. HAZMAT – IMDG Code, Advanced

    Thanks in advance

  4. Muhanned
    21.11.2023 в 07:19

    Need more questions about deck operation on container

  5. Nemes Valeriu Dan
    16.11.2023 в 00:20

    How do I get my certificate? Thank you for prompt reply

  6. Sakhare chandrashekhar Ashok
    03.09.2023 в 22:54

    its the useful mcq website to study about marine field

  7. Alex
    29.08.2023 в 09:46

    IFFT – your correct answer is wrong! to be G3E , not H3E

    1. AlexVM
      29.08.2023 в 14:05

      Hello Alex!
      Can’t find proof for it, every source I check correct answer is G3E, as it in our test.
      The emission designator “G3E” is typically used for VHF (Very High Frequency) radio telephony transmissions. This emission designator indicates a type of amplitude modulation (AM) where the voice or audio signal is modulated onto a carrier wave using double sideband modulation with full carrier. This is a common modulation scheme for voice communication in VHF radio systems, including aviation and marine communication.

  8. Mark
    24.07.2023 в 04:38

    Good day!

    When there will be available following CES Tests:

    1. Steering gear, Construction and maintenance
    2. HAZMAT – IMDG Code, Advanced

    Thanks in advance

  9. Sherif Ahmed Sabry Mohammed Ismail
    31.12.2022 в 21:46

    I hope to have ces tests for marine chief engineer.
    Thank you..
    Best wishes

  10. Renah Racho
    29.09.2022 в 17:00

    its great to find this kind of simulation to know your knowledge about maritime english before taking the CES Test

    1. AlexVM
      30.09.2022 в 08:03

      I’m glad what you find it useful! We also made app for Windows with tests and other features, if you interested https://seatracker.ru/viewtopic.php?t=53255

  11. Jfj
    12.08.2022 в 18:24

    G hof cfc

  12. Sauraj
    13.05.2022 в 08:38

    All good

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