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Free Seagull STCW CES tests and answers for marine specialists

A large number of CES tests for preparing sailors for exams and certification.

CES tests

The Crew Evaluation System (CES) or maritime tests are a complex of examinations aimed at assessing the basic knowledge of maritime specialists in areas specified by the STCW Convention. The test series was developed by Seagull (later renamed Ocean Technologies Group) by Norwegians in 1995, and the online version of the test emerged in 2010 as a e-learning platform. This test is highly popular and widely recognized among sailors. Over 350 companies worldwide utilize the CES testing system to evaluate the competence of their crew members.

Each Seagull maritime test consists of a specific number of modules (CBT modules or CBT CDs), which collectively constitute the entire content of the test. For example, the CES exam for engine cadet may include modules related to ship’s equipment, mechanisms, and devices. However, besides these specialized modules, such a test will undoubtedly be supplemented with general, fundamental modules that every sailor should be familiar with, such as Fire-fighting, Survival, First Aid, and so on.

How to prepare to CES exam?

To successfully pass the Seagull test online, sailors need to prepare carefully. First and foremost, it is recommended to improve their English language skills. Even experienced professionals in the maritime industry can get confused by the question descriptions and provide incorrect answers without a good command of the English language. For preparation, various e-learning tools, platforms and applications can be utilized. The next important step would be to refresh the knowledge relevant to their specific specialization.

Usually, sailors search for answers to CES test questions on the internet, hoping to memorize them, but this approach can be time-consuming. The ideal option is considered to practice on specialized simulators available in various maritime training institutions or universities. There are numerous programs that can be used for preparation, such as Seagull Assistant, Seagull Simulator, Popeye test apps, and more. Additionally, on the internet, one can find and download answers to CES tests in PDF or DOC formats.

But we offer an alternative – you can practice directly on our website, where CES tests for seafarers and their answers are available to you. You can take the tests again and again at your convenience, for example, during a coffee break or while traveling. We understand that sailors need assistance when taking the CES test, which is why we provide specialized e-learning programs and tests specifically for them. Our goal is to ultimately help sailors pass the test successfully and obtain the necessary certifications.

Why is it better to prepare with us?

User-friendly UI
Our tests are convenient to use on any device.
You can take CES tests at our site for free, forever.
All tests and answers are gathered in one place.
Existing tests are supplemented with new questions from CES 6.0+ versions, and errors are corrected.
CES tests are always available in two languages – Russian and English.
Our community helps us in finding new tests and answers.
This website is an invaluable resource for sailors preparing for their CES test for deck officer. The extensive collection of practice tests and answers provided here greatly enhances the preparation process, ensuring success in the examination.
Pankaj Tandel
The CES test answers for engineers available on this platform have been incredibly helpful in preparing for the examination, streamlining the studying process effectively.
An excellent platform for maritime professionals, providing comprehensive CES tests for deck officers. The availability of practice tests specifically tailored for deck officers has significantly contributed to my preparation, ensuring I am well-equipped for the CES examination.
Thanks to this website, I found the Seagull CES 6.0.9 answers I needed to ace my tests.


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CES tests for seafarers

Start taking CES tests with us to prepare for your exams. We wish you success!

  1. kapil
    03.06.2024 в 15:11

    0416-fuel oil bunkering, understanding test result
    0306-incident investigation, cause and effect
    0417-low sulphur fuel operation.
    need above this answer. plz send

  2. Onur Tekelioğlu
    14.02.2024 в 13:10

    I need CES certificate for all slow, medium, high speed engines. How can i get them?

  3. Martin
    13.01.2024 в 20:24

    Good day
    Need answers to CES Stcw version 6.0.10 engine operational medium speed. Thanks for help

  4. stephen
    28.11.2023 в 14:40

    please those the list of courses and the codes that i want below thanks
    1.0336-Back deck safety for seismic vessels
    3.0300-Rigging and Slinging
    4.0335-Deck safety for anchor handlers

  5. stephen
    28.11.2023 в 14:32

    hello good day
    pleasea am looking for same couser can you please help me out thanks

  6. Rajesh Kutrapali
    02.08.2023 в 13:31

    Good Day, sirs,

    When will be available test for container management?

  7. AlexVM
    22.07.2023 в 08:46

    -> CBT tests now here https://sea-man.org/cbt-tests

  8. KKJ
    18.07.2023 в 17:05

    Too many amount of test was missing

    1. AlexVM
      19.07.2023 в 08:54

      Hello KKJ! We constantly working on adding new tests.
      We also moved all our CBT tests here https://sea-man.org/cbt-tests

  9. Igor Tabulynsky
    17.07.2023 в 18:35

    Dear Sirs ! Good afternoon ! I would like to ask almost just one question, whether there is a collection of questions in your test system to test the competence of ship Engineers to work on ships with electronic diesel engines (MAN ME and Wartsila RT Flex). I will be very grateful to you for your answer.

    Respectfully, Igor

  10. Roged
    08.07.2023 в 05:02

    Do you have a test for deck cadet

  11. Deepak
    19.05.2023 в 06:10

    Can we get test on Pure car carrier

  12. sergey
    21.03.2023 в 20:48

    kindly advise how can I have to complete a CBT seagull test with the name : Development of heavy weather (SG0241)

    1. AlexVM
      22.03.2023 в 17:07

      Hello Sergey! This CBT currently in development. Technically it’s finished, now it’s que for SEO and spell check. Subscribe to our telegram channel https://t.me/sea_man_org We will post new tests there, so you won’t miss it.

  13. Andrie amanupunyo
    04.03.2023 в 07:54

    How about answer of E-learning from Vship ocean learning platform

    1. AlexVM
      06.03.2023 в 12:36

      Hello Andrie!

      We’re actively working on adding new tests to the site.

  14. Kazanegra Ilija
    23.01.2023 в 17:41

    How I can found skill assessment test?

  15. Gil
    07.12.2022 в 18:31

    Good day do you have answer for portstate control.thanks

    1. Karol
      25.01.2023 в 12:12

      Good day do you have answer for portstate control.thanks

    2. AlexVM
      25.01.2023 в 17:57

      Hello! Thanks for your comment.
      Every currently available CES test and answers you can find here https://sea-man.org/ces-tests
      We actively working on adding new tests.

  16. Kalogerakos Ioannis
    17.11.2022 в 14:18

    My company asks to complete a CBT seagull test with the name : Engine/Management/Slow Speed. Do you have answers ?

  17. Arej B.
    21.08.2022 в 15:18

    Good aftewrnoon,
    Do you have a Seagull CES test Seismic survey Deck Management (incl.DP)?

  18. ilia davitadze
    30.07.2022 в 11:15


  19. Felix Awuah
    19.06.2022 в 07:47

    Your assistance about some of the questions are very helpful but please can you assist in all the courses?

    1. AlexVM
      20.06.2022 в 08:42

      Yes, we’re actively working on it. If someone interested, we may create Telegram channel, so you can always see site updates.

    2. Chief
      29.07.2022 в 09:21

      Would be very appreciate. When Telegram channel will be ready, can you provide a link? Thank you for your assistance!

    3. AlexVM
      02.08.2022 в 15:39

      Sure, our channel https://t.me/sea_man_org
      Don’t be confused, we will post new articles and tests on English too.

    4. Chief
      06.08.2022 в 14:01

      Many thanks!

  20. Кирилл
    05.04.2022 в 07:32

    Good information, Thanks

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