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Free Seagull CES questions and answers for marine specialists

Crew Evaluation System, or CES tests online – it’s a complex of tests, whose purpose is to check a basic knowledge of seamans, defined by STCW Convention. CES developed in 1995 in Norway, and an online version showed up in 2010.

These tests are popular, and very well known by most of seamans. To value marine specialists competence “Crew Evaluation System” used in more than 350 companies around the world.

CES is recognized as one of the hardest tests. It is composed fully in english, has questions about grammar, understanding of english speech and knowledge of marine terminology. Also, unlike other tests, if you already answered the question you can’t come back to correct a mistake. This is why the CES test demands very good preparations. But you have much more time to pass it, usually 3-6 hours.

For example, for Marlins test you get 60 minutes.

Anyway, even though it’s hard to pass the test, the certificate of it’s completion confirms the undeniable qualifications of a marine specialist. This certificate follow the regulations:

  • IMO Resolution;
  • SOLAS;
  • MARPOL Annex VI;
  • SCTW 95;
  • GMDSS.

Questions of CES tests based on SCTW regulations:

  • Crisis and Crowd Management;
  • Integrated Navigation System;
  • Ballast Water Management;
  • Cargo Handling & Stowage;
  • Controlling the Operation of the Ship & Safety;
  • Marine Engineering;
  • Maintenance and Repair, etc.

Questions for the exam are formed based on a sailor profession and type of vessel, on what he wants to work.

How to prepare to exams

CES poses a difficult task and requires careful preparation.

Usually seamans look for answers for test questions in WEB, trying to remember all of them, but this consumes a lot of time. Ideally to learn in practice. This is what we offer here!

On our site you can try to pass the test, online and for free, anywhere and anytime! If you struggle with some of the questions you can use our Article categorieslibrary, where you may find useful information.

Amount of questions in every test, for what seaman should answer – 60.

Amount of tests: all.

Tests for sailors on our site – excellent opportunity to check yourself knowledge before exams!

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  1. sergey
    21.03.2023 в 20:48

    kindly advise how can I have to complete a CBT seagull test with the name : Development of heavy weather (SG0241)

    1. AlexVM
      22.03.2023 в 17:07

      Hello Sergey! This CBT currently in development. Technically it’s finished, now it’s que for SEO and spell check. Subscribe to our telegram channel https://t.me/sea_man_org We will post new tests there, so you won’t miss it.

  2. Andrie amanupunyo
    04.03.2023 в 07:54

    How about answer of E-learning from Vship ocean learning platform

    1. AlexVM
      06.03.2023 в 12:36

      Hello Andrie!

      We’re actively working on adding new tests to the site.

  3. Kazanegra Ilija
    23.01.2023 в 17:41

    How I can found skill assessment test?

  4. Gil
    07.12.2022 в 18:31

    Good day do you have answer for portstate control.thanks

    1. Karol
      25.01.2023 в 12:12

      Good day do you have answer for portstate control.thanks

    2. AlexVM
      25.01.2023 в 17:57

      Hello! Thanks for your comment.
      Every currently available CES test and answers you can find here https://sea-man.org/ces-tests
      We actively working on adding new tests.

  5. Kalogerakos Ioannis
    17.11.2022 в 14:18

    My company asks to complete a CBT seagull test with the name : Engine/Management/Slow Speed. Do you have answers ?

  6. Arej B.
    21.08.2022 в 15:18

    Good aftewrnoon,
    Do you have a Seagull CES test Seismic survey Deck Management (incl.DP)?

  7. ilia davitadze
    30.07.2022 в 11:15


  8. Felix Awuah
    19.06.2022 в 07:47

    Your assistance about some of the questions are very helpful but please can you assist in all the courses?

    1. AlexVM
      20.06.2022 в 08:42

      Yes, we’re actively working on it. If someone interested, we may create Telegram channel, so you can always see site updates.

    2. Chief
      29.07.2022 в 09:21

      Would be very appreciate. When Telegram channel will be ready, can you provide a link? Thank you for your assistance!

    3. AlexVM
      02.08.2022 в 15:39

      Sure, our channel https://t.me/sea_man_org
      Don’t be confused, we will post new articles and tests on English too.

    4. Chief
      06.08.2022 в 14:01

      Many thanks!

  9. Кирилл
    05.04.2022 в 07:32

    Good information, Thanks

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