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Overview of Alternative Propulsion Systems for the LNG Vessel 185
The New Generation of Liquefied Natural Gas Carriers – Basic Design Philosophy 204
Weather-related Economics of Natural Gas Transport for Two Propulsion Plant Configurations 177
Technical Considerations in the Classing of Vessels Intended to Carry Compressed Natural Gas 172
Compressed Natural Gas Carriers Applied to Remote Marginal Gas Field Developments 247
Natural Gas Transportation in the Form of Hydrate Pellets (NGHP) 174
Wave and Impact Loads in Design of Large and Conventional Liquefied Gas Carriers 158
Det Norske Veritas Fatigue Analysis of Natural Gas Carriers 195
Condition Assessment Program for Liquefied Gas Carriers (CAP LNG) 207
Dynamic Strength Analysis for Membrane Type LNG Containment System Due to Sloshing Impact Load 193
Coupling Between Liquefied Gas and Vessel’s Motion for Partially Filled Tanks Effect on Seakeeping 110
Development of the FLNG and FONG for Gas Extraction 171
Maximising LNG Efficiency Through the Use of Foul Release Coatings 167
Manning and Operational Standards for the Liquefied Gas Carriers 203
Planning the Design, Construction and Operation of New LNG Transportation Systems 275
History and Future Predictions of the Liquefied Natural Gas Shipping 221
Separation of the Gas Produced in Field from Unnecessary Components 207
Gas Field Operation Problems and Methods to Deal With Them 227
Complete Manual for Engineers about Dew Point Reservoirs 207
Determination of Volumetric Flow Rates of Gas using Orifice Metering System and other Techniques 195
Perform of Total System Analysis in NG Production Operations 127
Usage of Natural Gas Compressors in the Gas Production Operations 139
Performance of the Network of Pipes in Gas Industry 148
Manual for Engineers to Calculate Amount of Gas in Reservoirs 188
Best and Most Widely Methods to Perform Necessary Calculations with a Gas 230
Everything about Natural Gas in Modern Industry 209
Summary from Researches done with Vessel Simulator Tool (VeSim) 156
Real Example of Vessel Manoeuvering done with Vessel Simulator (VeSim) 236
Simulation of the Full-Scale Sea Trials from the Marine Activities and Offshore Operations Project 182
Basic Ship Motions and Mathematical Model used in Vessel Simulator (VeSim) Tool 237
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