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Welcome to the sea portal Sea-Man.org - a site dedicated to those who are selflessly in love with the sea, even if you are not a sailor and to step on board the ship is your dream.

Here you will find a wealth of information about large sea areas, squadrons from around the world, conquests and discoveries. In the History section, you will read about such great Russian admirals as Ferdinand Wrangel, Pavel Nakhimov, Fedor Ushakov, Fedor Apraksin, about their achievements and discoveries.

If you publish stories in our special section, we will be glad if you publish stories, useful information, or tell a fascinating story from the life of a ship, or why fate led you to the water element.

Fair wind and happy sailing on the waves of Sea-Man.org!

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Overview of Alternative Propulsion Systems for the LNG Vessel 322 24.01.2023

This article will talk about different propulsion systems, what can be used on LNG carrier. The concept of carrying a […]

The New Generation of Liquefied Natural Gas Carriers – Basic Design Philosophy 302 23.01.2023

Increasing demand of LNG in modern world claims natural gas transportation to be faster. This is why the new generation […]

Weather-related Economics of Natural Gas Transport for Two Propulsion Plant Configurations 264 21.01.2023

It has always been difficult to incorporate the effect of environmental conditions into an economical evaluation. This article describes the […]

Technical Considerations in the Classing of Vessels Intended to Carry Compressed Natural Gas 263 19.01.2023

This article identifies the principal safety considerations and the hazards that must be assessed when developing novel concepts for the […]

Compressed Natural Gas Carriers Applied to Remote Marginal Gas Field Developments 426 19.01.2023

This article examines applications of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) carriers, using event-domain simulations to assess transportation system operating efficiency. This […]

Natural Gas Transportation in the Form of Hydrate Pellets (NGHP) 295 18.01.2023

For smaller scale gas fields, the transportation of natural gas in the form of Natural Gas Hydrate (NGH) pellets is […]

Wave and Impact Loads in Design of Large and Conventional Liquefied Gas Carriers 296 17.01.2023

One of the key issues for the design of membrane type (NO.96, Mark III and CS1) Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) […]

Det Norske Veritas Fatigue Analysis of Natural Gas Carriers 302 16.01.2023

The article describes the thinking behind Det Norske Veritas (DNV) ship hull fatigue analysis procedures from the 1950’s and onwards. […]

Condition Assessment Program for Liquefied Gas Carriers (CAP LNG) 403 16.01.2023

Traditionally LNG carriers were operated by specialists with long experience with this type of vessel. As the LNG market expands […]

Dynamic Strength Analysis for Membrane Type LNG Containment System Due to Sloshing Impact Load 401 14.01.2023

A numerical and experimental scheme to evaluate the impact strength of containment system in the membrane-type LNG carrier is proposed. […]

Coupling Between Liquefied Gas and Vessel’s Motion for Partially Filled Tanks Effect on Seakeeping 202 13.01.2023

Gas production projects are today under development or scheduled in a short future. Offshore LNG gas production raises different problems […]

Development of the FLNG and FONG for Gas Extraction 300 13.01.2023

Offshore Floating LNG Plants (FLNG) and Floating Oil and Natural Gas (FONG) have, over the last few years, attracted considerable […]

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