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Welcome to the sea portal Sea-Man.org - a site dedicated to those who are selflessly in love with the sea, even if you are not a sailor and to step on board the ship is your dream.

Here you will find a wealth of information about large sea areas, squadrons from around the world, conquests and discoveries. In the History section, you will read about such great Russian admirals as Ferdinand Wrangel, Pavel Nakhimov, Fedor Ushakov, Fedor Apraksin, about their achievements and discoveries.

If you publish stories in our special section, we will be glad if you publish stories, useful information, or tell a fascinating story from the life of a ship, or why fate led you to the water element.

Fair wind and happy sailing on the waves of Sea-Man.org!

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A Study on Support Arrangement of a Cargo Tank for Tank Type-A Liquefied Petroleum Ships 9 01.10.2022

The article describes a study on the optimized and practical support arrangement of a cargo tank for Tank Type-A LPG […]

Structural Aspects of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cargo Tanks Design and Construction 20 30.09.2022

The article describes the structural design procedure of cylindrical and bilobe cargo tank, Type C as pressure vessels, according to […]

Birth of the Reliquefaction, Design and Operation of the Reliquefaction LPG Plant 40 28.09.2022

Reliquefaction plant were traditionally of the cascade type, using the cargo gas as the working fluid in the low pressure […]

Underwater Shock, Effects and Risks for Hydrocarbon Carrying Ships 45 26.09.2022

An underwater explosion in the vicinity of a hydrocarbon carrying ship is a serious risk. Such risks are gaining importance […]

Special Requirements for LPG Carriers to Sail Cargo on Danube River 60 24.09.2022

This article gives the important information about requirements to transport the cargo on the LPG carrier on the Danube river. […]

Risks and Compliance for Environment for Liquefied Petroleum Gas Operations within Inland Waterways 73 23.09.2022

This article contains massive information about Environmental Risk and Compliance for LPG Operations within Inland Waterways. СодержаниеСвернуть Summary Introduction Natural […]

Characteristics, Maintenance of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Vessels and Hull Integrity Management 120 21.09.2022

The shipping industry at large and the LPG tanker segment in particular experience increased focus on hull integrity (maintenance) – […]

Fatigue Analysis Methodology and Damage Calculations of Structural Details specific to the VLGS 108 21.09.2022

This article mainly focuses on the fatigue assessment of the structural details specific to the large LPG carriers with prismatic […]

Site Team Supervision and Training on the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Vessel Newbuilding 84 20.09.2022

This article discusses RINA’s views on the need and essential elements of site inspector training for LPG Ship newbuilding and […]

Basic Info about Liquefied Petroleum Gas Vessels and Risks while Shipping a Cargo 128 20.09.2022

Demand of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas in XXI century increases. This article contains basic information about LPG vessels, risk assessment […]

Prospects of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Industry and Why it is a Growing Market 72 19.09.2022

This article covers information about the State of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Market and shows the diagrams, graphs and tables of […]

The State of Global Liquefied Petroleum Gas Market in XXI Century 96 17.09.2022

This article covers basic info about the state of the global LPG market. Charts will show, how LPG prices rised, […]

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