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Welcome to the sea portal Sea-Man.org - a site dedicated to those who are selflessly in love with the sea, even if you are not a sailor and to step on board the ship is your dream.

Here you will find a wealth of information about large sea areas, squadrons from around the world, conquests and discoveries. In the History section, you will read about such great Russian admirals as Ferdinand Wrangel, Pavel Nakhimov, Fedor Ushakov, Fedor Apraksin, about their achievements and discoveries.

If you publish stories in our special section, we will be glad if you publish stories, useful information, or tell a fascinating story from the life of a ship, or why fate led you to the water element.

Fair wind and happy sailing on the waves of Sea-Man.org!

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Dynamic Simulation and Optimization of LNG Plants and Import Terminals 25 26.05.2022

Dynamic simulation and optimization of LNG Plants has established itself as a valuable technology in the chemical process industries. Both […]

Liquefied Natural Gas Plant and Regasification Terminal Operations 31 24.05.2022

An LNG (liquefaction natural gas) production plant is designed to meet the production target with specifications that meet the contractual […]

Energy consumption Optimization and Improvements in the Natural Gas Liquefaction Process 42 24.05.2022

LNG plants are massive energy consumers. This is due to the fact that the energy required for liquefying one kilogram […]

Development of Natural Gas Liquefaction Cycles based on Energy and Exergy Analyses 59 24.05.2022

One of the most important sections in the LNG supply chain is the energy consumption in natural gas liquefaction utilizing […]

Automation and Process Control of Liquefied Natural Gas Plants and Import Terminals 48 24.05.2022

The Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) marketplace is inherently complex and is becoming quite competi-tive. Automation strategies have become a key […]

Overview, Process and Technology of Natural Gas Liquefaction (NLG) 129 17.05.2022

The natural gas liquefaction process is the key component in LNG plants in terms of cost, complexity, and operational importance. […]

Gas Conditioning and Natural Gas Liquids Recovery Technologies 125 17.05.2022

This article contains information about Fundamentals of LNG technologies in treating and conditioning the sour feed gas and the removal […]

International trade of Liquefied Natural Gas in maritime industry 255 07.05.2022

International LNG trade continues to experience significant growth and diversification and has done so for the past decades. Such growth […]

Liquefied Natural Gas Projects, calculation of the cost of gas production 327 05.05.2022

LNG projects are inherently capital-intensive, with the liquefaction plant accounting for up to 50 % of total project cost. Table […]

Environmental aspects in Liquefied Natural Gas production 1245 19.02.2021

LNG is the cleanest fuel in modern world. But peoples should not forget Environment aspects in gas production, to reduce […]

Offshore supply chain of Liquefied Natural Gas 1489 17.02.2021

As demand for LNG continues to grow and the value of natural gas remains high in the major consuming markets, […]

Quality and Interchangeability of Natural Gas 972 16.02.2021

Quality of LNG is one of the most significant issues in gas trading. This article covers quality regulations of Liquefied […]

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