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Crew Evaluation Test online for seamans about Oil Discharging Monitoring Equipment

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“Seagull CES marine test online about ODME System” (Crew Evaluation Test) will help marine specialists in preparation to exams for getting certificate of confidence.

This test contains 10 questions. Mode “Practice” and “Exam” have one difference – in “Exam” mode you can’t ask the computer to show you the right answer.

Choose mode in which you want take CES test about “ODME System”:

Practice - CES test
Exam - CES test
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Are you allowed to discharge oil while at anchor more than 50 nautical miles from shore?
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For how long must you save the Oil Record Book on board?
1 year.
3 months.
3 year.
5 years.
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For how long must you save the printouts from the ODME?
Until the end of the voyage.
3 months.
3 year.
5 years.
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How far from the nearest land do you have to be before you can discharge any oily waste or residue into the sea?
50 nautical miles.
30 nautical miles.
80 nautical miles.
150 nautical miles.
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What is the maximum instantaneous rate at which oil can be discharged into the sea?
30 litres per nautical mile.
50 litres per nautical mile.
100 litres per nautical mile.
10 litres per nautical mile.
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What medium is used to calibrate the ODME?
Sea water.
Fresh water.
Crude oil.
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Which of the following items shall be recorded in the oil record book? Click all that applies:
Discharge of ballast from segregated ballast tanks.
Ballasting of cargo tanks.
Failure on the ODME.
Failure on a cargo pump.
Maintenance of the ODME.
Discharge of slop water to a shore facility.
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Which of the sea areas below are defined as special areas in MARPOL? Click all that applies:
The Mediterranean Sea.
The Baltic Sea.
The Black Sea.
The Red Sea.
The Atlantic Ocean.
The Pacific Ocean.
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Which water can be discharged into the sea without using the ODME?
Water from slop tanks.
Clean ballast water from cargo tanks.
Ballast water from segregated ballast tanks (SBT).
Dirty ballast water from cargo tanks.
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Who must sign for each completed operation in the Oil Record Book?
The Loading Master.
The duty rating.
The Officer in charge of the operation.
The Captain shall sign for each operation.
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* In some questions may be more, than one right answer.
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