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Indonesia LNG Export Companies – Infrastructure, Trends, and Future Projects

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Discover detailed insights into Indonesia LNG export companies, including existing infrastructure, project structures, terminals, future plants and etc.

Indonesian LNG exports rose by 6,8 % in 2016 to 42,85 m m3, the highest level since 2011, but still well below the recent peak of 52,46 m m3 in 2010. This growth was partly supported by exports from the Donggi Senoro LNG plant exceeding the initial 2016 export target of 36 cargoes, with 40 cargoes reportedly exported during the year.

Existing Infrastructure
Map of IndonesiaProject StructureTerminal
PlantOperatorStart UpTrainsStorageNameBerthsLOA, m.Draft, m.Vessel Max. m3
No.mt/yNo.Cap. m3
BadakBadak197725,16630 000Bontang230012,5138 000
Total Bontang821,06630 000
Tangguh LNGTangguh LNG200927,62340 000Tangguh30012,5155 000
Total Tangguh27,62340 000
Donggi Senoro LNGDonggi Senoro LNG201512,01170 000Senoro165 000
Total Donggi Senoro12,01170 000
Indonesia Total1130,691 140 000

Meanwhile, it was reported that exports from Tangguh LNG totaled around 17,4 m m3 in 2016, a record high.

Future / Proposed Plants
PlantOperatorStart Upmt/yStorage Cap. m3Status
Sengkang LNGEnergy World Corp. Ltd20172,0Under Construction
Tangguh LNG Train 3BP Berau Limited20203,8

The majority of Indonesian exports of LNG were bound for Asia, with exports to Japan and South Korea accounting for the majority of Indonesian exports in 2016, totaling 13,23 m m3 and 10,34 m m3 respectively, representing an increase of 2,5 % and 19,7 %. Domestic LNG trade also rose in 2016, by 48 % to 7,21 m m3.

Indonesia LNG production and export
Gas Production and LNG Export Trends (volume statistics in m3 of natural gas)

In 2017, the 2,0 mtpa capacity Sengkang LNG plant on the island of Sulawesi is expected to start-up. The Ship to Shore Access Guidelines for Gas Terminal and Vessel Operatorsliquefaction terminal has suffered a number of delays due to issues with financing and gas allocation.

Chart - Indonesia LNG production
Gas Production and LNG Exports (volume statistics in m3 of natural gas)

Meanwhile, operator Energy World Corp. have stated that the Sengkang LNG plant could be expanded to 5 mtpa capacity, through the addition of further liquefaction modules.

Exports of LNG - Indonesia
LNG Exports: Indonesia

Beyond this, the third train at the Tangguh LNG plant is also under construction and is expected to be completed by 2020.

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Whilst the addition of more liquefaction capacity should be supportive to Indonesian LNG exports in the coming years, overseas shipments are likely to come under pressure from increased domestic gas consumption, with Indonesian gas demand estimated to have risen by 2,8 % in 2016.

Indonesia - current LNG contracts
Current Contracts

As such, the majority of the focus on Indonesian LNG recently has been towards the potential development of regasification infrastructure, in particular FSRUs, as well as small-scale LNG operations to service demand across the nation’s islands.


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