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Crew Evaluation Test online for seamans about Basic Hydraulic System

“Seagull CES marine test online about Basic Hydraulic System” (Crew Evaluation Test) will help marine specialists in preparation to exams for getting certificate of confidence.

This test contains 16 questions. Mode “Practice” and “Exam” have one difference – in “Exam” mode you can’t ask the computer to show you the right answer.

Choose mode in which you want take CES test about Basic Hydraulic:

Practice - CES test
Exam - CES test
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By reducing the flow, the torque will:
Be reduced.
Be the same.
Be higher.
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Counterbalance valve is used:
To support a load and prevent “creeping”.
To unload the delivery pump.
It is the same as a check valve.
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Energy not used to move the load in a hydraulic system turns into what?
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How much pressure will a force of 2 000 N create in a cylinder with a piston area of 0,0025 m2?
400 kPa.
800 kPa.
1 600 kPa.
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Internal leaks create:
Faster movement of the actuator.
Higher pressure in the system.
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Is hydraulic oil compressible?
Aprox. 1/2 % pr. 7 MPa.
10 % pr. 5 MPA.
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Movement of the actuator depends on:
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Pascal’s law says:
Force = pressure * area.
Force = pressure / area.
Force = pressure + area.
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Rate of flow determines:
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What creates pressure in a hydraulic system?
The directional valve.
The resistance to flow.
The pump.
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What is the most common reason for failures in hydraulic systems?
The use of the wrong type of oil.
Water in the oil.
Contamination of the oil.
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What type of gas should be used to charge an accumulator?
Compressed air.
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When do we use a pilot operated check valve?
To reduce load.
To prevent overload.
To prevent creeping.
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Which statement is not true?
Hydraulics has a simple design, few parts and is easy to operate.
Hydraulics cannot be used in hazardous condition.
Hydraulics produce constant torque with variable speed.
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Which statement is true?
Hydraulic components need external lubrication.
Difficult to control speed of actuator.
Hydraulic components have a high power to weight ratio.
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Which type of pump is most common in hydraulic systems?
Positive displacement pump.
Non-positive displacement pump.
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