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Crew Evaluation Test online for seamans about Digital Governor System

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“Seagull CES marine test online about Digital Governor System” (Crew Evaluation Test) will help marine specialists in preparation to exams for getting certificate of confidence.

This test contains 8 questions. Mode “Practice” and “Exam” have one difference – in “Exam” mode you can’t ask the computer to show you the right answer.

Choose mode in which you want take “CES” test about Digital Governor System:

Practice - CES test
Exam - CES test
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Which of the factors does not cause governor limits to be changed during service?
Fuel Oil Quality Variations.
Wear of Fuel Pumps.
Hull Fouling.
Engine Room temperatures.
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The RPM Command function does not do which of the following:
Commanding Input signal from remote control system or control room lever.
Control Engine Acceleration or deceleration.
Manual setting of fuel supply reference and speed setting reference.
Critical Speed Discrimination.
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The RPM reference values are:
Computed manually by operator.
Computed only for some Engine Running Conditions.
Computed for all Engine Running Conditions.
Stored in memory for later use.
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The Servomotor of the fuel actuator has a brake, which acts to keep fuel lever in:
Current position.
New position.
Non fail safe position.
Mid position.
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What are the Actuator main functions?
Limiting speed of fuel-rack.
Displaying Data Values.
Sense the actuator position command from the Regulator.
Repeated testing of System Failures.
Positioning the actuator (and fuel-rack) according to commanded value.
Output for fuel-rack (actuator) indication (option).
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What are the Regulator main functions?
Speed Reference Computation.
Speed Measurement and Filtering.
Displaying Data Values.
Off-line Testing.
Programming user-dependent parameters.
Output and limit the command signal to the fuel actuating function.
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Which Data is Adjustable?
RPM Command.
Measured RPM.
Scav. Air Pressure.
RPM Limiter level.
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Which Data is Readable?
Dead Band.
Fuel Limiter level.
RPM limiter level.
Scavenge Air Pressure.
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