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Crew Evaluation System test online for specialists working in Engine Room (Operational, Slow speed)

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Welcome to the website where you can pass online the CES test on the subject «Engine, Operational, Slow speed». Practice like this will help you as a marine specialist improve your knowledge with the help of online studying and appraisal practice. CES based on practical information and marine specialists experience.

CES tests developed for evaluating seaman basic knowledge by Seagull Company (rebranded as «OTG»), is an evaluating online-tool, used for revealing any professional preparation needed in specific fields of knowledge, defined by STCW.

  • Test type: STCW.
  • Department: Engine.
  • Level: Operational.
  • Engine: Slow speed.

CES tests have proven themselves as good tools for the selection and recruitment process, as well as advancing the level of knowledge of the current officers and crew. Ocean Technologies Group use various subjects for question creation, which includes:

  • Crowd and Crisis Management;
  • Integrated Navigation System (INS);
  • Ballast water management;
  • Handling and Stowage;
  • Vessel operation management and safety;
  • Marine engineering;
  • Maintenance and repair, etc.

Current test contains Seagull CES questions on the subject «Engine, Operational, Slow speed». Those questions can be used for competence verification specialist capable of preventing accidental situations related with transporting safety, or also for self-examination.

Test about work in«Engine room» includes theoretical and practical information about advanced training for work on any type of vessel. Knowledge of this information directly shows employee’s competence who holds a relevant post on a vessel. A seaman working in the engine department on a vessel is responsible for the maintenance and adjustment of engine mechanisms, as well as the cooling and fuel supply systems. They are also tasked with monitoring the operation of all machinery, conducting regular technical inspections, and performing repair work when necessary. In operating the low-speed control system, the seaman is in charge of precisely and safely maneuvering the vessel in accordance with the captain’s instructions and navigational documentation.

On this site Crew Evaluation System Test on the subject «Engine, Operational, Slow speed» contains 47 questions you need to answer with no possibility to go back to previous question. Therefore, we recommend carefully reading each question and making decision with no hurry. In case you have some difficulty answering, you have also possibility to request a hint.

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Code: 43knDhu$ Many large slow speed diesel engines operating on heavy fuel oil have a fuel injection system which features Variable Injection Timing. How does this affect engine operation?
VIT increases engine efficiency by automatically maintaining the maximum cylinder pressure over part of the load range.
VIT allows the ship’s engineers to alter the injection timing for each load setting with a simple single adjustment of the fuel rack.
VIT increases engine efficiency by automatically maintaining the maximum cylinder pressure over the entire load range.
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Code: g9TPlr$ A seawater pump requires overhaul but there are no spare wear rings for the casing and impeller. It is decided that new wear rings will be fabricated onboard using the ship’s lathe. What would be the most suitable material to use to fabricate the rings onboard?
Aluminium brass.
Mild steel.
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Code: YTYhXuyZ During maintenance work on a main diesel engine the fuel injection valve is found to be jammed in the pocket in the cylinder cover. Which of the procedures given in the options should be followed in order to complete the work?
Replace the complete cylinder cover with a spare unit and land the cover with the jammed valve ashore for repair in a specialist workshop.
With the fuel injection valve retaining nuts removed admit compressed air into the engine cylinder to try and blow the injection valve out of the pocket.
Remove the cylinder cover and try and drive the injection valve out of the pocket from the underside with a hammer and punch.
Wedge a bar between the piston top and the bottom of the injector and use the turning gear to force the injection valve out.
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Code: DiHWrBmZ A large electric motor is being removed from a main seawater pump with the aid of the engine room crane. Which is the best method of starting the lift from the options given?
Use the “inch up” facility on the crane to “break” the motor free after slackening all of the retaining bolts.
Use the full hoist facility on the crane to “break” the motor free after slackening all of the retaining bolts.
Use a suitable chain block suspended from the crane hook to “break” the motor free after slackening all of the retaining bolts.
Use the full hoist facility to lift the motor clear in one action after removing all of the retaining bolts.
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Code: 0FrjAdyZ Modern slow speed, two stroke diesel engines often have locating pins or pegs to keep the piston rings in a fixed position. Why is this arrangement used?
It avoids the risk of the ends of the piston rings being forced out by the gas pressure and catching on the scavenge ports.
It ensures the rings cannot be mixed up and that they are fitted in the correct order on the piston.
The piston ring gaps can be kept in line to control the gas pressure on each of the rings.
The piston rings are more difficult to lubricate because of the slow operating speeds and will wear more quickly if they are allowed to rotate.
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Code: FDQhShsJ Which of the following voltage levels would be regarded as high voltage likely to be found on a ship?
690 V.
220 V.
6,6 kV.
660 kV.
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Code: 999ENzGK Personnel in a high voltage switchroom and smell rotten eggs. What may this indicate?
Problems with a gas (SF6) circuit breaker.
Problems with a vacuum circuit breaker.
Arcing at badly coupled bus bars.
Burning of insulation.
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Code: GqtlwPwR A mechanical seal, consisting of carbon and ceramic seal rings, is to be fitted to a centrifugal pump shaft. What is the most likely result of not being extremely careful when fitting this type of seal?
The seal rings are hard and may score the pump shaft.
The rubber O rings for the seal can be easily damaged.
The spring and bellows for the seal can be easily damaged.
The seal rings are brittle and can be easily chipped or damaged.
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Code: E$EbFIt$ What is the ideal working temperature for physical work?
17-20 °C.
-10 °C.
10-15 °C.
21-35 °C.
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Code: OmcAHVVk Thermistors are temperature sensitive devices. A positive temperature coefficient thermistor will typically have:
Relatively linear characteristic.
Inaccurate measurement.
Variable reliability.
Relatively non linear characteristic.
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Code: v9AbR84j B Class divisions in ships are constructed so that they are capable of preventing the passage of flame to the end of a standard fire test held for:
30 minutes.
45 minutes.
60 minutes.
15 minutes.
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Code: Fejp5e5w Which of the following fittings shall be provided to all lifeboats?
A manually controlled lamp fitted on the outside.
Permanent boarding arrangements on both sides to enable persons in the water to board the lifeboat.
A remotely operated steering arrangement.
An electric power starting system for the propulsion engine with one rechargeable energy source.
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Code: u$osNzx8 Which one of the listed requirements regarding the stowage of a survival craft corresponds to present SOLAS regulations? Each survival craft shall be stowed:
Wherever space is available.
In a state of readiness so that two crew-members can prepare for embarkation and launching in less than 15 minutes.
In a secure and sheltered position and protected from damage by fire or explosion.
On the starboard side of the ship.
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Code: aNKAMxpu A detector that is activated by a rise of temperature is:
A thermic detector.
A smoke detector.
An optic detector.
A detector of radiation.
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Code: negHJydm A flame detector is activated by:
The rise of the environment temperature.
Smoke, gas, sparks and high temperature.
The radiation of heat given off by flames.
The infrared radiation and ultraviolet radiation given off by flames.
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Code: AsMaf3Ln What would the First Engineer require?
The First Engineer would require an inspection of the heating coils.
The First Engineer would require cleaning of the feed water tank.
The First Engineer would require the Chief Officer to keep him advised of bilge soundings.
The First Engineer would require the Fitter to check the carbon dioxide fire-fighting equipment.
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Code: 5rW1FMCd What effect does an increased oil feed flow rate have on the performance of a centrifuge operating as a purifier?
Separating efficiency is increased, more solids are removed.
Separating efficiency is increased, more water is removed.
Separating efficiency is reduced.
Separating efficiency is unchanged.
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Code: j2TVQaM3 An auxiliary engine is fitted with a duplex type lubricating oil filter. The in-use element requires changing. What procedure should be used to fit the new element?
With the engine running, change over to the other filter after priming it and replace the dirty element after checking there is no pressure on dirty filter housing.
With the engine running, position the changeover cock so that both filters are in use to reduce the pressure before.
With the engine running, shut off the filter inlet and quickly fit the new element.
The engine must be stopped to fit a clean filter element.
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Code: IiQzwZBS During an unmanned period on a UMS vessel the “low water level” alarm for the jacket cooling water system expansion tank activates. What action would you take as duty engineer?
Answer the alarm then block the alarm and change to manned engine room condition.
Answer the alarm then block the alarm function for later action and resume unmanned operation.
Answer the alarm and adjust the alarm set point for the water level in the expansion tank before resuming unmanned operation.
Answer the alarm, top up the tank and check the system for leakage before resuming unmanned operation.
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Code: CGw9nZuy What is the main advantage of having a central cooling system fitted on board ship?
It should require less maintenance than a conventional system using only sea water.
It does not require any seawater.
It is a simple system with minimum control requirements.
Only one heat exchanger is needed for all cooling duties.
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Code: 3Z$kUZ8j What could be the cause of a refrigeration compressor running continuously even though normal temperatures for the cold rooms have been reached?
High-pressure cut-out is stuck in open position.
The differential pressure switch for the lubricating oil pressure cut-out is stuck in the closed position.
Low-pressure cut-out is stuck in closed position.
Solenoid valve before the expansion valve stuck in closed position.
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Code: fyuhNsnE When you are calibrating an instrument what is the most common second step in the procedure?
Check linearity.
Adjustment of span.
Adjustment of Zero-point.
Adjustment of range.
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Code: UnXPTeoy The exhaust gas temperatures of all cylinders of a diesel engine are seen to be high. Select, from the options given, the most likely cause of this:
Poor fuel oil quality.
High wear rate in one of the fuel injection pumps.
One of the fuel cams is worn.
Insufficient cooling of the main bearings.
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Code: GVagmE#J Which of the options represents the best action to take when an item of machinery, which normally operates in automatic mode, is operated in “manual” mode?
Change over all other machinery to manual mode of operation.
Keep the Chief Engineer informed of machines performance on an hourly basis.
Have someone permanently stationed at the machine in case of an operational problem.
Monitor the operation of the machinery on a frequent basis.
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Code: 66fd2#kP What will be the probable outcome if the amplification is set too high on a controller?
The process will oscillate and get out of control.
The set-point will change.
The process response will be very slow.
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Code: nH6ysgJG What is the correct method to use for fitting a rolling contact bearing, such as a ball bearing, onto a parallel shaft?
Use emery cloth on the bearing surface on the shaft.
Use a hammer and a pipe with the same diameter as the inner bearing ring and knock the bearing onto the shaft.
Gently heat the bearing in an oil bath and use a bearing puller to draw it onto the shaft.
Use emery cloth on the inner ring (contact surface) of the bearing.
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Code: skTwYBrS Which component does this graphical symbol illustrate?

Pressure indicator

Pressure indicator, installed on panel/console.
PH analyzer.
Pressure indicator, installed locally.
Pressure relief valve, self-contained.
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Code: ZrZRMoSl PT-100 sensors are some times used with 3 or 4 wires. What is the reason for this?
Higher measuring accuracy.
Higher mechanical strength of the cable.
Because of power-consumption.
For fault indication.
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Code: XEDYei#1 Under what circumstances would you remove guards and safety devices from machinery?
When the safety devices keep stopping the machinery.
During overhaul and maintenance procedures.
When they are rattling and vibrating.
To allow the shaft to be seen to confirm the machine is running.
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Code: wRCaqins What function is this operational amplifier circuit performing?

Inverting amplifier

Inverting amplifier.
Non-inverting amplifier.
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Code: tyrSTgo7 What is the best method to use to remove heavy scale and fouling from the plates of a heat exchanger?
Use high-pressure cleaner with abrasive additives.
Renew the plates.
Soak the plates in recommended cleaning solution and then use a soft brush or pressure cleaner.
Use wire-brush metal scrapers and chipping guns.
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Code: SHAtDeAS When referring to onboard oil treatments using a centrifuge, what is meant by the term purification?
Separation of two insoluble liquids with different densities, and the removal of solids in the same process.
Separation of one insoluble liquid from another.
It is a general term applied to a process for cleaning oil using a centrifuge.
Separation of solid contaminants from a liquid during the process.
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Code: HOP19O7W What is the main effect on lubricating oil of operating for long periods at excessively high temperature?
It will cause the oil to oxiside, increasing the viscosity.
It will cause the oil to evaporate, increasing consumption.
It will cause the oil to oxidise, reducing the viscosity.
It will change the flashpoint of the oil.
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Code: IbbzmI74 The lubricating oil in the bearing housing at the turbine end of a turbocharger gets very dirty after only a few hours in service. What is the most likely reason for this happening?
The wrong type of lubricating oil has been used.
Damaged rotor shaft sealing bushes allowing exhaust gas to leak into the bearing housing.
The turbine end bearing is badly worn.
The lubricating oil filling connection screw cap is missing.
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Code: fTLSZmqi New MARPOL regulations came into effect from July 93 stating that the previous instantaneous rate of discharge of oil content (60 litters per nautical mile) was changed to:
30 litters per nautical mile.
20 litters per nautical mile.
10 litters per nautical mile.
25 litters per nautical mile.
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Code: YiOivq13 In a diesel engine lubrication system the circulating pump normally takes suction from the oil sump tank. Where would the oil normally pass to directly after the pump?
Lube oil cooler.
Main thrust bearing.
Gravity feed tank.
The engine bearings.
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Code: LF1Yuv5c What is the disadvantage of using chemicals on an oil-spill on the water?
The chemicals make it difficult to remove the oil from the water.
It is difficult to apply the chemicals if the oil drifts away from the ship’s side.
It is difficult to apply chemicals if there is any wind.
The water gets a white colour, which makes it easy to detect the oil-spill.
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Code: 9KhaWqTv An earth fault exists on the blue line of a 100 A bilge pump circuit. A second earth fault occurs on the yellow line of a 10 A ventilation fan circuit. The likely outcome is that:
A short circuit occurs between earth fault and the bilge pump fuse blows.
Both motors trip out on overload.
An open circuit occurs between earth fault and both motors trip out.
A short circuit occurs between earth faults and the ventilation fan fuse blows.
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Code: W2j9b1Rk For ideal synchronising as the incomer circuit breaker contacts make, the phase angle difference between the incomer e. m. f. and the busbar voltage should be:
90° lag.
30° behind.
30° ahead.
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Code: UeMyRXOq An electrical power emergency source in a ship is required because:
It satisfies the SOLAS requirements for ship safety.
The ships total load can be shared between main and emergency generators.
The main diesel generator(s) can be taken out of service for overhaul or repair.
It satisfies the need to be environmentally “friendly”.
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Code: XIVI After main power is restored (following a blackout), a timed sequential restart of motor driven auxiliaries is necessary to avoid:
Generator overload due to many motors starting at simultaneously.
Overloading creating earth faults.
Over-frequency due to overspeed of generator.
Overvoltage due to current surges.
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Code: ECloxaUP What is the most important task after carrying out any major overhaul on a diesel engine?
Start the engine to check the direction of rotation.
Start the auxiliary blower to ventilate the engine so that it has sufficient fresh air for starting.
A thorough check inside the engine to make sure all tools and cleaning rags have been removed.
Repair any damaged paint work on the engine.
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Code: qLxnKjdT Why is it important to check the timing of diesel engine cylinder oil lubricators?
To ensure cylinder lubricating oil enters the cylinders when the piston is in the required position.
To ensure the correct amount of cylinder lubricating oil is fed into the cylinders.
To ensure the piston is not covering the lubrication points and blocking the flow of cylinder lubricating oil into the cylinder.
To avoid excess pressure in the cylinder lubrication system.
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Code: JwYH4uc1 Many large 2 stroke marine diesel engines are equipped with an auxiliary scavenge air blower. What is the purpose of this equipment?
To assist the main turbochargers in supplying combustion air when on full load.
To provide combustion air at start up, during manoeuvring and low load running when the turbocharger delivery is insufficient.
To help cool the engine after it has been stopped.
To allow full load running when the main turbocharger is defective.
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Code: BYdNqwMk What type of construction material should be avoided regarding fire protection purposes? (SOLAS II-2/2.2.3).
All combustible materials.
All uncovered wooden materials.
All composite materials.
All plastic materials.
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Code: 2xQzDXhO What is meant by the term “feel over sequence” as applied to diesel engine operation following replacement of a crankshaft bearing?
Stopping the engine to check the bearing temperature after a short period of operation and repeating this procedure at increasing running intervals.
Running the engine at low load and gradually increasing the load over a period of 12 hours.
Stop the engine after 2 hours running to check the bearing temperature by running the hand over it.
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Code: exzvPWeA Before leaving the machinery spaces of a UMS vessel after routine watchkeeping rounds in the evening, the duty engineer inspects the doors to Fuel Oil Treatment rooms which are covered by a fixed fire fighting installation. For what purpose does he do this?
To tie them open with a rope to prevent the heat from building up inside, and making it uncomfortable to work.
Wedge them open with an arrangement which allows them to be closed quickly in the event of a fire.quickly.
To make sure that they are properly closed with the self closing device so that any fire is contained and the extinguishing medium can be released without delay.
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