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Crew Evaluation Test online for seamans about Automatic Tracking System (AIS)

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“Seagull CES marine test online about Automatic Identification System” (Crew Evaluation Test) will help marine specialists in preparation to exams for getting certificate of confidence.

This test contains 24 questions. Mode “Practice” and “Exam” have one difference – in “Exam” mode you can’t ask the computer to show you the right answer.

Choose mode in which you want take CES test about Automatic Identification System:

Practice - CES test about IMSBC Code
Exam - CES test about IMSBC Code
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Can AIS with MKD operate as a standalone system?
Only in ship to ship mode.
Only in ship to shore mode.
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How is the AIS technical status checked?
No check is necessary.
During annual service.
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How is the voyage related information updated?
No update is necessary.
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How much can the AIS broadcast mode be overloaded without any significant operational effect?
50-100 %.
200-300 %.
400-500 %.
No overload is accepted.
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How often is the static information updated?
Every 12 seconds.
Every 3 minutes.
Every 6 minutes.
Manual update when necessary.
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In case of AIS overload, what can you expect?
AIS will shut down.
AIS will “freeze”.
Targets far away drop out.
Close targets drop.
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Seen from an operational point of view, how will you describe the AIS?
AIS is a semi-automatic system.
AIS is a manual system.
AIS is an automatic system.
AIS is both manual and automatic.
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The AIS transmitted information is divided into three main groups. Which?
Ship data, Speed data and Course data.
Dynamic data, Static data and Voyage related data.
Dynamic data, Destination data and Cargo data.
Position data, Identity data and Dynamic data.
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The AIS transponder is designed to transmit information:
AIS is not transmitting at all.
Next question
The dynamic information update rate depends on:
Ship’s size.
Type of ship.
Type of cargo.
Ship speed and ROT.
Next question
The lost target symbol is shown where?
At the bottom of the screen.
In the last known target position.
At the top of the screen.
In operator defined position.
Next question
The selected target symbol represents:

Automatic Identification System - Selected Target

A manually selected target.
An automatically selected target.
A semi-automatically selected target.
A target lost by the AIS.
Next question
What are the criteria for a dangerous target in AIS?
A target carrying dangerous cargo.
A target calculated to violate preset CPA/TCPA limits.
A target bigger than own ship.
A target faster than own ship.
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What can happen in case of AIS overload?
The system will shut down.
The system will freeze.
The system will give an alarm.
Targets far away will drop out.
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What happens when an AIS sensor fails?
AIS display “not available”.
AIS is automatically switched off.
The AIS calculate the missing data.
Next question
What is the IMO minimum display requirements for AIS?
AIS information on Radar.
AIS information on ARPA.
AIS information on ECDIS.
AIS information on MKD.
Next question
What is the accuracy of the AIS information?
The accuracy is good.
The accuracy is not so good.
The accuracy can be compared with the accuracy of radar.
The accuracy is as good as the accuracy of the transmitted information.
Next question
What is the required minimum ship reporting capacity for AIS according to IMO performance standards?
1 000.
2 000.
4 000.
4 500.
Next question
What kind of system is AIS?
Transponder system.
Radar system.
ECDIS system.
Navigation system.
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When is static information entered into the AIS?
After the voyage is completed.
During installation.
At sea.
At the AIS factory.
Next question
When should the AIS transponder normally be activated?
When the OOW think it is necessary.
In coastal waters.
In open waters.
Next question
When using AIS the OOW should be aware of?
AIS information is always correct.
AIS information may not be correct.
AIS information is automatically switched off if not correct.
AIS information need to be corrected before use.
Next question
Which of the following is defined as dynamic information?
Ship’s speed over ground.
Ship’s call sign and name.
Ship’s destination and ETA.
Ship’s route plan.
Next question
Which of the following is defined as static information?
Navigational status.
Safety related messages.
Route plan.
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* In some questions may be more, than one right answer.
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