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Questions and answers to Crew Evaluation System Test about Auxiliary Boiler Plant

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This page contains answers to Seagull CES test about Auxiliary Boiler Plant, and serve as a database of questions and answers, using which seafarer can prepare to exams for getting certificate of competence, or just to challenge yourself with knowledge in this theme.

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A burner should never be ignited on a hot furnace wall because:
The burner may not work properly.
It would increase maintenance time on equipment.
There could be danger of explosion.
After the economizer the feed water is entering:
A perforated feed pipe inside the upper secondary drum.
The desuper-heater control valve.
The suction side of the feed water pump.
Before firing the boiler, the oil is heated and re-circulated to:
To avoid wastage of oil.
To reach every oart of the circulating system.
So that it is at the correct viscosity at the burners.
For how long should you be firing the boiler before you reach working pressure?
Depending on the size and design of the actual boiler.
15-30 minutes.
For how long should you be purging before you fire the boiler?
10-15 minutes.
10-15 seconds.
2-4 minutes.
How do we maintain a constant steam pressure?
By dumping steam from the boiler.
By adjusting the safety valves.
By controlling the amount of heat supplied to the boiler water.
How is the circulation of the water inside the boiler obtained?
By the boiler design including placement of burners and direction of forced draft.
The feed water pump is circulating the water in the boiler.
A separate circulating pump of the centrifugal type, placed inside the boiler insulating wall.
How is water in the primary steam system circulated?
By the difference in density of steam and water.
The feed water pump is circulating the water in the boiler.
A separate circulating pump of the centrifugal type, placed inside the boiler insulating wall.
If the water level is too high during firing you should:
Blow off some water through the foam blowing valve.
Stop the feed water pump.
Use the bottom blowing valve.
Is the boiler trip system an integrated part of the boiler control system?
It has to be a separate system.
It can be a part of the boiler control system.
Some of the signals are common for the two systems.
It is very important to have steam flow through super-heater, because close to the burners the temperatures can be:
Close to 200 °C.
Close to 2 000 °C.
Close to 400 °C.
Varying widely.
On Boilers with High Steam production, combined with low water content, the level control system is based on:
Water level and feed water supply only.
Water level and steam consumption only.
Water level, steam consumption and feed water supply.
The Burner Management system will fire and shut off the burners in sequence to:
Adjust the boiler load.
To control the air/fuel ratio.
To prevent breakdown of burners.
To reduce fuel consumption.
The Density of water is:
20 times that of steam.
10 times that of steam.
30 times that of steam.
Equal to that of steam.
The vent valve on boiler must be kept open when boiler is depressurized:
To give visible indication of boiler being shut down.
To expel air.
To prevent vacuum formation inside boiler shell.
What is a dual pressure boiler?
Steam from a primary system is heating the secondary system.
You can select steam pressure by changing set point during operation.
You have two different sets of burners.
What is a good indication on when to start soot blowing?
When the exhaust temperature after the air preheater has increased approximately 10 °C.
When the super-heater outlet temperature has decreased approximately 50 °C.
When the exhaust gas from the funnel is getting grey to black in colour.
What is the function of a “high/low selector”?
To select fuel/air lead/lag during reducing/increasing boiler load.
Selecting high or low boiler water level automatically.
Selecting high or low boiler load.
What is the purpose of the deaerator?
To remove air and other non-condensable gasses from the feed water.
To control the combustion airflow.
To control the feed water pump.
What is typical steam consumption for a soot blower of the multi dual nozzle type?
2 kg/s.
100 kg/s.
300 kg/s.
When the water is heated at constant pressure, which of the following happens?
Plastic deformation of the tubes will occur.
The temperature will increase until we reach the saturation temperature.
The temperature will not increase, unless additional heating is applied.
The behaviour of the heated water is unpredictable.
Which of the following is not an advantage of Dual Pressure boilers?
Feed water is not contaminated.
No deaerator required in Primary system.
The temperature will rise above the evaporation temperature.
The Heating Surface will always be cooled by water flow.
Which of the following statements is not correct?
All of the energy content of steam is converted to mechanical energy at the turbine.
Some of the Energy content from the steam is converted to mechanical energy at the turbine.
Water is converted to Steam in the Boiler by burning Oil.
The steam-water cycle is a closed loop cycle with some losses.
Why are we often using a cascade control system in combustion control applications?
To achieve the best possible process stability.
To obtain system backup.
Make it easy to change between diesel and heavy fuel.
Why is it good practice to blow through the tubing to pressure and level gauges?
To check, that the tubes and connections are not blocked.
To remove any condensate inside the tubing’s.
To check, that the instrumentation is working properly.
Why shall the combustion air blowers be running for a while after you have closed the oil to the burners?
To remove all gasses from the furnace.
To help cooling down the boiler as fast as possible.
To let the blowers cool down.
Why should the condensate temperature be as high as possible?
To minimize the energy loss in the condenser.
To correspond to the economizer design criteria.
To increase the vacuum in the condenser.
Will the secondary steam drum pressure be above or below the primary steam drum pressure?
The same pressure.

Test about Auxiliary Boiler Plant

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