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Crew Evaluation System test online for Catering Service

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Welcome to the website where you can pass online the CES test on the subject «Catering Service (Support level)». Practice like this will help you as a marine specialist improve your knowledge with the help of online studying and appraisal practice. CES based on practical information and marine specialists experience.

CES tests developed for evaluating seaman basic knowledge by Seagull Company (rebranded as «OTG»), is an evaluating online-tool, used for revealing any professional preparation needed in specific fields of knowledge, defined by STCW.

  • Test type: Detailed test.
  • Area: Catering (CA-S Cleaning and accommodation services, CA-S Food handling and hygiene).
  • Level: Support.

CES tests have proven themselves as good tools for the selection and recruitment process, as well as advancing the level of knowledge of the current officers and crew. Ocean Technologies Group use various subjects for question creation, which includes:

  • Crowd and Crisis Management;
  • Integrated Navigation System (INS);
  • Ballast water management;
  • Handling and Stowage;
  • Vessel operation management and safety;
  • Marine engineering;
  • Maintenance and repair, etc.

Current test contains Seagull CES questions on the subject «Catering Service». Those questions can be used for competence verification specialist capable of preventing accidental situations related with transporting safety, or also for self-examination.

«Catering Service» subject includes theoretical and practical information about advanced training for work on cruise ships. Knowledge of this information directly shows employee’s competence who holds a relevant post on a vessel. A catering service on a vessel involves preparing, presenting, and serving food and beverages to passengers and crew members. This includes menu planning, food preparation, maintaining hygiene and safety standards, managing inventory, and providing exceptional customer service. Additionally, catering staff must adapt to the unique challenges of a maritime environment, such as limited space and potential motion from waves, to ensure a seamless dining experience for all on board.

On this site Crew Evaluation System Test on the subject «Catering Service (Support level)» contains 30 questions you need to answer with no possibility to go back to previous question. Therefore, we recommend carefully reading each question and making decision with no hurry. In case you have some difficulty answering, you have also possibility to request a hint.

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Code: IJBu2ief When purchasing cleaning and washing products, what should you look for?
Only American products.
Products with users instructions telling you how and where to use them.
Well known brands because they are available all over the world.
Low prices.
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Code: SbvQ42Zk What kind of cleaning product would you use to remove rust and ruststains in the accommodation?
Neutral solution.
Alkaline cleaning product.
Gentle detergent.
Strong acidic solution.
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Code: q$CERlpp In most colour coding systems for kitchen utensils, what colour are knives used only in the preparation of raw fish?
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Code: 1FPfXzc8 What is the correct handling to mops and cloths when cleaning is finished?
Disinfect in soap and keep it wet in a plastic bag.
Put them in soap and water ready for the next day.
Wash thoroughly and hang up for drying.
Never use it more than one time.
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Code: FMT2GB9r It is recommended to have special dirt-absorbing mats inside all doors leading to the decks and the engine. Why?
Helps keep accommodation floors clean longer.
To prevent people from skidding.
It looks nice and tidy when in port.
To remind the crew to take off their shoes.
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Code: 1GqN7Qli Which of the following categories of galley waste is it prohibited to dump into the sea under any circumstances and irrespective of where the ship is located?
Ground or comminutated food waste.
Inert ash from incinerated food waste.
Plastics, including bags, bottles and packaging.
Ground or comminutated paper, rags and glass.
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Code: TA3lrK2L Between a complete removal and a renewing of floor polish what can you do to maintain a PVC floor surface?
By set machine scrubbing with red pad and a renewing of polish only where there is heavy traffic (f. i. in the middle of corridors and not the whole floor).
Apply an extra layer of polish every month.
By using soft machine scrubbing once every fortnight and wash with a solution of water and polish.
By using the softest of the pads on the disk and dry scrub.
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Code: FPyFDLbw In general cleaning it is recommended and suitable to use cleaning products which are:
Both alkaline and acid.
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Code: UZQX$wz5 In many countries some cleaning products are labelled with warning signs. Why?
Because it contains alkaline.
The user should be warned that the product contains fluids that may irritate and itch skin.
Contents should not be used in accommodation area.
To show that the product contains a special floor polish.
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Code: x0jEG0xD What does the word “condiments” refer to?
A sauce or seasoning, such as mustard or pepper.
Bread rolls.
Persons suffering from food poisoning.
Orders for a meal.
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Code: ab67X4ti Why is it important to sort out linen before washing?
It is not important on board modern vessels.
It is necessary to prevent loosing control of the stock.
To avoid damage and miscolouring of different types of fabric when.
To ensure that pillowcases are not washed together with bedsheets.
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Code: 9$OB82Fs A steward reaches into a sink filled with soapy water to remove the plug. He cuts his hand on a carving knife lying in the bottom. What policy will best eliminate the chance of this kind of accident happening again while still maintaining hygiene standards?
Every member of the galley staff is made responsible for washing their own knives.
Heavy duty gloves are to be worn when working at the sink.
There is a dedicated sink for washing knives.
Detergent shall not be used if knives are to be washed.
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Code: s9J#IWXI In most colour coding systems for kitchen utensils, what colour is used for knives used only in the preparation of raw meat?
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Code: 779eM2R6 There are several methods for applying floor polish, which is considered the best?
Soft cloth on wide applier with handle.
Spray-box placed on a handle.
Splash polish on floor and brush excess polish back into the can.
Spreading evenly direct from can.
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Code: tYDJWQO2 Some fresh shrimps have been peeled ready for serving and some salad leaves have been washed ready for the same meal. The meal will not be served for another 4 hours. What will you do with these ingredients in the meantime?
The shrimps and the salad will be placed in separate containers, covered and placed in the refrigerator until required.
The ingredients will be combined, seasoned and dressed, transferred to open serving dishes, then placed in the refrigerator until required.
The shrimps will be placed in the refrigerator and the salad placed in cold water, to keep it fresh.
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Code: $GZxuxZL Cleaning products should be stored where?
In the paint locker.
In a room especially meant for cleaning products.
In any airy room on deck under lock and key.
In the provision room.
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Code: WL6VIB50 Has economy anything to do with cleaning?
Yes, cleaning is maintenance and contributes to keep expenses down.
Yes, but very limited.
This question should be left to the catering personnel’s judgement.
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Code: $P#FW9M6 Why is cotton the most suitable material for galley work clothes?
It is effective at masking body odour and containing perspiration.
It is absorbant, hard-wearing, comfortable and can withstand frequent laundering at high temperatures.
It is more easily made into fashionable catering uniforms than synthetic fibres and is cheaper.
It is odour resistant, loose fitting and does not shrink or discolour when washed reasonably regularly.
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Code: wKSbp2Pm Between a complete removal and a renewing of floor polish what can you do to maintain a PVC floor surface?
By using the softest of the pads on the disk and dry scrub.
Apply an extra layer of polish every month.
By soft machine scrubbing with red pad and a renewing of polish only where there is heavy traffic (f. i. in the middle of corridors and not the whole floor).
By using soft machine scrubbing once every fortnight and wash with a solution of water and polish.
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Code: YKtQFxHx It is considered to be an advantage to have a written working-plan for cleaning personnel. Why?
To keep track of overtime.
I am not convinced it is of any help.
To improve cleaning.
To know specifically where to clean every day/week/month.
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Code: vMjsWAhg Who has the responsibility to ensure that the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene are maintained in the galley? Select the most correct answer.
The Master.
The Chief Cook.
The Superintendent.
Every person working in the galley area, engaged in the handling or preparation of food.
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Code: daESnKPu How often is it necessary to strip off the floor polish completely?
It depends on wear and tear, but approximately every 12-18 months.
Approximately every 3rd year.
Approximately every 6th month.
Whenever the floor is dirty.
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Code: o#XK0KXw What does “general daily cleaning” mean?
Dishwashing and laundry service.
Washing floors, chemical cleaning of furniture and carpets, polishing.
Removing trash, dusting and light cleaning in cabins, messrooms and WC.
Cleaning floors in cabins and messrooms.
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Code: dPOAsZ8x You have just collected some fresh provisions from the storeroom below the galley. As you are coming back up the stairway, you slip and fall, dropping the provisions and scratching your leg, causing minor bleeding. Which of the following will you now do?
I will report the incident; I will obtain first aid; I will ensure an entry is made in the accident log; I will ensure all the provisions are inspected for damage and any bruised, broken or contaminated goods are discarded.
I will tell my colleagues in the galley that I slipped but that I am OK; I will not mention that I dropped any provisions and will just wash any items that dropped onto the deck.
I will say nothing, as the accident did not take place in the galley and was my own faulty anyway; I will pick up the provisions I dropped and carry on as usual; I will look at the scratches when I get a break.
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Code: qhNteWJ1 Injuries resulting from slips and falls constitute the largest percentage of accidents that occur in the catering department. What should be done to reduce this high accident rate?
Keep the floors and decks free from fat and grease.
Install thermostates to avoid water from freezing to ice.
Do not wash off all rubbish to prevent persons slipping.
Ensure that slippery substances are not left where several persons are expected to be around.
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Code: zQui8x3C What kind of cleaning product would you use to remove spilled oil and fat in the galley and pantry?
Neutral to acid solution.
Neutral to Alkaline solution.
Whitespirit or other fat removers.
Hot water.
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Code: nvM2rWJw Which PH-values are recommended when cleaning carpets and furniture textiles?
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Code: 4hlEv0Fs How would you clean ceramic tiles floors in the galley, pantry and store rooms?
First wash and then rinse with fresh water from hose.
By using brush and cloth.
By using scrubbing machine.
The same way as PVC-covered floors.
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Code: eMA#mrg8 Which detergent is recommended when washing dishes?
Detergent is not needed, just warm water is sufficient.
Neutral cleaner.
Soft soap.
A special rinsing solution with acid component.
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Code: hjy1czYs Is smoking permitted in the galley? Select the most correct answer:
Yes, but only once food service is completed.
Yes, because it is not considered a public area.
If the vessel is in port, it is prohibited, if the vessel is at sea, then it is permitted.
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