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Questions and answers to Crew Evaluation System test for marine engineers (Engine, Management level, Medium Speed)

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Welcome to the website where you can find answers for the CES test on the subject «STCW Engine, Management, Medium Speed». This site will help you as a marine specialist improve your knowledge with the help of open information, where you can find questions as well as answers for them. CES based on practical information and marine specialists experience.

CES tests developed for evaluating seaman basic knowledge by Seagull Company (rebranded as «OTG»), is an evaluating online-tool, used for revealing any professional preparation needed in specific fields of knowledge, defined by STCW.

  • Version: 6.0.0.
  • Test type: STCW.
  • Department: Engine.
  • Level: Management
  • Engine: Medium Speed

CES tests have proven themselves as good tools for the selection and recruitment process, as well as advancing the level of knowledge of the current officers and crew. Ocean Technologies Group use various subjects for question creation, which includes:

  • Crowd and Crisis Management;
  • Integrated Navigation System (INS);
  • Ballast water management;
  • Handling and Stowage;
  • Vessel operation management and safety;
  • Marine engineering;
  • Maintenance and repair, etc.

«Engine» subject includes theoretical and practical information about safety working with electrical equipment. Knowledge of this information directly shows employee’s competence who holds a relevant post on a vessel. The Department of Engine Management (Medium Speed) is responsible for overseeing and ensuring the efficient operation of medium-speed engines on the ship. Their duties include monitoring and controlling the engines, managing automation systems, and optimizing fuel consumption to ensure safe and efficient vessel operation. They are also in charge of maintenance and technical servicing of the engines.

This page contains answers to Seagull CES (Crew Evaluation System) test about STCW Engine, Management, Medium Speed, and serve as a database of questions and answers, using which seafarer can prepare to exams for getting certificate of competence, or just to challenge yourself with knowledge in this theme.

CES – Engine, Management, Medium Speed.pdf


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Amount of questions: 75.

Right answers marked with this sign .

Code: cwWZHhSK How can the pressure be regulated during start up of a positive displacement pump such as a gear pump?
Positive displacement pumps operate at constant pressure and cannot be regulated.
Adjustment of the pressure relief valve to recirculate part of the flow.
By throttling the discharge valve.
By throttling the suction valve.
Code: BAMNMf1y The torsion meter for the main propeller shaft is reading high. The torque is sensed using the angle of twist principle with two clamp rings attached to the shaft at a fixed distance, with stationary proximity switches for measuring the angle of twist and also shaft speed fixed to a rigid stool. What is the most likely cause of the high reading?
Axial slip of one of the clamp rings to bring them closer together.
Circumferential slip of the forward clamp ring in the opposite direction to shaft rotation.
Circumferential slip of the after clamp ring in the opposite direction to shaft rotation.
Axial slip of one of the clamp rings to move them further apart.
Code: 6rHg$cHW How can a lead-acid type battery be checked to confirm if it is fully charged or not?
Measure the relative density (specific gravity) of the electrolyte.
Measure the battery voltage.
Measure the level of the electrolyte.
Measure the temperature of the electrolyte.
Code: U55ccR14 The bottom end bolts employed in 4 stroke diesel engines are usually given a finite life and must be replaced periodically. What would be the normal failure mode that would affect these bolts if they were not replaced as required?
Failure due to fatigue stresses.
Failure due to tensile stresses.
Failure due to torsional stresses.
Failure due to bending stresses.
Code: cCg5SP1o How will continuous low load operation influence the time between overhauls, tbo, for the cylinder covers and associated valves of a 4-stroke diesel engine?
Increase the time between overhauls since fuel injectors work better at low load so combustion will be improved and the maintenance will be reduced.
No influence at all, the required overhauls are unaffected by operating load.
Increase the time between overhauls since the engine is not working as hard.
Reduce the time between overhauls due to increased fouling.
Code: $1Rq#m6i How should the spare oxygen and acetylene gas welding bottles be stored onboard the ship?
In two separate rooms outside the engine room space.
In the steering flat.
In a refrigerated room.
In the workshop in the engine room as close as possible to welding equipment.
Code: t$aX4Jh$ MARPOL – Annex V. Disposal of garbage. Your vessel is in the Red Sea (Special Area) and the Chief Cook is requesting to have some food waste burned in the incinerator. Due to problems with incinerator, you decide to have the waste ground in the Grinder (Lump size max. 25 mm) and disposed off into the sea. Is this prohibited, if not, how far from nearest land is this legal?
3 miles.
12 miles.
25 miles.
This is prohibited.
Code: JJFgMEYX A water heating system with automatic temperature control uses steam as the heating medium and the temperature is controlled by a pneumatically operated valve. What would be an acceptable start up procedure of the system from cold state?
Start the system up in manual mode and gradually increase the controller output signal until the temperature reaches the required value before changing over to automatic control.
Start the system up in automatic mode with normal set point so that the required temperature is achieved as quickly as possible.
Start with the control valve in manual and use the hand jack to gradually increase the temperature by throttling the steam flow before changing to pneumatic control.
Start the system up in automatic mode with normal set point but with the steam supply to the control valve manually throttled in.
Code: ffux3CXA How often are “abandon ship” drills required to be held on cargo vessels according to SOLAS?
Once every year.
Once every month.
Once every week.
Once every 6 months.
Code: $Xwjl#Mq Which is the preferred method for starting an air conditioning refrigeration compressor which has been shut down for a period of time?
Start with suction valve throttled in to minimise risk of drawing liquid refrigerant into the compressor.
Start and stop repeatedly until suction pressure and oil pressure are normal.
Start the discharge valve throttled in to prevent excess condenser pressure.
Start with all system valves fully opened.
Code: wA0$chNc During inspection and overhaul of a 2-stage reciprocating air compressor the main and bottom end bearing shells are found to be heavily scored with parts of the overlay and bearing metal breaking away. The crankshaft pins are found to have only very light surface scratches. Which of the given options is the best action to be taken to remedy the problem?
Replace the bearing shells with new spares after cleaning out the crankcase and refilling with clean oil.
Clean up the bearing surface and crankshaft pins with scrapers and grinding paste and refit them. Refill the crankcase with clean oil.
Refit the shells and refill the crankcase with clean oil and run the machine so that the bearings wear themselves back in.
Replace the bearings shells and crankshaft with new spares and refill the crankcase with clean oil.
Code: 5Hx#xBal During inspection of the cylinder cover from a medium speed diesel engine cylinder it is noted that cracks have occurred between the two exhaust valve pockets and the fuel injector pocket. Select from the given options the most probable cause of this type of failure.
Excessive maximum pressure in the cylinder due to engine overload.
Excessive thermal stress due to insufficient cooling of the cylinder cover.
Fuel impingement on the cover due to distorted injector nozzle holes.
Excessive tightening of the fuel injector in the pocket.
Code: N2mphYFr Which of the following options would be a typical differential pressure setting for a main engine slow down in the event of jacket cooling water system low flow?
0,2 to 0,5 bar.
1 to 2 bar.
5 bar.
10 bar.
Code: fBLP$k0Q Which of the following equipment is responsible for reducing power factor of ship system?
Resistance bank.
Induction motors.
Electrical switchboard.
Synchronous motor.
Code: D9$ghZ8q A 3-phase cage rotor induction motor requires protection by a time delay overload trip. What is the reason for this?
It will allow for inrush current or motor specific faults.
It will tolerate fault conditions during start up.
Fuses act too quickly.
Fuses act too slowly.
Code: 0D1oUpPv A 250V contactor has been fitted to a 220V supply. Which of the following symptoms might be observed?
Contactor overheating.
Contactor wont operate.
Contactor chattering (vibrating).
Contactor constantly on.
Code: XcKUJeZv Which of the following terms is used to describe a thermodynamic process in which no heat transfer into or out the system occurs?
Code: MchTHLoD During inspection of the crank bearing for one of the units in the main engine, the bearing shell was found as follows. Surface of the white metal was black and very hard. Patches of black incrustations have worn grooves in the journal. What is the likely cause of this condition?
Water present in the lubricating oil during service.
Dirt particles in the lubricating oil during service.
Poor casting of bearing shell white metal lining.
Bearing shell service time exceeded.
Code: Qew9iD3d Why is it important to have good a relationship between the crew on board a vessel?
It leads to better work performance and positive atmosphere among the crew.
Crew comes to know each others problems.
It encourages crew to extend their contract.
It will prevent accidents from happening.
Code: cBQqHJ4K The best way to prevent stowaways from boarding your ship is to:
Search the ship when you arrive at port and again just after leaving.
Seal spaces that are not in use while in port, and perform a search of the ship before leaving.
Conduct routine, but irregular searches of the ship.
Conduct a Nominated Officers search.
Code: R6zIMGP2 For some time the remote reading temperature gauge for the meat room has been reading a higher temperature than the local liquid in glass thermometer. When removed and tested the remote gauge is found to be reading accurately. Which of the options given is the most likely cause of this discrepancy?
The sensing bulb for the remote gauge is placed in a relative “local hot spot” inside the meat room.
The lagging for the capacity tube from the sensing bulb to the temperature gauge outside of the meat room is too thick causing the tube to heat up.
The liquid in glass thermometer is positioned in a relative “cold spot” in the meat room.
The liquid in glass thermometer is reading incorrectly.
Code: qoWhiSrR Where is the Safety Certificates for ships to be kept?
In the Captain’s safe.
Posted up in a prominent place onboard the ship.
In the Captain’s office.
In the Owner’s office.
Code: b83zBi$Q To avoid overbunkering and oil spill, it is very important that we closely monitor the progress of the bunkering operation. What is the safest method to use to minimise the risk of overflow and spillage?
Continuously monitor remote gauge readings and confirm with regular sounding of the fuel tanks.
The remote gauge system will provide us with the necessary information.
Use the predicted loading rate to calculate how much oil is being received.
Open all the bunker tank lids to manually watch them filling.
Code: qObei4yC Which personnel must undergo familiarization training on board?
Only the deck officers.
Only the ratings.
Only catering staff.
Code: 9TxolNIS A vessel which normally operates with the engine room in UMS mode is unable to do so because of defects to some of the critical alarm functions. What are the main considerations that the Chief Engineer must take into account when planning alternative arrangements to cover the engine room requirements until the defects are cleared?
A work rota is established to ensure that the necessary repairs can be carried out as soon as possible.
A work rota is established to ensure full coverage of engine room watchkeeping duties and adequate rest periods for the engineering staff.
A work rota is established to ensure at least one person is in the engine room at all times while the defects exist.
Code: x#qKYLY7 During test and/or maintenance work of the CO2 system affecting the release system, precautions to ensure that the gas is not released into the engine room due to a mistake are to be ensured. What precautions should be taken?
The main supply line to be blanked off prior to the work.
Check the main valve for a potential leakage.
Arrange a watchman in the CO2 central.
Code: pxVNHgTC A portable oxygen analyser for use onboard ship is of the paramagnetic sensing element type. It is being used to test the atmosphere of a space onboard ship but starts to give erratic readings. There is no obvious indication as to why this is happening. Select from the options given the most likely cause of this problem.
Nitrogen gas is presented in the atmosphere.
The sampling filter is blocked preventing gas from entering the sampling chamber.
The sampling filter is partially blocked giving rise to wide pressure variations in the sampling chamber.
The battery power is low.
Code: 8hHawFDR The Training Manual shall contain instructions and information on the life-saving appliances and the best method of survival. The training manual shall contain detailed explanations of crew duties in relation to emergency situations. Which of the following tasks or duties shall be included in the manual according to present regulations?
The use of the ship’s line throwing apparatus.
The use of escape routes and other escape methods.
The use of surface to air visual signals to be used by survivors.
The use of navigational equipment for survival crafts.
Code: qwEKz8pv When checking the cylinder pressures of a 6 cylinder medium speed diesel engine it is found that one of the cylinders has a high maximum pressure. What is the most likely cause of this?
Fuel timing to that cylinder too far retarded.
Fuel pressure to the engine is too high.
Exhaust valve on the cylinder with the high pressure is leaking.
Fuel timing to that cylinder too far advanced.
Code: BNihNhaR Most fuel oil separators working on the centrifuge principle have an automatic start up and sludging facility. Which of the following actions would you expect to occur first during the start up sequence?
Operating water supplied to bowl to close it.
Sealing water supplied to bowl to prevent carry over.
Operating water drained from bowl to open it.
Fuel oil supplied to bowl to fill it.
Code: #5YOkGZ7 A dynamic test of the winch brake with a proof load equal to 1,1 times the weight of the survival craft or rescue boat and its full complement of persons and equipment should be carried out:
Every 3 years.
Every 10 years.
Every 5 years.
Every year.
Code: rkjnS7Kq A refrigeration plant is short cycling even though there is plenty of refrigerant in the system and all of the rooms are above temperature. From the options given select the one which is the most likely cause of the problem:
Blocked filter drier causing the automatic low pressure cut out to operate.
Ice formation in the meat room evaporator coil causing the automatic low pressure cut out to operate.
Low oil level in the sump causing the automatic low oil pressure cut out.
Code: HL$WN8al What is the alcohol in the blood permissible under US legislation before it is defined as intoxication?
0,1 %.
0,01 %.
0,04 %.
0,07 %.
Code: NpHuEDqS Which of the following options is the most likely to result in the maximum cylinder pressure for all cylinders on a diesel engine to be lower than normal?
Poor quality fuel.
A worn fuel injector.
A leaking exhaust valve.
Camshaft timing advanced.
Code: #AM4vjDq The coil of a 12V, 120mA DC relay must be connected across a 24V supply. What action should be taken?
Install a 100 ohm resistor in parallel with the coil.
Install a 100 ohm resistor in series with the coil.
Install a 100 k ohm resistor in parallel with the coil.
Install a 100 k ohm resistor in series with the coil.
Code: FfAiswVT Flow irregularities in pipes are not caused by:
Straight pipe.
Restrictive valve.
Throttling valve.
Elbow pipe.
Code: wG4J77m3 A low exhaust temperature in one cylinder of a diesel engine is noticed during routine checks. Which of the options given is the most likely cause of this?
Some of the nozzle holes of the fuel injection valve are blocked.
Injection valve opening pressure is too low.
Charge air pressure is too high.
Problem with the fuel quality or supply to the engine.
Code: uNi88zra When should a crew member joining a ship for the first time be given some training and instructions in the use of the ship’s fire-fighting appliances?
As soon as possible but not later than 24 hours after he joins the ship.
As soon as possible but not later than 2 days after he joins the ship.
As soon as possible but not later than 2 weeks after he joins the ship.
As soon as possible.
Code: ApWmEk8j Can a ZENER BARRIER be installed in a hazardous area?
No, as only the output from the barrier is intrinsically safe this is not allowed.
Yes, that’s what the zener barrier is made for.
Only in equipment operating on very low voltage.
Only if properly marked for such installation.
Code: zWkCMFQl What is meant by dead ship condition?
Condition under which the main propulsion plant, boilers and auxiliaries are not in operation due to absence of power.
Condition under which ship as a whole is in working order and functioning normally.
Condition under which any services needed for normal operational and habitable conditions are not working due to absence of main power.
Condition under which services needed to provide minimum living conditions are not working.
Code: 1gy5FV7t The majority of conversions adopted under the auspices of IMO fall into which of the three main categories:
Maritime Safety, STCW, Maritime Security.
Maritime Safety, Prevention of Marine pollution, Liability and compensation.
Safety, Terrorism, ILO.
There are no conentions that fall under IMO.
Code: I0NHH8Oc When bunkering through the port side of the bunker manifold what action should be taken with the valves on the starboard side of the manifold prior to bunkering operations commencing?
Blank flanges should be fitted to the closed starboard side manifold valves.
Just fit the blank flanges then it doesn’t matter if the valves are closed or not
The blank flanges should be removed from the starboard side manifold valves to check for any leakage past the closed valves.
Just check that the valves are closed.
Code: ZCYPCMTx A vessel’s main propulsion system consists of a pair of medium speed diesel engines driving a single controllable pitch propeller through clutches and coupled through a reduction gearbox. What is the preferred sequence to follow when going from two engine to single engine operation? Assume engine A is to be stopped and engine B is to continue running?
Stop engine A and check that clutch automatically disengages and governors for both engines operate correctly for testing purposes.
Pitch to zero thrust, reduce speed to idling speed, disengage clutch of engine A, increase speed of engine B and propeller pitch as required. Stop engine A after suitable cooling period.
Disengage clutch of engine A. Stop engine A after a suitable cooling period.
Pitch to zero thrust, disengage clutch of engine A, increase speed of engine B and propeller pitch as required. Stop engine A after a suitable cooling period.
Code: 4TqKDYMS Spray painting has been carried out in the engine room while the engine was running, and the turbocharger intake filter was not protected. Which one of the options given is most likely to result from this?
Scavenge air pressure lower than normal.
Exhaust gas temperature lower than normal.
The revolution of the turbocharger lower than normal.
Scavenging air pressure is higher than normal.
Code: d8l6k$SW When work must be done on High Voltage equipment, it is vital that the equipment is earthed (grounded) after isolation procedures have been carried out. Why is this so?
To ensure that no energy remains in the system and that it cannot be recharged by external influences.
To ensure that it is dead, even if there was a flaw in the isolation procedure.
To provide a reference point, and so ensure accuracy of any test results.
To ensure that the equipment does not overheat due to currents circulating through earth (ground).
Code: OfiJ9VEP A high speed diesel engine has been subject to a major overspeed incident due to governor failure. During checks for damage it is found that some of the bottom end bolts have slackened off slightly. There appears to be no other damage to any of the bearings, the running gear or to the crankshaft. From the options given select the action to be taken before bringing the engine back into service.
Renew all of the bottom end bolts that were found slack.
Retighten the bottom end bolts that were slack back to the recommended torque.
Renew all of the bottom end bolts.
Renew all of the running gear for the engine including the crankshaft and bearings.
Code: Dc8rGY9M The engine turns over normally when starting air is supplied but does not fire even though normal starting rpm is achieved. What could be the probable cause to this?
Air in the fuel oil system.
The turning gear interlock has operated.
The turbocharger has not run up to normal full speed.
The lubricating oil temperature is low.
Code: w1aaC4XC A plate type heat exchanger in a central cooling system has seawater leaking around the edges of some of the titanium plates. After inspection and reassembly following the manufacturer’s instructions the problem still exist. What action, from the options given, should be taken to rectify the problem?
Fit new gaskets to the each of the plates.
Reduce the pressure of the sea water.
Scrap the plates and replace with a new plate stack.
Keep tightening the plate stack until the leakage stops.
Code: j6VYwUkc Medium and high speed diesel engines used for electrical generation duties on board ship have overspeed protection devices fitted to protect the engine in case the electrical generator trips while carrying high loads. Why are these devices necessary?
To stop the engine before any serious damage occurs due to rapidly changing thermal load.
To stop the engine before any serious damage occurs due to rapidly changing cylinder pressures.
To stop the engine before any serious damage occurs due to excess inertial loads.
To stop the engine before any serious damage occurs to the electrical components due to excess voltage and frequency.
Code: cjhkc0lg The operating mode of a pyrotechnic signal depends essentially on:
Instructions or diagrams printed on its casing by the manufacturer.
A definite standard process.
The weather conditions of the movement.
The fact that the user is on board a liferaft, a lifeboat or ship.
Code: IX375QjW Electric arc welding is to be carried out in the machinery spaces other than the workshop. Which of the alternatives below would be the preferred method for the connection of the “return” cable to the welding set?
Use a “go and return” system with the return cable connected directly from the welding set to the work piece if possible.
Have a short length of cable permanently connected to the ships structure close to the welding set.
Move the welding set to the welding site.
Weld a stud bolt close to the work piece and connect the return cable to this.
Code: y1yzN1Pe When considering instrumentation systems, what is a typical symptom of a fault with the span of an instrument?
100 % output is accurate, but Zero-point is wrong.
Zero-point and 100 % are correct, but not at mid-range.
Zero-point is accurate, but 100 % input is not giving 100 % output.
Linearity problems.
Code: MtSjhqFI What should be the healthy continuity resistance of a 220V, 2,2kW, 10A heating element, when checked near to it’s rated operating temperature?
22 Ohms.
220 Ohms.
10 Ohms.
0,1 Ohms.
Code: aLantBoK The muster list shall show the duties assigned to the different members of the crew. Which of the given duties necessarily have to be included in the muster list?
Clearing escape routes.
Preparation and launching of survival crafts.
Type of fires that can be encountered on board.
Preparation and starting of emergency generator.
Code: 7i3ruVsE Some ships generate electrical power at 440 Volts, but then step up this voltage to supply specific electrical equipment. One common example, may be to feed a large bow thruster. Why is this done?
A large bow thruster will draw very large currents at low voltage. Being typically remote from the generator, significant voltage drops would occur at low voltage.
The shipyard could not purchase High Voltage generating plant at the time of manufacture, so they used what was available at the time.
The overall ship’s electrical load does not justify High Voltage generating plant. This method allows more power to be delivered to the bow thruster at low running cost.
Manufacturers can supply High Voltage bow thrusters at less cost, and the power factor is improved.
Code: fdL2yBMu Why shall a duly qualified officer supervise any potential polluting operation?
To restrict pollution.
To relieve the master.
To avoid pollution.
To inform the authorities.
Code: op7sFdlv A medium speed diesel engine is used to drive a controllable pitch propeller through a suitable clutch and reduction gearbox. What should the propeller blade attitude normally be after the engine is started and before the clutch can be engaged?
The blades should be in the zero pitch position.
The blades should be in 20 % pitch position.
The blades should be in the full astern position.
The blades should be in the full ahead position.
Code: Z6gJnPCQ The pyrotechnics used to transmit visual signals to other vessels, boats or aircrafts are of the following type:
Rocket parachute flare.
Buoyant smoke signal.
Hand flare.
All of the below mentioned.
Code: 32NTvj0X What is the best method for ensuring that the cylinder powers of a high speed diesel engine, fitted with a monoblock multi-cylinder fuel pump, are correctly balanced?
Have the fuel pump phased and calibrated in a test workshop.
Check the exhaust temperatures on each cylinder to see if they are equal.
Measure the maximum pressure of each cylinder to check that they are equal.
Take a set of indicator cards using a mechanical indicator and calculate the cylinder powers.
Code: sCLJHJbr A two step controller (open/close) has failed and the only available spare controller is a P+I controller. Select, from the options given, how the P+I controller could be set up to achieve approximate two step control.
Set the proportional band to maximum width and the integral action to minimum (repeats per minute).
Set the proportional band to minimum width and the integral action to minimum (repeats per minute).
Set the proportional band to minimum width and the integral action to maximum (repeats per minute).
Set the proportional band to maximum width and the integral action to maximum (repeats per minute).
Code: sNNizt9t A medium speed diesel engine which is supported on a steel chocking system has had repeated problems with two of the chocks at the end of the engine on the port side becoming slack. This has led to some fretting damage to the bedplate and tank top in that area. What action should be taken to affect a cost effective permanent repair?
Tighten the holding down bolts in that area to 150 % recommended load to prevent further slackening and fretting.
Replace the complete steel chocking system with one using resilient mounts to accommodate movement and avoid further incidents of fretting.
Replace the damaged chocks with resin based chocks of an appropriate size.
Replace the complete steel chocking system with a resin based system.
Code: adeCZsDs The cold room temperature is almost at the cut out point in a vapour-compression refrigeration system. What should the refrigerant state be just after the evaporator if the system is correctly set up?
Wet vapour at high pressure.
Cold liquid at high pressure.
Sub-cooled liquid at low pressure.
Slightly superheated low pressure gas.
Code: k32bmRKf The main propulsion diesel engine is normally started by direct admission of compressed air. Which one of the following statements is correct?
A heavily leaking starting air valve may cause an explosion in the starting air pipe system.
The starting air admission should continue until the engine has fired.
If the engine does not turn when the starting air is applied the turning gear can be used together with starting air to start the engine.
If the starting air pressure is too low a pressurized oxygen bottle from the welding equipment can be used for an emergency start of the engine.
Code: aCilgZbx Who is responsible for ensuring that your ship’s security plan meets the requirements of the ISPS Code?
Recognized Security Organization.
Flag State Administration.
Company Security Officer.
Ship Security Officer.
Code: #TTBaZCF What does ISM stand for?
The International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention.
International Ship Measurement and Pollution Control.
International Safe Manning Certification.
Internal Ship Safety Management.
Code: #HJ2AG$E What type of dynamic forces may cause indent in plating on forecastle deck and main deck in way of pillars inside forecastle?
Impact pressure forces in way of abrupt or flared bow.
Forces created by waves on the forecastle.
Slamming in way of flat bottom forward of light draught.
Pressure forces caused by green water on deck.
Code: #1rKoZaR In tanker operations, there will be some areas and zones where flammable or explosive vapour, gas, or dust may be expected. Such areas are classified as hazardous. What is meant by hazardous area Zone 1?
Flammable mixture is continuously present or present for long periods.
Flammable mixture is not continuously present, but will be present during normal operations.
Flammable mixture is not present at all times.
Flammable mixture would not normally be present or it would be present for a short period only.
Code: el65izDX During maintenance work on the main engine a problem arises regarding the lifting of a main component in that the manufacturer’s instructions ado not apply to the engine as fitted and present a hazard. In which of the information/record sources given in the options, is it most important to record the information relating to this anomaly?
ISM procedures in the ship’s safety manual.
Safety officers report.
Engine room planned maintenance schedule.
Engine room log book.
Code: 44K1H6U7 A transformer overheats while taking a shore supply. Which is the likely cause?
Incorrect frequency.
Incorrect current.
Incorrect voltage.
Incorrect earthing.
Code: Qd3cEesB Which of the following symptoms would indicate that the filter drier in a refrigeration circuit has become blocked?
A large temperature drop across the drier.
A hammering noise from the compressors.
A hammering noise from the drier.
A pressure rise before the drier.
Code: Zsq6eai0 The main engine is running steady with an average exhaust gas temperature of approximately 350 °C. What would be a typical alarm/slow down setting for the cylinder exhaust gas temperature deviation from the average?
+/- 50 °C.
+/- 10 °C.
+/- 30 °C.
+/- 80 °C.
Code: 84Ry1B6W A vessel is installed with Power Management System (PMS). If there is an increase overload or fault in a running generator, what will the PMS do?
It will activate the Public Alarm system and shut down the generator instantly.
It will activate the emergency generator to share load or take over load of the faulty generator.
It will shut down auxiliaries system in the emergency switchboard.
It will automatically start the next generator in the start sequence.
Code: 9gmCC7J8 What is usually the effect on G when the ship is damaged below the waterline, with water ingress?

Ship diagram

It lowers.
It rises.
It is unchanged.
It first rises then lowers.
Code: uJM2yNko Which of the given options for the value of differential pressure across a lubricating oil filter for a medium speed diesel engine would indicate that the filter required cleaning?
1,0 Bar.
0,2 Bar.
4,0 Bar.
Code: H0#GUEDY The temperature control for the central cooling system low temperature circuit has failed and a new 3 term controller is to be fitted. Which of the given options would be the correct method of setting up the controller?
Set the proportional action first.
Set the integral action first.
Set the derivative action first.
All three actions should be set simultaneously.

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