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Crew Evaluation System test online for seamans about Engine department, Operational level, Steam

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Welcome to the website where you can pass online the CES test on the subject «Engine, Operational, Steam». Practice like this will help you as a marine specialist improve your knowledge with the help of online studying and appraisal practice. CES based on practical information and marine specialists experience.

CES tests developed for evaluating seaman basic knowledge by Seagull Company (rebranded as «OTG»), is an evaluating online-tool, used for revealing any professional preparation needed in specific fields of knowledge, defined by STCW.

  • Test type: STCW.
  • Version: 6.0.9.
  • Department: Engine.
  • Level: Operational.
  • Propulsion: Steam.

CES tests have proven themselves as good tools for the selection and recruitment process, as well as advancing the level of knowledge of the current officers and crew. Ocean Technologies Group use various subjects for question creation, which includes:

  • Crowd and Crisis Management;
  • Integrated Navigation System (INS);
  • Ballast water management;
  • Handling and Stowage;
  • Vessel operation management and safety;
  • Marine engineering;
  • Maintenance and repair, etc.

Current test contains Seagull CES questions on the subject «Engine, Operational, Steam». Those questions can be used for competence verification specialist capable of preventing accidental situations related with transporting safety, or also for self-examination.

«Operational» subject includes theoretical and practical information about advanced training for work on any type of vessel. Knowledge of this information directly shows employee’s competence who holds a relevant post on a vessel. Specifically, in the Operational level, the sailor is involved in the day-to-day running of the engine and propulsion systems. They monitor various parameters, operate controls, and carry out routine tasks to ensure the smooth functioning of the ship’s engine. This includes tasks such as fuel management, lubrication, and overall performance monitoring. Additionally, they need to be well-versed in emergency response procedures, ready to act swiftly in case of any mechanical failures or critical situations.

When it comes to propulsion, particularly with a steam-based system, the sailor is responsible for managing and operating the steam propulsion machinery. This involves regulating steam pressure, overseeing the combustion process, and ensuring the overall efficiency of the propulsion system. Steam propulsion systems have their own set of intricacies, and the sailor needs to possess the technical expertise to handle them effectively.

On this site Crew Evaluation System Test on the subject «Engine, Operational, Steam» contains 84 questions you need to answer with no possibility to go back to previous question. Therefore, we recommend carefully reading each question and making decision with no hurry. In case you have some difficulty answering, you have also possibility to request a hint.

The test includes three modes. In the Training mode, you go through 60 questions with the option to take a hint, while in the Exam mode, this option is not available. We have also developed another mode – Wild, where you can answer all the questions available in the test at once. Enjoy!

Choose the regime, in which you want to pass CES test:

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Code: GITV What is the main reason for routine testing of the cooling water in a diesel engine cooling system?
To measure the pH-value of the water.
To detect dissolved oxygen in the water.
To ensure that the correct levels of chemical treatment are maintained at all times.
To detect the presence of contaminants in the water.
Code: JOKT What action should be taken if the heat transfer capacity of a heat exchanger operating as a lubricating oil cooler is reducing?
Increase the cooling water pressure.
Decrease the lubricating oil flowrate.
Increase the lubricating oil flowrate.
The heat transfer surfaces should be cleaned.
Code: BNKJ Choose the option which is most likely to result in erosion of the tubes in a heat exchange:
Cooling water temperature too high.
Cooling water pressure too high.
Cooling water velocity too high.
Rate of heat transfer too high.
Code: KVRG What is the recommended range for the pH-value for the water in a diesel engine cooling system engine cooling water be maintained?
Below 5.
Between 5 and 7.
Between 7 and 10.
Above 10.
Code: FCFD Consider a 450 volt, 859 kW rated generator has not been in operation for several weeks. Prior to starting, insulation resistance readings are taken. The minimum acceptable insulation resistance reading on the main stator winding to allow you to proceed with running the generator is:
1 000 000 Ohms.
10 Ohms.
1 000 Ohms.
10 000 Ohms.
Code: NKSP During regular inspection of alternator windings it is found that windings are always covered with a heavy oil film coming from the atmosphere surrounding the auxiliary engine. After cleaning with an approved solvent, what should be done?
Reinsulate the windings after each cleaning.
Blank off intake air filters.
Take no additional action.
Improve material of intake air filters.
Code: NXCD In accordance with SOLAS and other international regulations, certain important machinery functions, such as operation and control of the steering gear and propulsion machinery, must be tested at specified times. When should these tests be carried out?
Prior to arrival and departure from port and following maintenance.
Only following drydock.
Only at stand by engines.
Only following maintenance.
Code: QQBE Watch keeping engineers shall have a minimum of knowledge of the vessel’s engine room and operation of its functions prior to being accepted as Engineer on Duty, and shall acknowledge his familiarization with the equipment by signing a check list listing all units he shall be able to operate.
He shall have all the knowledge as listed in the other alternatives.
Start, operate and stop main and auxiliary machinery units, including switching between automatic, remote and/or manual control functions, and operate the various units in various modes.
Check routines during operation and prior to switching to UMS-mode.
Code: BEOP, DFDI, VIMQ When you join a new ship, how are you informed about safety rules, alarm instructions and your own duties in case of an emergency?
By oral instructions by the Captain.
By muster lists exhibited in conspicuous places.
By alarm instructions in all crew cabins.
By folder distributed to each crewmember.
Code: UABH What does the term “Dead Ship” mean?
“Dead Ship” means that the ship cannot make way through the water.
“Dead Ship” means that the ship is aground.
“Dead Ship” means that the machinery and boilers are inoperational due to lack of electrical power.
“Dead Ship” means that auxiliary machinery is not operational.
Code: LCRT After water-washing the turbocharger exhaust side it starts to vibrate even though it was operating normally prior to the washing procedure. What is the most likely cause of this problem?
The rotor blades are damaged or the blades are not properly cleaned.
Water drain for washing system is clogged.
Inlet filter partly clogged.
Foundation bolts for the blower unit are loose.
Code: ACBX Why shall a duly qualified officer supervise any potential polluting operation?
To relieve the master.
To inform the authorities.
To restrict pollution.
To avoid pollution.
Code: CVXD An electrical power emergency source in a ship is required because:
It satisfies the SOLAS (and other) requirements for ship safety.
The ships total load can be shared between main and emergency generators.
The main diesel generator(s) can be taken out of service for overhaul or repair.
It satisfies the need to be environmentally “friendly”.
Code: DGRN An earth fault exists on the blue line of a 100 A bilge pump circuit. A second earth fault occurs on the yellow line of a 10 A ventilation fan circuit. Both systems are supplied from the ship’s 440 V supply. The likely outcome is that:
A short circuit occurs between earth fault and the bilge pump fuse blows.
Both motors trip out on overload.
A short circuit occurs between earth faults and the ventilation fan fuse blows.
An open circuit occurs between earth fault and both motors trip out.
Code: OJRA The insulation resistance (IR) to earth of a new galley hot-plate is measured to be 30 Mohm. When three identical hot-plates are tested together their combined IR will be:
90 Mohm.
30 Mohm.
10 Mohm.
3 Mohm.
Code: FWHC Generators must be synchronised before they can operate in parallel. During synchronising, the incoming generator should be running slightly “fast” compared to the bus bar frequency. This is to ensure that the:
Incoming machine picks up as a generator.
Most rapid synchronising action is achieved.
Incomers reverse power trip is tested.
Incomer picks up as a motor.
Code: QVEY The Base Number of a lubricating oil is an indication of which of the following?
The viscosity of the oil.
The Flash Point of the oil.
Amount of contaminants in the lubricating oil.
The alkalinity of the oil.
Code: FSBA Why are duplex filters usually employed in the lubricating oil system of an auxiliary diesel engine?
The pressure drop is half that of a single filter unit.
Filter blockage will not occur.
Changing of the filter element can be carried out without interrupting engine operation.
It gives better filtration of the oil.
Code: QOTU The bilge holding tank level is being reduced by discharging through the OWS. What action should be taken when the oil/water interface in the holding tank is reached?
Stop the OWS and pump the oil to a bunker tank.
Stop the OWS and pump the oil to the incinerator tank.
Bypass the OWS and discharge the remaining contents of the holding tank overboard.
Continue pumping the contents of the holding tank through the OWS.
Code: DGTC What is an effective means of measuring the total dissolved solids in boiler water?
pH test.
Conductivity test.
Alkalinity test.
Chloride test.
Code: JAHH, LVMK, QMBL What will you serve seafarers who has been exposed to cold?
Warm nutritious drinks.
Fruit and vegetables only.
Pork and fat fish.
Brandy, whiskey or other strong drinks.
Code: WVMK Why should engine and boiler rooms be kept clean and any oil spillage cleaned up immediately?
To reduce risk of fire and the risk of slipping.
To avoid being fined by the port state control.
To reduce the premium to be paid to the insurance company.
To prevent oil spillage from damaging deck paint coatings.
Code: GHAX Under what circumstances would you remove guards and safety devices from machinery?
During overhaul and maintenance procedures.
When the safety devices keep stopping the machinery.
When they are rattling and vibrating.
To allow the shaft to be seen to confirm the machine is running.
Code: BNOQ Which electronic component does this graphical symbol represent?

Scheme: potentiometer

Potentiometer, 10 kilo-ohms.
Variable inductive reactor.
Variable electrical heater, 10 kilo-watts.
Auto transformer, 10 kVA.
Code: HPHR Which electronic component is this graphical symbol illustrating?

Scheme: zener diode

Silicon controlled rectifier.
Zener diode.
Code: QBDI What is the minimum number of portable fire extinguishers that must be carried on ships of 1 000 GRT and above?
Code: POSK What are class “C” bulkheads?
Bulkheads constructed of approved non-combustible materials that can withstand the standard fire test for 15 minutes.
Bulkheads constructed of approved non-combustible materials that can withstand the standard fire test for 30 minutes.
Bulkheads constructed of approved non-combustible materials that can withstand the standard fire test for 45 minutes.
Bulkheads constructed of approved non-combustible materials but do not meet any of the requirements relative to smoke and flame nor limitations relative to temperature rise.
Code: ISRV Which diagram is the symbol for a THYRISTOR?

Scheme: thyristor

Figure 1.
Figure 2.
Figure 3.
Figure 4.
Code: YDUN A faint is a brief loss of consciousness of no more than momentary duration caused by a temporary reduction in the flow of blood to the brain.How to prevent anyone from fainting?
Tell the person to sit down and lean forward with the head between the knees taking deep breaths.
Tell the person to sit down in a sitting position breathing normally.
Try to keep the person in an upstanding position.
If standing in a crowd, flex the leg muscles and toes to aid circulation.
Code: AENE Feed check valves for the main and auxiliary boilers are normally of the double shut off type with one screw lift valve and one screw down non-return valve. What is the main function of the non-return valve?
To increase the workload for staff when overhauling the boiler.
To allow overhaul of the screw lift valve when the non-return valve is shut and the boiler is steaming.
To allow fine tuning of feed water flow to the boiler.
To prevent the steam and water in the boiler from discharging out through the feed line if the feed line fractures or a joint in the line blows.
Code: LTCP What is the correct range for the pH-value for the water in an oil fired steam boiler?
Below 4,5.
Code: HJLS The packed gland on a centrifugal pump is leaking even though the gland has been “nipped up”. What is the correct action to take to stop the leakage?
Tighten up the gland as much as possible until the leakage stops.
Re-pack the stuffing box loosely with the correct size packing at the earliest opportunity.
Ensure the bilge well to which the leakage is draining is regularly pumped out.
Fit an extra ring of oversize packing to the stuffing box at the earliest opportunity.
Code: BTPM What is meant by the term “two stage air compressor”?
A compressor in which the compressed air from the first stage is further compressed in the second stage before being delivered to the air receiver.
A compressor in which the air is delivered to two separate air receivers each at different pressures.
A set of two compressors. The first compressor delivers low pressure air to an air receiver. The second further compresses the air for delivery to the working range.
A two cylinder compressor in which half of the air is compressed in one cylinder and half in the other.
Code: ITRV When using portable ladders during work activities onboard a ship what precautions should be taken?
Secure the ladder top and bottom and have a shipmate standing by while you are working on the ladder.
Prop the ladder against a suitable pipe and have a shipmate hold the ladder while you are working on it.
Use a safety belt/harness and secure it to the ladder.
Just secure the top of the ladder once you reach the top.
Code: FRKL What would be the most likely cause of a smell of “rotten eggs” in the upper casing of the engine room?
Failure of the ship’s refrigeration system.
Open or leaking acetylene bottle.
Fresh water evaporator malfunction.
A leak of exhaust gas from a boiler or diesel engine exhaust.
Code: DYIY Which of the options given is one of the main responsibilities of a watch-keeping engineer?
To inform the Chief Engineer of any situations that cannot be controlled during the watch.
To by-pass, adjust and isolate all machinery under his supervision.
To ensure that all engine room ratings take off their work shoes in the control room.
To immediately inform the Master of all events that occur during the watch.
Code: PCHH Which of the following instruments is normally part of a control-loop?
Code: CKFA Measuring instruments must be routinely calibrated. What is the meant by instrument calibration?
Comparing input and output values against a documented standard.
Turning gauge too an easy reading position.
Comparing two instruments of the same type.
Adjusting size to fit process connection.
Code: TIJL How do we recognize a leaking fuel injection valve during testing?
Fuel oil leaks out of the joint between the nozzle and the injector body.
The injector does not open at the normal opening set pressure.
The pressure falls off on the pressure gauge when trying to hold the pressure in the injector below normal opening set pressure.
The injector opens before normal opening set pressure.
Code: FCNJ When having a fire alarm during normal working hours, what immediate actions should be taken?
Act according to instruction given in the fire plan.
Start searching for the fire to determine if it is in the engine room.
Everybody gather in the safety centre.
Start the fire pump, the sooner the better.
Code: AIHG From the statements given in the answer options, choose the one which is most accurate in relation to the operation of water-tube boiler and fire-tube boilers.
A firetube boiler does not require a non-return valve in the feedwater line.
A watertube boiler can tolerate a short period of time without any water when the burner is operating.
A firetube boiler has a much better capability to work at higher steam pressure.
Water-tube boilers are more efficient and generally contain less water than fire tube boilers. They are prone to major damage when run dry during operation.
Code: KFQH With reference to using centrifuges for cleaning fuel and lubricating oil what is the difference between a purifier and a clarifier.
In a clarifier only solids are removed from the oil, whereas in a purifier both solids and water are removed from the oil.
Clarifiers are used when water is present in the oil.
Purifiers are used when only solids are present in the oil.
There is no difference, both use centrifugal force.
Code: BWKG When operating two centrifuges in series, in a purifier and clarifier arrangement, what is the purpose of the clarifier?
To stabilise the feed temperature.
To improve the efficiency of water removal.
To improve the efficiency of solids removal.
To increase the overall throughput rate.
Code: FLCN Are there any restrictions about how much sludge we can pump overboard on the sea voyage?
Maximum is 30 litre per nautical mile and total is 1/30 000 part of full cargo on the ballast voyage.
Maximum is 30 litre per nautical mile and total is 1/10 000 part of full cargo on the ballast voyage.
Maximum is 60 litre per nautical mile and total is 1/30 000 part of full cargo on the ballast voyage.
There isn’t any restrictions of pumping sludge from ships outside special areas.
Code: HLXE, SWQC What would the First Engineer require?
The First Engineer would require cleaning of the feed water tank.
The First Engineer would require an inspection of the heating coils.
The First Engineer would require the Chief Officer to keep him advised of bilge soundings.
The First Engineer would require the Fitter to check the carbon dioxide fire-fighting equipment.
Code: DAQE, EIGQ How many buoyant smoke signals are carried in each lifeboat?
Code: QPYR What is the minimum working pressure of the international shore connection?
0,1 N/mm2.
0,4 N/mm2.
0,25 N/mm2.
1 N/mm2.
Code: GTGB B Class divisions in ships are constructed so that they are capable of preventing the passage of flame to the end of a standard fire test held for:
60 minutes.
45 minutes.
30 minutes.
15 minutes.
Code: IXBH Which of the survival craft listed below is equipped with a buoyant line, not less than 50 m in length, of sufficient strength to tow a liferaft?
Rescue boat.
Life raft.
None of them.
Code: ??? Give the meaning of the symbol:

Symbol: EPIRB

Flame detector.
Immersion suite.
Open hatches.
Code: VQLA A hand flare must have a burning period of at least:
1 min.
30 sec.
10 min.
5 min.
Code: VABS Which ships does the ISM code apply to:
Only tankers and Ro-Ros.
All craft above 300 GRT.
All passenger ships, all cargo ships of 500 GRT or above.
Only passenger vessels.
Code: STYA When is a machine “securely guarded”?
When it is fitted with a guard or similar device which prevents foreseeable contact between a person, his clothing or items held in his hands, whilst it is in operation.
When any person operating a machine has full training in its use and how the guards should be placed when it operation.
When it must isolated before maintenance can be carried out on it.
When the machine can rotate freely, without coming into contact with any person in the vicinity of the machine.
Code: PEIT Which of these weapons are widely available and commonly used by criminals and terrorists to further their aims?
Liquid explosive.
Vehicle borne device.
Incendiary device.
Code: SWFO When handling drugs:
Wear skin protection.
Briefly inhale powders, fumes or vapours to verify the substance is a drug.
Test out the potency of the drug.
Code: AMDV Why do some diesel engine manufacturers recommend machining the valve spindle sealing surface with a half degree difference to the valve seat angle?
To improve valve sealing by compensating for pressure and temperature effects on the valve during engine operation.
To improve valve sealing by compensating for expansion of the valve during high temperature operation.
To improve valve sealing by increasing contact force by reducing contact area between valve and seat.
To minimize heat transfer between valve and valve seat.
Code: FHGB Thermistors are temperature sensitive devices. A positive temperature coefficient thermistor will typically have:
Relatively non-linear characteristic.
Relatively linear characteristic.
Inaccurate measurement.
Variable reliability.
Code: IHCT On finding a person apparently unconscious in a High Voltage switch room, which of the following should be done?
Raise alarm, identify means of isolation and apply before approaching victim.
Trip all breakers and approach victim.
Raise alarm then drag the victim clear so that they cannot reach live parts while receiving aid.
Check if the victim is in contact with live parts and if not apply first aid.
Code: PNSN A mechanical seal, consisting of carbon and ceramic seal rings, is to be fitted to a cetrifugal pump shaft. What is the most likely result of not being extremely careful when fitting this type of seal?
The seal rings are brittle and can be easily chipped or damaged.
The seal rings are hard and may score the pump shaft.
The rubber O rings for the seal can be easily damaged.
The spring and bellows for the seal can be easily damaged.
Code: NVNP During maintenance work on a main diesel engine the fuel injection valve is found to be jammed in the pocket in the cylinder cover. Which of the procedures given in the options should be followed in order to complete the work?
Replace the complete cylinder cover with a spare unit and land the cover with the jammed valve ashore for repair in a specialist workshop.
With the fuel injection valve retaining nuts removed admit compressed air into the engine cylinder to try and blow the injection valve out of the pocket.
Remove the cylinder cover and try and drive the injection valve out of the pocket from the underside with a hammer and punch.
Wedge a bar between the piston top and the bottom of the injector and use the turning gear to force the injection valve out.
Code: BOVF A large electric motor is being removed from a main seawater pump with the aid of the engine room crane. Which is the best method of starting the lift from the options given?
Use a suitable chain block suspended from the crane hook to “break” the motor free after slackening all of the retaining bolts.
Use the “inch up” facility on the crane to “break” the motor free after slackening all of the retaining bolts.
Use the full hoist facility on the crane to “break” the motor free after slackening all of the retaining bolts.
Use the full hoist facility to lift the motor clear in one action after removing all of the retaining bolts.
Code: AVPP An air compressor is being refitted in the engine room. The compressor and motor are coupled using a flexible coupling and are mounted on a common “skid” which fixed to the deck with resilient mountings. Which of the statements, from the options given, relating to the alignment of the motor and compressor is true?
Shims should be fitted between the motor and compressor feet and the skid to ensure correct vertical, horizontal and parallel alignment of the coupling halves before it is bolted up.
As long as the two coupling halves are at the same height the flexible coupling will accommodate any horizontal misalignment or difference in the gap between the coupling faces.
The compressor and motor can just be placed directly on the common skid as they will probably be closely aligned anyway.
Code: AWNQ The ring expander for removal and refitting of an air compressors piston rings is found to be broken and unusable. The work cannot be delayed until a replacement is obtained. Which of the methods given in the options should the ship’s engineers use to complete the work?
Fabricate a conical guide from tin plate or similar with the large diameter just bigger than the compressor piston so the rings can be eased open for fitting.
Use loops of string or rags to pull the ring ends apart so the rings can be lifted off and on.
As compressor rings are relatively small with little tension the ends can be pulled apart sufficiently to clear the piston using the thumbs.
Lever the rings open using a couple of screw drivers to get the rings past the ring groovers.
Code: DRHE The end covers for a heat exchanger are held in place by a number of brass studs and nuts. Which of the tools given in the options is best suited for removal and tightening of the nuts?
Open ended spanner.
Ring spanner or socket.
Adjustable shifting spanner.
A set of mole grips.
Code: NPXS When a ships derrick or crane lifts a weight off the deck of a ship, from which position can the centre of gravity of the weight be considered to act?
From the centre of the weight lifted.
From the position on the deck from which the weight was lifted.
From a position on the deck at the base of the derrick or crane.
From the head of the derrick or crane.
Code: YADQ What is the anticipated rolling period of a ship with a large initial Transverse Metacentric Height (GM) and would there be any associated dangers to consider?
Short sharp period of roll associated with breaking lashings and shifting cargo.
Long slow roll and no particular hazards.
Short period of roll, but a very stable ship and no associated dangers.
Long period of roll with free surface effects at a maximum.
Code: RDJB The Ziegler-Nichols method is used in control engineering when setting up the system. Which of the system components given in the options would this method be applied to during initial set up?
Valve and actuator to set the span of travel.
PID controller for tuning.
Valve positioner to optimise speed of operation.
Sensing unit to set the range.
Code: YMJJ With the set point at the actual desired value, a temperature control system is giving an unacceptably large offset (difference between set point and measured value) on high load resulting in a low system temperature. Which of the actions given in the options should be taken to reduce this effect and therefore achieve closer control of the temperature?
Reduce the width of the proportional band for the controller.
Increase the width of the proportional band for the controller.
Crack open the manual bypass valve for the control valve.
Increase the set point to a value above the actual desired value.
Code: MWXV The refrigeration system for the ships provisions consists of a number of cold rooms served by a central refrigeration system. The evaporator coils for the vegetable room are found to be frosting up even though the room is down to temperature and the liquid line valve has closed. Select, from the options given, the automatic control component which is likely to be malfunctioning and so cause this condition.
The liquid line valve for the flour room.
Back pressure control valve.
Thermostatic expansion valve for the meat room.
The low pressure cut out for the compressor.
Code: XMSY As part of a survey of a main steam boiler it is necessary to check the condition of the steam drum. What would be the preferred method for checking drum shell thickness in such a situation?
Use ultrasound equipment.
Use dye penetrant tester.
Use magnetic particle inspection equipment.
Drill a test hole in the shell to accurately measure the thickness.
Code: RYEG An accumulation test may be necessary for a steam boiler following repairs or modifications. Which of the given options does the accumulation test check?
The time taken to fill the boiler with water under steaming conditions.
The rate at which the boiler can generate steam.
The capacity of the safety valve to relieve pressure.
The time taken for the boiler to reach operating pressure.
Code: SAWX During “dry lay up” of a main water tube boiler it is necessary to maintain dry, low humidity environment in the water spaces. Which of the chemicals given in the options would best achieve this condition?
Silica gel.
Calcium phosphate.
Sodium hydroxide.
Code: VHBU Chemical boiling out is one method that is used for cleaning the waterside of a steam boiler. Select from the given options the likely circumstances under which this procedure would be considered necessary?
Excess chloride levels in the boiler water.
Excessive sludge build up in the water drum.
Contamination of the boiler water by oil.
Oxygen pitting in the steam drum.
Code: HKXB A deadweight tester is used to check and calibrate a pressure gauge. The tester consists of a hydraulic pump and a hydraulic chamber and balance weight system. After completing the calibration of the pressure gauge the hydraulic pressure should be relieved before removing the weights. Select, from the options given, the main reason for this requirement.
To protect the piston in the hydraulic system from possible impact damage as it may reach the end of its stroke.
To protect the pressure gauge from a surge in pressure as the weights are removed.
To protect the hydraulic balance system from a pressure surge as the weights are removed.
To protect the hydraulic pump from a pressure surge as the weights are removed.
Code: VVMY Vibration analysis is often used as a conditioning monitoring tool onboard ship as part of the approved planned maintenance system. Many vibration measuring instruments are fitted with a harmonic filter/analyser. How would these filters normally be used during vibration measurement on a centrifugal pump?
To block out any noise or vibration from the surrounding engine room.
To sum up all the harmonics of a base frequency to give total vibration for all of the pump’s components simultaneously.
To isolate a single frequency of vibration associated with one of the pumps components.
To generate an audible sound signal at the same frequency and amplitude as the vibration.
Code: UCEW Compressed air for instrument and control purposes needs to be of high quality. In order to condition the air filter modules are usually fitted to remove the contaminants. If there is evidence of oil carry over to the final elements in the instrumentation air system what is the most likely cause?
The coalescer module is saturated and requires renewal.
The drier section of the module needs to be regenerated.
The air compressor piston rings need to be renewed.
The particle removal module is choked.
Code: UXSI The recognised definition of High Voltage equipment is anything that operates at over which of the following levels?
1 000 Volts AC or 1 500 Volts DC.
1 000 Volts AC or 750 Volts DC.
33 000 Volts AC or DC.
440 Volts AC or DC.
Code: AFVO High Voltage (HV) cables are smaller than low voltage cables for a given power rating. Why is this?
The HV cable carries a smaller current and therefore requires less copper.
The HV cable uses Aluminium conductors and therefore requires them to be a smaller cross-sectional area.
The HV cable uses higher quality copper conductors and therefore requires them to be a smaller cross-sectional area.
The HV cable has a thinner wall of special insulation material.
Code: TVTQ How would you report containers with dangerous goods lost overboard?
My vessel has lost containers with dangerous goods of IMDG Class ___ in position ___.
My vessel has lost containers overboard.
My vessel has lost containers with dangerous goods of IMDG Class ___.
My vessel has lost containers in position ____.
Code: AHGM What do you understand by the initials EPIRB?
Electronic Purpose If Rescue Begins.
Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon.
Emergency Position Indication Radio Buoy.
Electronic Indication Radar Buoy.
Code: ??? Select the one option which correctly completes the following statement: A portable ladder ____.
Should be secured before working from it.
It doesn’t matter.
Should be secured after working from it.

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