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Crew Evaluation Test online for marine engineers (Engine, Support level)

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Welcome to the website where you can pass online the CES test on the subject «Engine, Support level». Practice like this will help you as a marine specialist improve your knowledge with the help of online studying and appraisal practice. CES based on practical information and marine specialists experience.

CES tests developed for evaluating seaman basic knowledge by Seagull Company (rebranded as «OTG»), is an evaluating online-tool, used for revealing any professional preparation needed in specific fields of knowledge, defined by STCW.

CES tests have proven themselves as good tools for the selection and recruitment process, as well as advancing the level of knowledge of the current officers and crew. Ocean Technologies Group use various subjects for question creation, which includes:

  • Crowd and Crisis Management;
  • Integrated Navigation System (INS);
  • Ballast water management;
  • Handling and Stowage;
  • Vessel operation management and safety;
  • Marine engineering;
  • Maintenance and repair, etc.

Current test contains Seagull CES questions on the subject «Engine, Support level». Those questions can be used for competence verification specialist capable of preventing accidental situations related with transporting safety, or also for self-examination.

«Engine, Support level» subject includes theoretical and practical information about advanced training for work on any type of vessel. Knowledge of this information directly shows employee’s competence who holds a relevant post on a vessel. On board a vessel, the technical maintenance of the engine is typically managed by a team of dedicated marine engineers or engine crew members. These professionals are responsible for ensuring the engine’s proper functioning, conducting routine inspections, and performing necessary repairs or adjustments. Maintaining an optimal engine support level is crucial for safe and efficient maritime operations, as it helps prevent breakdowns at sea and ensures compliance with industry regulations, ultimately safeguarding both the vessel and its crew.

On this site Crew Evaluation System Test on the subject «Engine, Support level» contains 86 questions you need to answer with no possibility to go back to previous question. Therefore, we recommend carefully reading each question and making decision with no hurry. In case you have some difficulty answering, you have also possibility to request a hint.

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Code: IYNT An immersion suit will not sustain burning or continue melting after being totally enveloped in a fire for a period of:
2 sec.
1 min.
20 sec.
10 sec.
Code: KIQX You have abandoned ship in a liferaft. In most cases, which of the following actions should you generally take?
Organise a lookout system. Join up with other survival craft if possible. Stream the sea anchor.
Join up with any other survival craft and stream the sea anchor.
Start padding in the direction of the nearest land.
Organise a lookout system.
Code: EGBB Where do you find instructions for tasks and duties in case of an emergency?
In the muster list.
On posters at the lifeboat station.
In instruction notices posted in the crew’s cabins.
Code: EEAE, IYEL What is the minimum distance between the helmet and the head of the wearer supposed to be?
3 cm.
No minimum distance.
1 cm.
7,5 cm.
Code: KECH, MSJT What kind of permits have to be obtained before starting cold work in tanks?
Cold work permit + Permit for entry.
Cold work permit.
Hot + Cold work permit.
Hot work permit.
Code: YPYM Which of these are indications that a parcel is suspicious?
The parcel is addressed to no one in particular, arrives unexpectedly and seems heavy for its size.
The parcel smells like chocolate.
The parcel is wrapped in clean, brown paper and is addressed to a crewmember from his wife.
The parcel came from Joe in the safety department and arrived quicker than expected.
Code: IHKR Which of these are indicators that an individual may be a drug smuggler?
The individual wears bulky or out of season clothing.
The individual is disinterested in the ship’s cargo.
The individual spends his or her free time hanging out with others.
The individual makes small local purchases.
Code: WESL Steam escaping from the area of the bottom water header handhole doors of a high pressure boiler generating superheated steam is observed by the engine rating on watch. What action should be taken?
Immediately inform the Officer of the Watch.
Use the hand to have a feel around the area to try and locate the exact position of the leak.
Check the area where it is thought the leak may be using a cloth on the end of a broom handle.
Pass the information that there is a leak to the relief at the end of the watch.
Code: UTNK When cleaning boiler burner nozzles that have just been in service the watch rating notices that the nozzle holes are partially blocked. Which of the methods given in the options is the preferred method to use in order to avoid damaging the nozzle holes?
Use cleaning wires starting with a small gauge and gradually work up to the full size of the nozzle hole.
Use a standard drill bit in a hand drill to clear the blockage.
Knock the nozzle repeatedly on the work bench to try and dislodge the blockage.
Poke the holes clear with a welding rod which has been ground down to size.
Code: WAHJ While assisting the watchkeeper with routine cleaning of the fuel oil separator the watch rating is requested to clean the plate stack. Which one is the preferred method for this task?
Soak the plates in a suitable solvent until all of the dirt has loosened off and wipe clean with rags.
With the plate stack in position fill the purifier bowl with clean diesel oil and quickly switch it on and off to wash the plates.
Soak the dirty plates in a solvent for an hour and then stand them on the engine room deck to drain off.
Scrape the plates as clean as possible with a packing knife and then wash them with a high pressure water hose.
Code: IDPI As part of the routine duties a rating on boiler watch is requested to assist with the daily chemical treatment for the boiler and feed water systems. Where will the rating find the information relating to the hazards associated with the chemicals involved in this task?
The material safety data sheets supplied with the chemicals.
The Chief Engineer’s standing orders.
The Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seaman.
The engine room log book.
Code: ASOQ When checking the diesel engine jacket water header tanks as part of the routine watch checks the engine room watch rating finds the level is well below normal. After topping up the tank and checking around the engine a leak is found. What action should be taken?
Try and quickly stop the leak and then inform the engineer on watch of what has happened.
Put a bucket under the leak and refill the header tank with the water that collects in the bucket to save water.
Leave the filling valve open a little bit to make up for the leakage.
Check the tank and top it up more frequently.
Code: YHYH What is the most suitable type of packing for a shaft gland of a pump used for seawater duties?
Greasy cotton packing.
Mica impregnated cotton packing.
PTFE rope packing.
Lead covered cotton packing.
Code: GEHU An engine room rating is assisting in the maintenance of some of the valves on the low pressure steam range. Which packing material, from the options given, would be the best choice for repacking the gland of a low pressure steam valve?
Graphite fibre packing.
Greasy cotton packing.
PTFE rope packing.
Lead covered cotton packing.
Code: YHRT During maintenance work at sea an engine room rating is moving a heavy component to the workshop using a chain block attached to an overhead trolley on a rail. Part way through the operation the rating is asked by the engineer to go immediately to the store for some equipment. What should the rating do?
Continue with the moving operation until the component is properly secured in the workshop before going to the store for the equipment.
Immediately land the component on the deck and secure it to a hand rail stanchion and go and get the equipment from the store.
Leave the component suspended from the chain block and go and collect the equipment from the store.
Code: DNRO A pump cover is sealed using a paper gasket which is damaged during overhaul. There are no spare gaskets available. How should the casing be sealed when reassembling the pump?
Make a new gasket from old chart paper or other similar material of the same thickness as the original gasket.
Put a thick layer of jointing compound on the face of the cover and tighten the cover until the compound squeezes out.
Run a bead of silicon around the outside of the joint after fitting the cover.
Re-use the old gasket.
Code: QHEM A small electric motor needs to be taken to the bottom plates for fitting to a domestic water pump. It is only just too heavy to be manually carried so is to be lowered using the engine room crane. Which of the options given would be a suitable strop to use for the operation?
Any certified strop which has a safe working load greater than the weight of the motor.
Any strop which looks big enough to carry the load.
A wire strop which is rated for twice the required load but is out of certification.
Any piece of rope will do as the motor is only just too heavy to carry.
Code: BKAW The bottom end bolts for a high speed diesel engine are checked to see if they are fit for service by measuring the free length against a standard length. During overhaul the check reveals that one out of a pair of bolts has exceeded the recommended elongation limit. From the options given select the most appropriate action to be taken.
Replace the pair of bolts with new spares.
Refit the bolts as long as one of them is within the limit it should be ok.
Replace all of the bottom end bolts in the engine with new spares.
Replace the single bolt that has exceeded the limit with a new spare.
Code: MLJI The holding down arrangement for a large 2-stroke diesel engine consists of steel chocks and hydraulically tightened holding down bolts. When carrying out routine maintenance of the arrangement which method, from those given in the options, should be adopted to check that it is in good order.
Check the hydraulic release pressure for the holding down bolts.
Tap the steel chocks with a hammer to see if they move.
Tap the holding down bolts with a hammer to see if they “ring”.
Measure the length of the holding down bolts to make sure they have the correct extension for the recommended tension.
Code: MXAH Following repair and refitting of the seawater pipe for the fresh water generator feed line the rating assisting with the work notices that one of the flange joints is leaking. What action should be taken by the rating?
Check the bolts are correctly tightened before informing the engineer so that the flange faces can be cleaned and re-jointed if necessary.
Shut off the water and apply silicon or other sealing compound to the outer edge of the flange joint.
Use a spanner with an extension pipe to try and stop the leak by tightening the flange bolts as much as possible.
Use a hammer and flogging spanner to try and stop the leak by tightening the flange bolts as much as possible.
Code: GEHU An engine room rating is assisting in the maintenance of some of the valves on the low pressure steam range. Which packing material, from the options given, would be the best choice for repacking the gland of a low pressure steam valve?
Graphite fibre packing.
Greasy cotton packing.
PTFE rope packing.
Lead covered cotton packing.
Code: PKMR During maintenance work on a fuel tank the engine room ratings are removing scale in preparation for re-coating. One of the ratings suddenly notices the smell of fumes even though the atmosphere had been satisfactorily tested before the work started. What action should the ratings take?
Leave the tank immediately and have the atmosphere retested.
Stop work until the smell disappears and then carry on removing the scale.
Ask for another fan to be switched on to increase the ventilation in the tank.
Put on breathing apparatus and carry on with the task.
Code: QRJT An engine room rating is assisting the duty engineer during a period of UMS operation. After completing the tasks they have been busy with the engineer and rating leave the engine room which is returned to UMS mode. The rating realises that an oil tank filling valve has been left open. What action should be taken?
Inform the duty engineer immediately so that the engine room can be re-entered and the valve can be shut.
Inform another crewmember that he is going back into the engine room to close the valve.
Just leave the valve open as it is unsafe to enter the engine room alone. The high alarm will sound to notify the engineer when the tank is full.
Re-enter the engine room straight away and shut the valve.
Code: HHFQ A spare cylinder head for the generator needs to be lifted from its storage cradle to the generator flat. Because of its location the engine room crane cannot be positioned directly above it. What method should be used to bring the cylinder head into position?
Rig chain blocks to lift the cylinder head from its cradle and then transfer it gradually over to the crane hook by working the chain blocks.
Use a block and tackle to drag the head across to a position beneath the crane.
Use crow bars to lever the cylinder cover across the deck until it is in position below the crane.
Code: JOTI During overhaul of some plate type compressor valves the engine room rating is asked to clean the valve plates and seat. Some of the valve plates are heavily marked. What action should be taken?
Discard the defective valve plates and replace them with new spares.
Skim the valve plates in the lathe to remove all of the marks.
Dress the valve plates up using a portable grinder.
Code: CFYN Most of the engine makers recommend to change the cylinder head gaskets each time a piston overhaul is carried out. Why?
To obtain a proper sealing and correct distance between piston and cover in TDC position.
To avoid heat transfer to the cylinder head.
To be granted a proper sealing with a new gasket.
To increase the consumption of parts so they can make more money.
Code: DNRO A pump cover is sealed using a paper gasket which is damaged during overhaul. There are no spare gaskets available. How should the casing be sealed when reassembling the pump?
Make a new gasket from old chart paper or other similar material of the same thickness as the original gasket.
Run a bead of silicon around the outside of the joint after fitting the cover.
Re-use the old gasket.
Code: FCGA A new gasket has been fitted to the manhole cover of a ballast tank. Which of the options given would be a suitable test that the new gasket is correctly fitted?
Carry out a hose test on the manhole cover.
Carry out an air pressure test on the ballast tank.
Fill the tank with water up to capacity.
Fill the tank with water until it overflows through the air vent.
Code: WGNY A plate type heat exchanger in a central cooling system has seawater leaking around the edges of some of the titanium plates. After inspection and reassembly following the manufacturer’s instructions the problem still exists. What action, from the options given, should be taken to rectify the problem?
Fit new gaskets to the each of the plates.
Keep tightening the plate stack until the leakage stops.
Reduce the pressure of the sea water.
Scrap the plates and replace with a new plate stack.
Code: CGRH Which of the options given is the main reason for using a ring spanner to tighten the brass nuts on the cover studs of a pump casing?
It will minimise the risk of slipping off the nut or damaging the nuts.
It can be adjusted to the exact size of the nut.
It will allow the nuts to be tightened correctly.
The nuts can be tightened more with this type of spanner.
Code: WVMK Why should engine and boiler rooms be kept clean and any oil spillage cleaned up immediately?
To reduce risk of fire and the risk of slipping.
To avoid being fined by the port state control.
To reduce the premium to be paid to the insurance company.
To prevent oil spillage from damaging deck paint coatings.
Code: GNIB A threaded hole is to be formed in a steel plate using a tap and wrench. When drilling the hole which of the options best describes the required drill size?
The drill should be a smaller size than the diameter of the tap.
The drill should be a bigger size than the diameter of the tap.
The drill should be the same size as the diameter of the tap.
The drill should be the same size at the diameter of the bolt that is to be fitted into the hole.
Code: UOHQ Which of the options given is most likely to result in overheating of a ball bearing fitted to a pump shaft?
Completely filling the bearing with grease.
Fitting a sealed bearing that cannot be greased.
Partly filling the bearing with grease.
Running the pump at full capacity.
Code: PNOP What do you understand by: “Move the pilot ladder”?
Move the pilot ladder means to shift the pilot ladder to a new position.
Move the pilot ladder means to lower the pilot ladder.
Move the pilot ladder means to shift the pilot ladder to the opposite side of the vessel.
Move the pilot ladder means to rig another pilot ladder.
Code: KFDP What do you understand by: “Let go the port anchor”?
Open the port windlass brake.
Put the port windlass brake in gear.
Slacken the port anchor cable.
Put the port windlass brake in gear and lower the anchor.
Code: IMXO In the human body, breathing is controlled by:
The respiratory centre in the brain.
The bronchia.
The lungs.
Movement of heart.
Code: EXJL If a casualty has no pulse, the first aider must immediately:
Start heart compression and artificial respiration.
Raise an alarm for help.
Do nothing as the patient is already dead.
Inform the next of kin.
Code: FOMM An airway should be used when:
The patient is breathing on his own but is doing so with great difficulty.
The patient has stopped breathing.
Patient has injury in the mouth.
The patient is unconscious.
Code: YSQG Port State Control Officers are authorised to:
Inspect and detain ship that are not meeting the requirements until they are able to demonstrate compliance with the regulations.
Sign oil record book entries.
Regularly inspect ships known to meet the requirement.
Detain ships that are not meeting the requirements for a minimum of 30 days.
Code: RLFV To prevent inadvertent leaks, bunker manifold not in use should:
Have blank flanges fitted with gaskets and tightened with all bolts in place.
Have blank flanges fitted and tightened with some bolts in place.
Have blank flanges fitted with gaskets and tightened with some bolts in place.
Have blank flanges fitted and tightened with all bolts in place.
Code: MKRE What is the main difference between a stuffing box gland and a mechanical seal on a centrifugal pump?
If packing fails the pump can be kept running by tightening the glands, but if a mechanical seal fails it must be renewed to stop the leakage.
Packed stuffing box glands must be cooled by liquid, but mechanical seals do not require any cooling.
Packed stuffing box glands are subject to wear but mechanical seals are not.
Code: HPGW What type of heat exchanger is shown in the illustration?

Picture - plate

Shell and tube.
Bundle and stack.
Code: ARJL Why use a central cooling system?
It requires less maintenance.
It is not a complicated system.
It is more easy to operate.
It is cheap to install.
Code: ELOQ What is the most likely cause of an increase in the chloride content of the fresh water in a central cooling system?
Leakage of sea water from the central coolers.
Leakage from an oil cooler into the fresh water system.
Insufficient cooling water treatment.
Exhaust gas leakage into the freshwater at the turbochargers.
Code: JIOE How is the temperature of the high temperature circuit of a central cooling system normally controlled?
By mixing with water from the low temperature circuit.
By controlling the flow through the fresh water evaporator heating circuit.
By controlling bypass of flow for the central coolers.
Code: MHMP Why is it preferable to have the sea water pressure lower than the fresh water pressure in a sea water cooled heat exchanger for a central cooling system?
Prevent seawater contamination of the central cooling system in the event of seal failure.
To reduce any scale deposits on seawater side.
To minimise the load on the seawater pump motor.
Code: OCEG What is a system employing a single common freshwater cooler (cooled by means of seawater) called?
Central cooling system.
High temperature freshwater system.
Common cooling system.
Low temperature freshwater system.
Code: GKPM, KJXP On a fire patrol at night you see smoke coming from a closed cabin door. What action should you take first?
Activate the nearest fire alarm button and advise bridge of the location of the fire.
Take a look inside the cabin to see what the situation is.
Get the nearest fire extinguisher and then open the door to see what the situation is.
Code: AQEQ A piston ring set for a trunk piston engine often includes a slotted ring tensioned by an internal spring. What is the purpose of this type of piston ring?
It is an oil scraper ring.
It is the firing ring.
It is the lowest compression ring.
Code: BFHW A boiler plant has been shut down for some time. Prior to starting the boiler, which of the following subjects is the “most important” control check?
That the combustion chamber of the boiler is checked being empty for oil and that the pre-ventilation function prior to ignition is functioning.
That the burner unit to be thoroughly checked prior to start.
That fuel oil supply is running on diesel oil.
Code: DCQD Some engine makers use a copper casket for proper sealing between fuel injector valve, cylinder head and combustion chamber. Why is it so important to use the correct one?
To keep the valve in correct position and to maintain proper sealing.
For proper sealing function.
To avoid combustion gas to overheat the valve.
Code: DJFM You are going to start firing a boiler. Which of the below mentioned alternatives do you consider as most important?
A thorough ventilation of the combustion chamber before the ignition takes place.
Bottom-blowing the boiler to be absolutely convinced that water is present in the boiler.
Opening the main steam pressure outlet valve.
Code: JHYU To achieve best possible combustion in our engine, we want to have:
An atomization of the fuel injected into the combustion chamber.
A beam of solid fuel, hitting a warm piston up.
Let some of the fuel go to the overflow pipe.
Code: KQBY Why are we blowing the engine before start (slow turning on air)?
To be sure that we do not have water collected in the cylinders.
To get fresh air into cylinders ensuring a safe start of the engine.
To be sure that no parts are loose, or that the engine is blocked from rotation.
Code: OVEK A piston ring set for a trunk piston engine often includes a slotted ring tensioned by an internal spring. What is the purpose of this type of piston ring?
It is an oil control ring.
It is the firing ring.
It is a ring to seal the crankcase from the combustion chamber.
Code: PKPS Why is it important to check the timing on the cylinder oil lubricants?
To get the oil into the cylinder when the piston is in the right position.
To avoid excess lubrication.
To get the right amount of oil into the cylinder.
Code: RPIE Why is it important that the combustion chamber of a boiler is properly ventilated prior to ignition?
To avoid an explosion in case any oil vapours are present from oil leakage into the furnace.
To ensure that there is sufficient air for proper combustion.
To remove any deposits from the furnace wall.
Code: YSUD For a 4-stroke diesel engine, the exhaust gas from the funnel is seen to be white/light grey in colour. Which of the options given is the most likely cause of this.
Water leaking into the combustion chamber.
Faulty fuel injection valve.
The engine is burning lubrication oil.
Code: HCAT During routine checking of an engine following start up it is discovered that the start air pipe to one of the cylinders is hotter than normal. What is the likely cause of this problem?
The air start valve for the cylinder is leaking or stuck open.
The air start line flame trap for the cylinder is burning inside.
The main air start automatic valve has not closed properly.
Code: DYBF What is the purpose of a scum valve often fitted to a steam boiler?
To allow removal of any oil or scum which collects on the surface of the water in the boiler steam drum.
To allow removal impurities from the boiler feed-water.
To allow removal of oil from the surface of the feed water tank.
To allow removal of sludge and mud which may collect in the bottom of the boiler water drum.
Code: KNLD Why is it important that all the system valves are closed after completing bilge or ballast pumping operations?
To avoid accidental intake of water into the engine room in case of valve or pipeline failure.
To keep the pump housing full or fluid.
To make sure the valves do not seize in the open position.
It isn’t important how the valves are left after pumping operations are completed.
Code: YMKS The valve that prevents water from backing out of the boiler into the feed-water line is called:
Feed-check valve.
Bottom-blow valve.
Feed-stop valve.
Skin valve.
Code: XXBP What action should be taken if it is noticed that there is a quantity of oil on the engine room tank top?
Notify the duty engineer and try and find the cause of the leakage so that it can be stopped and the oil cleaned up.
Start the fire pump and wash the oil into the bilges.
Apply foam to the tank top to minimise any risk of fire.
Open the overboard valve and start the bilge pump.
Code: BWVB What should be the first indication that the engine room watchkeepers get that there is oil or water leakage in the engine room?
They should see it on the tank top or in the bilge well during regular inspections.
They should hear the bilge pump start up automatically.
A low level alarm should sound for one of the oil or water tanks.
Code: FCNJ When having a fire alarm during normal working hours, what immediate actions should be taken?
Act according to instructions given in the fire plan.
Start searching for the fire to determine if it is in the engine room.
Everybody gather in the safety centre.
Start the fire pump, the sooner the better.
Code: NSAY Which of the following pump types could be damaged if the discharge valve is closed before the motor is stopped?
Gear pump.
Turbine pump.
Propeller pump.
Screw pump.
Code: YBGW Which of the following pump types will normally require a separate means of priming?
Centrifugal pump.
Gear pump.
Screw pump.
Code: ANML, PTFK Zinc anodes are used on the seawater side of heat exchangers to:
Prevent against corrosion.
Prevent scaling.
Reduce salinity.
Prevent accumulation of marine growth.
Code: HREY, VISK What should the Fitter be asked to do?
The Fitter should be asked to check the level of hydraulic oil in the header tank.
The Fitter should be asked to stack empty oil drums on the forecastle.
The Fitter should be asked to dispose of empty oil drums into the sea.
Code: BLVT During replacement of the main bearing shells on a medium speed diesel engine it is necessary to remove both the top and bottom half shells. From the options given select the method that is most commonly employed to remove the bottom half shells from the bearing pockets on an engine with a traditional bedplate?
Fit a driver in the crankshaft oil hole which bears against the edge of the bottom half shell and turn the engine.
Jack up the crankshaft and use a suitable punch to loosen the bottom half shell in the pocket so it can be lifted out with a pair of grips.
Remove the crankshaft so that all the bottom half shells can be removed at the same time.
Code: EXKB Which part of the crankshaft of a modern large two stroke diesel engine is most likely to be the origin point for crack initiation during service and therefore needs the greatest attention during maintenance inspection?
The fillet radii.
The keyways.
The oil holes.
Code: GONJ Modern medium speed diesel engines normally have relatively short crankshafts with large diameter pins. How do these design features affect the reliability of crankshaft deflection readings?
They increase the risk of inaccurate readings due to the “stiff” shaft having very small natural sag which may therefore result in “floating journals” in the static condition.
The design of the crankshaft has very little effect on the readings when compared to the inaccuracies that arise due to human error.
Very short, stiff crankshafts do not deflect even when the engine running so the readings are unaffected.
Code: JUES We are taking a crankshaft deflection control of the engine. The reason is:
To control the weardown of the main bearings.
To control the timing of the ignition.
To control the flexibility of the shaft.
Code: DYIY Which of the options given is one of the main responsibilities of a watch-keeping engineer?
To inform the Chief Engineer of any situations that cannot be controlled during the watch.
To by-pass, adjust and isolate all machinery under his supervision.
To immediately inform the Master of all events that occur during the watch.
Code: LAOL Select from the options given the statements that best describes the main duties of an engine room rating who is part of an engine room watch?
Engine room ratings forming part of an engine room watch should assist in efficient and safe watch-keeping routines.
Engine room ratings forming part of an engine room watch should make the tea for the engineers.
Engine room ratings forming part of an engine room watch should verify that the operational parameters of all items of machinery conform to manufacturers instructions.
Code: MIWH, RYJV, WYWG What is the correct lifting technique?
Legs bent, back straight, using leg muscles to lift.
Legs straight, back bent, using back muscles to lift.
Legs straight, back bent and twisted to the right or to the left while lifting.
Code: AECJ A drip tray containing oil is on fire. The only fire fighting equipment available is water hose with spray jet/spray nozzle. How, if at all, should you attempt to put out this fire using water?
The water can be applied in a fine spray starting from the front in a sweeping motion.
Water should be applied in a jet to the back of the fire.
Water should be applied to the oil in a single jet only.
Code: SKFX Which of the following are frequent causes of fires in accommodation?
Smoking in bed; covering of electric fires with blankets; overloading electric plugs.
Covering of electric fires with blankets.
Smoking in bed.
Code: BCET The boiler gauge glasses should be blown down:
At the beginning of every watch.
Once a day.
Every hour.
Code: LEPT One of the two water level gauge glasses on the high pressure boiler steam drum has started leaking quite heavily. What action, from the options given, should the boiler watch rating take?
Inform the Officer of the watch immediately so that arrangements can be made to replace the leaking glass.
Try and stop the leak by tightening up the clamping bolts as much as possible.
Place a bucket underneath the leak to catch the water to prevent the area becoming slippery.
Code: UPXL What should be the first action to be taken in the event of the water level disappearing out of the boiler water level gauge glass?
Secure all of the burners.
Close the feed-water stop valve.
Call the Chief Engineer.
Code: VHNO Which of the given options best completes the following statement? You should never attempt to light a boiler until:
The furnace purge sequence is completed.
The air register is fully open.
The gauge glass shows the water at normal working level.
Code: CDBN According to their physical state, extinguishing agents may be classified in to:
Solid, liquid and gases.
Proteinic and synthetic.
Synthetic, proteinic, gases and liquid.
Code: UKQF How do the extinguishing agents act?
By cooling, smothering, unfeeding (combustible suppression), inhibition.
By ignifugation.
By inhibition.
Code: NIDT When a fire breaks out in the accommodation, cargo holds or on deck, who is in charge of the fire fighting operations?
The person who is designated in the muster list.
The first officer arriving at the scene.
The first person arriving at the scene.
Code: LDGV In the fire fighting of fires of a C kind with dry chemical powder extinguishers, the application is performed:
In a continuous way so that the powder spray is in the same direction as the one of the flame.
The chemical powder doesn’t extinguish C fires.
Across the flame, sweeping it.

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