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Crew Evaluation Test online for seamans about Hull and Machinery Insurance

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“Seagull CES test online for seafarers about Hull and Machinery Insurance” (Crew Evaluation Test) will help marine specialists in preparation to exams for getting certificate of confidence.

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As explained in this module, for which of the following reasons should the Hull and Machinery Insurer be involved in all stages of an insurable incident? Select all applicable answers:
Because damage may not be immediately known.
Because repairs may be deferred.
Because it is a legal requirement.
Because the Insurer may refuse to pay out, unless they are fully involved.
Because all associated costs must be settled within twelve months.
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From the list below, select the type of claims covered by Hull and Machinery insurance. Select All applicable answers:
Liability in connection with fixed or floating objects.
Loss or damage to the vessel.
Loss caused by ordinary wear and tear.
Loss of income.
Liabilities to third parties.
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In all cases of loss or damage, covered by a vessel’s Hull and Machinery policy, what is considered necessary to be able to compile a repair specification and cost estimate? Select the most applicable answer:
A survey sufficient to gain all necessary information.
Full dry-docking.
A meeting of representatives of all insurers.
The appointment of a Claims Leader or Independent Adjuster.
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In documenting repair and yard costs for the purposes of an insurance claim, which of the following are items to be included? Select all applicable answers:
Fees and charges paid to Surveyors.
Agent’s general account.
Port, pilot and tug costs.
Vouchers for any special payments to crew.
Bunker and other consumables during the period off hire and under repair.
Loss off hire costs.
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What are the three general “stages” of an incident from an insurance point of view, and as described in this module?
The incident.
The loss of damage.
The repairs.
The payment.
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What is an “adjustment” in the context of marine insurance and as outlined in this module?
A detailed summary document, prepared by an adjuster, listing all items related to a claim.
The sum, allocated by the Claims Leader or Independent Adjuster to be proportionately shared by participating insurers.
The difference between the sum claimed by an owner and that agreed by the Claims Leader, minus any deductibles.
The increase in premium paid by an Owner, following a major claim.
A tax refund, based on loss of earnings due to an incident.
Next question
What is the essential difference in the way, that insurance claims are handled and processed between the Scandinavian system and the British/American system?
The Scandinavian system uses a Claims Leader to organize and supervise all claims, related to an incident, while the British/American system uses an Independent Adjuster.
The Scandinavian system makes interim payments as a claim is being processed, while the British/American system pays a single lump sum on final settlement.
The Claims Leader in the Scandinavian system is paid out of the claim settlement, while the Independent Adjuster in the British/American system is jointly paid for by the various insurers.
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What kind of special deductible is sometimes agreed to?
One applying to machinery claims.
One applying to personal injury claims.
One accounting for currency variations.
One covering war risk claims.
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Where will primary procedures and reporting forms, relating to a ship’s involvement in an “incident” be found?
In the company Safety Management System.
On the Classification Society website.
They can be requested from the Agent at the next port of call.
From the embassy at the next port of call.
In the manufacturer’s manuals.
Next question
Which of the following are obligations on the insured party under the Hull and Machinery policy? Select all applicable answers:
To minimize any loss or damage.
To report, without delay, any damage or deficiencies, which may lead to a possible claim under the policy.
To ensure, that any claims are submitted within 6 months of an incident.
Not to become directly involved in any incident resulting in loss or damage, but to document its extent fully for the purposes of submitting a claim.
To maximize sums posted in any claims for loss or damage.
Next question
Which of the following is another term for the Hull and Machinery insurer?
The Underwriter.
The Undertaker.
The Claims Leader.
The Adjuster.
The Under-Assessor.
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Which of the following might legitimately be granted access to a vessel in her first port of call, following involvement in an incident, that results in an insurance claim? Select all applicable answers:
Surveyor representing Hull and Machinery insurers.
Surveyor representing other party’s insurers.
Surveyor representing P&I Association.
Surveyor representing Classification Society.
Lawyer representing Hull and Machinery insurers/owners.
Flag and Port State representatives.
Next question
Who commonly collects the settlement from the various insurers?
The Insurance Broker.
The Claims Leader.
The Independent Adjuster.
The Owner (directly).
The Admiralty Court.
Next question
Your vessel has been involved in a collision. Damage is limited and she is able to proceed to the next port. Once alongside, a surveyor comes up, the gangway and introduces himself as representing the owners of the other ship, involved in the collision. How should this person be treated?
With courtesy, but he should be given only limited information.
He should not be allowed on board under any circumstances.
He should be allowed on board, but told nothing and not allowed to take any photographs.
The Agent should be asked to summon the police and have him removed.
With courtesy, and he should be given any information he requests.
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