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Questions and answers to Crew Evaluation System Test about Liquid Cargo Properties

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This page contains answers to Seagull CES test about Liquid Cargo Properties, and serve as a database of questions and answers, using which seafarer can prepare to exams for getting certificate of competence, or just to challenge yourself with knowledge in this theme.

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A liquid at different temperatures is made to flow through identical orifice passages. The one with the easiest flow will have liquid at:
The lowest temperature.
The highest temperature.
The average temperature.
During a cargo voyage, the inert gas pressure in the tank will decrease as a result of:
Increasing viscosity level during the voyage.
Leaks, which always are present due to the pipeline system, gauges etc.
Inert gas being absorbed by the liquid (diffusion).
Hydrocarbons belongs to a chemical group named:
Organic Substances.
Light products are more volatile than heavier products. This means, that light products:
Have higher viscosity.
Have higher flash point.
Have lower viscosity.
On a fully refrigerated ship, gas would be transported:
In insulated pressure tanks to keep the gas cold.
In high viscosity tank domes.
Close to its atmospheric boiling point.
The O2 meter shows an oxygen level of 18,3 % in a tank, that you are to inspect. This means, that:
You cannot enter the tank, because the body requires air with the content of 21 % oxygen for normal breathing.
You can enter the tank safely, because the body only requires air with the content of 17,8 % oxygen.
You cannot enter the tank, because the body requires air with the content of 22,8 % oxygen for normal breathing.
The flammable range in air of ethylene is 3 % – 32 %. This means, that:
Ethylene vapour is flammable when there is 3 % – 32 % oxygen present in the mixture.
Ethylene vapour is proportion 3 % – 32 % to air, is flammable.
Ethylene vapour is flammable when there is 3 % – 32 % air present in the mixture.
The gases present in crude oil are termed:
Natural Gas Liquids (NGL).
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).
Inert Gas.
The molecular structure below is named:

Molecular structure

Threshold Limit Value is:
A measure of the weight of a substance (kg/dm3).
A measure of the toxicity level in the atmosphere.
The maximal partial pressure (%).
What information should always be to find on the datasheet of a substance?
The price and quality of the product.
Information regarding safe handling of the product.
Production date and level of flammability.

Liquid Cargo Properties – test

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