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Crew Evaluation Test online for seamans about Medical Care

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Welcome to the page, where you can pass the CBT test (Computer Based Test), what also known as CES (Crew Evaluation Test) online about “Medical Care”. This information will help you, as marine specialist to improve your knowledge, using our site as remote e-learning (training assessment).

Based on empirical data and seafarers experience, combined materials of CES/CBT tests can be used in practice.

Developed to evaluate basic seamans knowledge, CES & CBT tests of company Seagull (after rebranding OTG), represents online tool to rate your needs in professional preparation, what stated in International STCW Convention.

In process of recruting, and also to evaluate knowledge level of the crew, CES test showed himself as good tool. Ocean Technologies Group created questions to multiple topics, what include:

  • Crisis and Crowd Management;
  • Integrated navigation system (INS);
  • Ballast water management;
  • Cargo handling and stowage;
  • Ship operations and safety management;
  • Marine Engineering;
  • Maintenance and repair, and etc.

This page contains questions for Seagull CES test about Medical Care, collected from CBT simulator, and placed here for you, sou you can test your skills in this subject.

Test include theoretical and practical information, knowledge of which not only make the person a good worker, which understand how to perform a First Aid, diagnose a patient, and maybe save someone’s life, but also shows level of competence of the specialist.

Crew Evaluation System Test about Medical Care contains 30 questions and answers.

Choose mode in which you want take CES test:

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A person has the following symptoms: radiating pain to the neck, left arm and abdomen; nausea; breathlessness. What does these symptoms indicate?
Ischaemic heart disease.
Pulmonary embolus.
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A person who may have become a carrier of the disease should not be allowed to prepare or handle food or utensils until cleared for such duty by a doctor:
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Acute abdominal condition should be treated with:
Give fluid by month.
Give fluid intravenously.
Give food by mouth.
Relieve pain with painkiller, start with Paracetamol.
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Even a small piece of the afterbirth left inside the mother can be dangerous:
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Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums:
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If the throat is covered with a grey layer, that is a sign for:
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In acute situations, how often should you monitor the primary parameters and record them?
Every 5 minutes.
Every 15 minutes.
Every 30 minutes.
Every hour.
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In case of more severe pain, as in burns, fractures, acute abdominal pain etc; it might be necessary to employ more potent drugs such as morphine:
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In patients with suspected fracture, it is essential that you do not stabilise the limb/spine prior to transportation:
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In temperature climatic condition, how much fluid should you give a person suffering from dehydration?
1 litre.
2 litres.
3 litres.
As much as the person wants to drink.
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On what injury/injuries should ointment be used together with gauzed dressing?
On wounds only.
On wounds and burns.
On strains and burns.
On burns only.
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Stewards or one of the persons in the galley department should be selected as the nurse on board:
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The medical record should be available to the patient on his request:
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The patient room temperature should be:
18-21 °C.
21-24 °C.
20 °C.
23 °C.
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The weight of the patient is not necessary to inform the doctor about, only the age and sex of the patient:
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What causes myocardial infarction?
Spasm (cramp) in the coronary vessels and heart wall.
Embolus traveling from the veins in the legs.
High glucose level in the blood.
Rupture of plaques in the coronary vessels.
Next question
What is ICE an abbreviation for:
Immobilize – Conscious – Elevation.
Ice – Compression – Examination.
Immobilize – Compression – Examination.
Ice – Compression – Elevation.
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What is the most common sexually transmitted disease in the western world?
Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea.
Hepatitis A, B and D.
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What is the most important measure taken by nurses to prevent spread of disease between patients?
Mouth mask.
Use of special clothing.
Patients in single rooms.
Hand hygiene.
Next question
What kind of wound is shown on the picture?


Puncture wound.
Next question
What language should the medical record be written in?
The language spoken on board.
Both English and the language spoken on board.
The language required by the Company.
Next question
What should you give a person suffering from malnutrition the first two days?
Water only.
Sugar and water or milk or soup.
Small amount of normal food.
As much food as the person wants.
Next question
What sort of infection is Malaria?
Tropical bacterial infection.
Tropical viral infection.
Tropical parasite infection.
Tropical fungal infection.
Next question
What vaccine should not be trusted completely?
Yellow fever.
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When moving and transporting a patient, primary attention should be paid to the basal functions – ABC. What does ABC stand for?
Airway – Bleeding – Consciousness.
Airway – Breathing – Circulation.
Airway – Bleeding – Circulation.
Airway – Breathing – Consciousness.
Next question
Which of the following diseases may be treated with penicillin? Mark the answers you think are correct:
Hepatitis A.
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Which of the following procedures are correct to follow after a death on board a ship?
Use a camera to take photographs, which might illustrate how the death occurred.
Do not strip the body for a clothing.
Make a brief description of each article and note any initials or names on the garments.
If there is to be a post-mortem examination, the body should be put in a body bag and kept in a refrigerator or cold store.
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Which of the following statement are correct?
Pull on the baby’s shoulders.
Do not pull on the baby’s head.
Lift the baby away from the birth canal.
Do not pull on or cut the umbilical cord.
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Which statement is correct?
Burns should be treated with care to sterility, but these are seldom infected because the plasma that drains from them contains anti-bacterial matters.
Internal bleedings are difficult to localise, but they are seldom life threatening, because the hollow cavities in the body are too small to contain a serious bleeding.
It is correct to apply some pressure on a strain wound in addition to elevating the injury.
After sewing, the stitches should be left for at least 14 days to be sure there is a strong healing.
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You should try to delay the birth, if the ship can reach the shore within some hours:
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