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Questions and answers to Seagull CES CBT test for seamans about Learning MS Outlook 2003

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CES & CBT tests developed for evaluating seaman basic knowledge by Seagull Company (rebranded as «OTG»), is an evaluating online-tool, used for revealing any professional preparation needed in specific fields of knowledge, defined by STCW.

CES tests have proven themselves as good tools for the selection and recruitment process, as well as advancing the level of knowledge of the current officers and crew. Ocean Technologies Group use various subjects for question creation, which includes:

  • Crowd and Crisis Management;
  • Integrated Navigation System (INS);
  • Ballast water management;
  • Handling and Stowage;
  • Vessel operation management and safety;
  • Marine engineering;
  • Maintenance and repair, etc.

Current test contains Seagull CES questions on the subject «MS Outlook email». Those questions can be used for competence verification specialist capable work with email MS Outlook.

«MS Outlook» the subject includes theoretical and practical information about the ability to work with e-mail. Knowledge of this information directly shows employee’s competence who holds a relevant post on a vessel, provides to work with electrical equipment following the safety precautions, know symbols and terms, as well as conditions then working with equipment that may be considered as dangerous to increase the safety of the ship crew.

This page contains answers to Seagull CES CBT (Crew Evaluation System/Computer Based Test) test about MS Outlook email, and serve as a database of questions and answers, using which seafarer can prepare to exams for getting certificate of competence, or just to challenge yourself with knowledge in this theme.

CBT CD 0177 – Outlook.pdf


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Amount of questions: 14.

Right answers marked with this sign .

Find People, Call, Sort by are options available to you while using:
Log Files.
New Identity.
Encoding Features.
Address Book.
If you are composing a message offline, where will your message be saved?
Sent Items.
State True or False: columns in Outlook Express can be re-arranged.
To sort the E-mails according to the names of the sender, which column should be clicked?
Two people cannot use Outlook Express and the Address Book on the same computer:
You can customize the size and orientation of your printed Address Book pages:
What is the command to search a text from the messages in the Inbox?
Click Edit > Find > Message in this folder.
Click Edit > Find > Message.
Click Edit > Find > Text in this message.
Click Edit > Find > Find Next.
What is the file extension of the Outlook Express email folders?
Which are the two types of e-mail services available?
Which of the following commands will allow you to select a colour theme with background, bullets and fonts?
Insert > File Attachment.
Format > Apply Stationery.
View > Layout.
Format > Select plain text.
Which of the following is not a basic component of Outlook Express layout?
Folder List.
Status Bar.
Flag Column.
Which of the following methods can help you send secure emails?
Encrypting the email messages using digital IDs.
Flagging an email message.
Blocking the email messages from a sender domain.
Which of the following options in the Properties dialogue box of the Address Book allow you to view a map and locate the address?
With Outlook Express, you can prove your identity in electronic transactions by:
Posting messages to newsgroups.
Using digital IDs.
Using a vCard format.
Changing language encoding.

Test about MS Outlook 2003

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