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Crew Evaluation Test online for seamans about Managing Risks and Risk Assessment

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“Seagull CES marine test online about Risk Assessment and Management” (Crew Evaluation Test) will help marine specialists in preparation to exams for getting certificate of confidence.

This test contains 10 questions. Mode “Practice” and “Exam” have one difference – in “Exam” mode you can’t ask the computer to show you the right answer.

Choose mode in which you want take CES test:

Practice - CES test about IMSBC Code
Exam - CES test about IMSBC Code
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Check the boxes on the factors that can be categorized as human errors?
Ignorance to the hazards of a job.
Lack of understanding or skill in how to work safely around hazards.
Task vs safety focus.
Weather conditions.
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Check which of the following actions that can be used to reduce the risk in a job:
Figure out a different way to do the job.
Change the physical conditions.
Modify the job procedure.
Change the frequency of performing the job.
Wear personal protective equipment.
Identify better tools to do the job.
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How many percent of all accidents can be related to human error?
80 %.
90 %.
70 %.
50 %.
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If a risk is not acceptable you can:
Continue with your work but be very careful.
Reduce the likelihood and/or consequence.
Get more people to help with the job.
Leave the job to someone else.
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Risk estimation is:
Calculating how many times an accident has occurred.
A system to see the consequences.
Rating likelihood and consequences.
Identifying accidents.
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What do you do with a “Risk Profile Matrix”?
Reduce the risks of an accident.
Reduce the consequences of an accident.
Check how many times you can do a dangerous job without accidents.
Check if a risk is acceptable.
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What is a definition of “likelihood”?
How often a risk can lead to an accident.
How often an accident can lead to risk.
How much I like a risk.
How often I will do a specific work.
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What is a definition of “consequence”?
How many times an accident occur.
How likely the consequences are.
The outcome of an accident.
The reduction of likelihood.
Next question
What is the first step in a risk assessment?
Likelihood estimation.
Risk identification.
Consequence estimation.
Risk evaluation.
Next question
What should you do before performing any job on-board?
Ask your superior.
Follow procedures and apply informal risk management.
You do not have to follow procedures if you have done a thorough risk analysis.
Check how many persons you can get to help you.
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* In some questions may be more, than one right answer.
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