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Questions and answers to Crew Evaluation System Test about Ship Security Officer Training System

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This page contains answers to Seagull CES test about SSO Training System, and serve as a database of questions and answers, using which seafarer can prepare to exams for getting certificate of competence, or just to challenge yourself with knowledge in this theme.

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A Ship Security Assessment is integral to the creation of your ship’s security plan:
A contractor is hired to install new navigation equipment on board your ship while it’s berthed. For a period of time he’s left unsupervised and photographs schematics of the ship that he finds rolled up and stored in the corner of a nearby office. Later, from home, he hacks into the network and prints off information about the ship’s security procedures. Which of these information security measures would have prevented his unauthorized access?
Protective markings, reference checks, and passwords.
Firewall, protective markings, vetting and a secure network.
Secure area, passwords, a firewall and a secure network.
Secure area, passwords, a firewall and protective markings.
All training programs have a beginning, a middle and an end:
Assign men to search men and women to search women unless a device such as a metal detector is used:
Brainstorming potential motives for security incidents against your ship helps you to create possible threat scenarios:
Departure and arrival time:
Of value.
Not of value.
That’s right! Timings such as your ship’s scheduled arrival and departure can be used by the terrorists to determine when to execute their attack.
During a profiling interview, the service man you are questioning starts to act suspiciously. He is:
Friendly and cooperative.
Professional, courteous and forthcoming.
Talkative and good-humoured.
Nervous, sweaty and trying to avoid eye contact.
Eavesdropping and phone taps are examples of which threat to information security?
For a search to be effective it must be:
Organized haphazardly.
Conducted by personnel with limited knowledge of the ship’s layout.
Centrally controlled.
Inclusive of all personnel.
Given a mock-up of an explosive device, identify the components of the device with 100 % accuracy:
HR policies:
Of value.
Not of value.
That’s right! These policies contain information that is of little use to the terrorists in planning and executing their attack.
How many different learning styles are there?
Identify suspicious behaviours with 100 % accuracy:
If drugs are discovered on board your ship:
Notify the authorities after you arrive at the next port of call.
Write a report a few days after the event and describe everything that occurred.
Disembark crew and passengers as quickly as possible at the next port of call so the authorities can conduct their investigation.
Ensure the witness to the discovery signs your incident report.
If drugs or suspected drugs are found on board your ship, follow the five C’s: Confirm, Clear, Cordon, Control and:
Implement additional computer security methods:
In a role-play scenario, perform a physical search on a crewmember and locate a hidden weapon within one minute:
In response, you:
Offer to make something to eat.
Signal to the crew that now is the time to launch an attack to regain control of the ship.
Consider joining the terrorists since is doesn’t seem like help is going to come.
In which of these circumstances can your ship request a DoS?
Your ship is operating at a lower security level than the ship or port it is interfacing with.
There is a heightened security risk for your ship and a port facility.
Your ship is conducting activities with a port or ship that is not required to implement an approved security plan.
Your ship has added a new port to its list of ports of call.
Information about your ship’s security arrangements and procedures is stored electronically. Which of these measures will help safeguard it from potential threats?
Protective markings.
Encoded email messages.
Work history verification.
One of the categories of information that must be included in your SSP is:
Security arrangements.
Ship security survey.
Threat scenarios.
Weaknesses in security measures.
Only search vehicle compartments where you suspect object may be hidden:
Part way through a profiling interview with a supplier, the package the individual is carrying arouses your suspicion. What do you do?
Confront the individual and demand that he opens the package.
Call for help on the radio.
Discreetly inform someone of your suspicions so he or she can get assistance.
Take the package and open it.
Planned maintenance schedule:
Of value.
Not of value.
This ship is operating at Security Level:
This situation calls for security measures corresponding to Security Level:
What level of security does the Ship Security Officer implement?
Which of these measures should the SSO implement to tighten control over access to the ship?
Segregate embarking crew and visitors from disembarking crew and visitors.
Reduce the number of access points to the ship and adequately secure those to be closed.
Limit access to the ship to personnel responding to the security threat.
Which of these security measures are appropriate when loading the stores onto the ship:
Intensify the physical inspection of the stores to identify damaged or adulterated goods.
Check that the stores match the order before being loaded on board.
Refuse to accept the stores on board, because some items were damaged in transit.
Records relating to breaches of security and changes in security level must be secured against unauthorized access and available for review by contracting governments:
Searches are often triggered by:
An increase in security level by the Flag State.
Lost baggage.
The receipt of a shipment of damaged stores.
News stories of stowaways.
Select all of the actions you think crewmembers should take if they locate a suspicious object that may be a bomb:
Confirm with their search partner that the object found is suspicious.
Clear the area.
Check for other similar objects in the area.
Contact their immediate supervisor or the Duty Watch Officer.
Cordon the area.
Select all of the measures you would implement:
Only permit authorized persons on board.
Check all bags and packages brought on board.
List expected visitors by name.
Provide gangway watchmen with radios to summon support.
Select all of the measures you would implement:
Maintain restricted areas.
Search all packages, spares and stores received.
Maintain fore and aft deck watch, especially at night.
Raise the gangway when it’s not in use.
Select all of the tasks that you think are performed as part of an SSA:
Identify motives that may exist to harm your ship, person, cargo or operations.
Develop a ship security survey checklist.
Identify possible threat scenarios.
Identify and evaluate improvement needs to ship security.
Select all of the tasks that you think are performed as part of an SSA:
Assess the likelihood and potential consequences of security incidents.
Get an overview of the security measures in place.
Identify critical operations, activities and persons that are important to protect.
Survey your ship to identify security measures in place and weaknesses of existing measures.
Select from the options given the one piece of information which is considered the most sensitive from a ship’s security aspect:
HR policies.
Training records.
Planned maintenance schedule.
Voyage itinerary with details of departure and arrival times.
Ship Security Plans all look the same:
Ship schematic:
Of value.
Not of value.
So what is the purpose of the SSP anyway? Listed below are four possible purpose statements. Click on the right choice:
Specify the measures for your ship to move from security level 1 to 2 and from 2 to 3.
Outline the organizational structure of security for the ship.
Detail the duties of shipboard personnel assigned security responsibilities.
Protect your ship from risks posed by security threats or incidents.
Successful training programs build on learners past experience, are delivered with enthusiasm, present relevant information in a logical sequence and invite participation through varied activities:
The Declaration of Security:
Details a ship’s security measures.
Addresses the security requirements shared between ships or between a port facility and a ship.
Identifies the security responsibilities of shipboard personnel.
States the reporting procedures to government contact points.
The DoS addresses the responsibility for the security of the water around the ship and the verification of increased threat levels:
The International Maritime Bureau Piracy Reporting Centre attributes the increased numbers of hijackings to:
The greater involvement in piracy of well-organized and armed crime networks.
Higher crime rates around the world.
More crew involvement.
Easy access to military weapons.
The best way to ensure you get the equipment you need is to:
Buy the most expensive equipment on the market.
Determine your needs and do some research.
Buy what everyone else is buying.
Buy the newest models.
The best way to identify an IED is to:
Measure the size of the object.
Shake the object.
Weight the object.
Recognize its components.
The best way to prevent stowaways from boarding your ship is to:
Conduct routine, but irregular searches of the ship.
Conduct a Nominated Officers search.
Search the ship when you arrive at port and again just after leaving.
Seal spaces that are not in use while in port, and perform a search of the ship before leaving.
The first step in completing an SSA is to:
Create a list of potential motives for security incidents against your ship.
Identify the key shipboard operations, systems, areas and personnel that are critical to protect.
List the existing security measures.
Develop an on board security survey checklist.
The middle portion of a training program takes the most time to plan. Which of these items will assist you in planning and delivering this portion of the program?
An equipment list.
A description of the content to be covered.
Session plans.
A list of the page references to regulations and other documents that will be referred to in the program.
The most effective way to combat the threat of drug smuggling is to:
Organize crew into pairs and conduct weekly searches of the ship.
Combining routine, but irregular searches of the ship with spontaneous targeted searches.
Perform routine, but irregular searches using teams of two or more personnel from the same department.
Perform spontaneous targeted searches using teams of two or more personnel from the same department.
The person who takes a bomb threat call has an opportunity to extract information about the bomb from the caller:
The process of learning involves doing, reflecting, linking and:
The purpose of profiling is to:
Make judgements about people based on their appearance.
Get beneath the outer shell of an individual to obtain a more complete picture.
Categorize people based on their nationality and ethnicity.
Identify different personality types.
This device can detect a package of drugs inside a large delivery of ship’s stores. What is it?
Pallet scanner.
Vapour detector.
Security container.
Access control system.
This is an example of a good learning objective: given a mock-up of an explosive device, identify the components of the device with 100 % accuracy.
Training records:
Of value.
Not of value.
Understand the steps to completing a Ship Security Assessment:
Using the information gathered in the Ship Security Assessment, create a Ship Security Plan:
Using X-Ray equipment, perform a baggage search to locate a small hunting knife. Which instructional technique is appropriate for this objective?
Voyage itinerary:
Of value.
Not of value.
Way points:
Of value.
Not of value.
What are the three tasks of a profiler?
Check documentation, conduct physical searches, ask questions.
Check documentation, ask questions, observe body language and behaviour.
Conduct physical searches, observe body language and behaviour, act intimidating.
Check documentation, conduct searches, act intimidating.
What do crew, visitors and contractors all have in common?
They’re all employees of the ship.
They’re all on board the ship for the duration of its voyage.
They’re all have opportunity to smuggle drugs.
They’re all trained in ship emergency procedures.
What is an IED?
A type of gun.
A homemade bomb.
An explosive.
An incendiary device.
What is the purpose of the Ship Security Plan?
Outline specific measures for your ship to move from security level 1 to 2 and from 2 to 3.
Outline the organizational structure for the ship.
Protect your ship from risks posed by security threats or incidents.
Detail the duties of shipboard personnel assigned security responsibilities.
What measures should be taken when handling mail?
Wear rubber gloves and protective clothing when opening suspicious looking mail.
X-Ray or scan parcels before opening them.
Open any mail that looks suspicious.
Tear open letters with your hands.
What type of bomb search should you conduct to avoid panic when the credibility of the threat is in doubt and you don’t want to disrupt ship business?
External search team.
Nominated officers search.
Crew search.
Known hiding spot search.
When handling drugs:
Wear skin protection and a facemask.
Briefly inhale powders, fumes or vapours to verify the substance is a drug.
Shut-off the ventilation in the room where the drugs are being stored to ensure any vapours or fumes do not spread to other parts of the ship.
Test out the potency of the drug.
Which information should be included in your search plan?
Areas to be searched.
Personnel to be involved in the search.
Known hiding spots to be searched.
Areas to the searched and personnel to be involved in the search.
Which of these actions should crew take if a suspicious object that may be a bomb is located during a search?
Throw the object overboard.
Cover the suspicious object with a box or blanket.
Confirm with their search partner that the object found is suspicious.
Place the object in a desk drawer or file cabinet.
Which of these actions should you take if your ship is successfully boarded by armed pirates?
Fight back.
Scream in fear and refuse to cooperate.
Keep quiet and ignore any questions you’re asked.
Assure your captors, that you’re not planning an attack to overthrow them.
Which of these are indications that a parcel is suspicious?
The parcel smells like chocolate.
The parcel is addressed to no one in particular, arrives unexpectedly and seems heavy for its size.
The parcel came from Joe in the safety department and arrived quicker than expected.
The parcel is wrapped in clean, brown paper and is addressed to a crewmember from his wife.
Which of these are indicators that an individual may be a drug smuggler?
The individual spends his or her free time hanging out with others.
The individual wears bulky or out of season clothing.
The individual makes small local purchases.
The individual is disinterested in the ship’s cargo.
Which of these measures would you implement to prevent drugs from being smuggled on board your ship while it’s berthed?
Maintain restricted areas.
Check a portion of the bags and packages brought on board.
Search some of the packages, spares and stores received.
Eliminate fore and aft deck watch at night.
Which of these precautionary measures can reduce the threat of piracy, if implemented?
Stay at least 15 nm away from the shore.
Stay at full speed.
Plan to arrive at port at night.
Turn-off all of the ship’s lights at night.
Which of these procedures should crew follow when conducting a search:
Stand quietly in various spots around the space, listening for unusual sounds like the tick-tock of a clock mechanism.
Search the perimeter of the space up to a height of 5 feet.
Wait in the area they’ve finished searching until they’re contacted for a status update.
Conduct random or spot checks of logical threat areas.
Which of these statements about drug smugglers modes of operating is true?
Individual entrepreneurs usually smuggle large quantities of drugs.
Drugs smuggled by an organized conspiracy are usually concealed in a primary ship system such as the engine room or in a tank, void or compartment.
Drugs hidden by individual entrepreneurs are usually difficult to detect.
An organized conspiracy usually smuggles a small amount of drugs.
Which of these statements about drug smuggling is true?
Drugs are difficult to conceal on board a ship.
Drug smuggling is only a problem in certain ports, so only ships sailing in those ports need to implement preventative measures.
The preventative measures you incorporate into your ship’s security plan should be exhaustive, regardless of the level of threat identified by your ship’s security assessment.
The risks to ships are not restricted to specific areas or trading routes.
Which of these statements about profiling is correct?
Verify that answers to questions match up with what’s already known about the person being questioned.
Use only open-ended questions.
Check the ID of all visitors and some crew prior to boarding.
Pay less attention to body language and behaviour and more attention to answers to questions.
Which of these tasks is performed as part of the SSA?
Assign security duties to ship personnel.
Implement measures to address weaknesses in ship security.
Train shipboard personnel in their security duties.
Assess the likelihood and potential consequences of security incidents.
Which of these weapons are widely available and commonly used by criminals and terrorists to further their aims?
Incendiary device.
Liquid explosive.
Vehicle borne device.
Which of this information must be included in a piracy attack alert?
The number of pirates/hijackers.
The type of weapons being carried by the pirates/hijackers.
Your ship’s name and call sign.
The number of crew on board.
Which statement about IED’s is true?
All IED’s have four common components.
All IED’s look alike.
IED’s are difficult to manufacture.
IED’s don’t cause serious damage.
Which statement about the use of profiling on board a ship is true?
Only visitors can be profiled.
Detection equipment can be used in place of profiling.
Profilers need at least half an hour to gather the information they need.
A random selection process must be established.
Which type of equipment can be used to detect explosives?
Water cannon.
Particulate detector.
Metal detector.
Which type of profiling is used to obtain information about rival companies and their employees?
Who is responsible for completing the DoS on behalf of the ship?
Company Security Officer.
Chief Officer.
Chief Engineer.
Ship Security Officer.
Who is responsible for ensuring that your ship’s security plan meets the requirements of the ISPS Code?
Flag State Administration.
Ship Security Officer.
Recognized Security Organization.
Company Security Officer.
Who is responsible for ensuring your ship completes a security assessment?
Flag State Administration.
Ship Security Officer.
Recognized Security Organization.
Company Security Officer.
You can reduce the need for security guards in certain areas by installing:
Vapour detectors.
Metal detectors.
Water cannons.
Anti-intruder devices.
You respond by:
Yelling obscenities and accusing them of taking advantage of you to further their ridiculous aims.
Glaring at them.
Offering them a cigarette.
You respond by:
Running for shelter.
Shouting back not to shoot at the terrorists because they haven’t harmed you.
Laying down on the deck and covering your eyes.
You respond by:
Fighting back.
Acting as normal as possible.
Taunting them with the knowledge that help is on its way.
Your ship is berthed at a port that is frequently used for drug smuggling. Which of these measures is it appropriate to implement?
Check the identity of everyone boarding the ship.
Secure unattended spaces that visitors have access to.
Limit the number of access points to the ship.
Suspend cargo-handling operations.
Your ship security plan must include procedures for responding to security threats, auditing security activities and interfacing with the port facility:
You’ve just completed a training drill. Which of these guidelines should you follow when giving feedback?
Ask to give feedback or wait to be asked.
Listen to your hunches and give appropriate feedback.
Take a one-hour break for lunch and give feedback after you resume.
Give lots of information and examples.

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