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Crew Evaluation System test online for Engine Department about Electronics

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Welcome to the website where you can pass online the CES test on the subject «Electrical Electronic & Control». Practice like this will help you as a marine specialist improve your knowledge with the help of online studying and appraisal practice. CES based on practical information and marine specialists experience.

CES tests developed for evaluating seaman basic knowledge by Seagull Company (rebranded as «OTG»), is an evaluating online-tool, used for revealing any professional preparation needed in specific fields of knowledge, defined by STCW.

  • Version: 6.0.10.
  • Test type: STCW.
  • Department: Engine.
  • Level: Management.
  • Module: Electrical Electronic & Control.

CES tests have proven themselves as good tools for the selection and recruitment process, as well as advancing the level of knowledge of the current officers and crew. Ocean Technologies Group use various subjects for question creation, which includes:

  • Crowd and Crisis Management;
  • Integrated Navigation System (INS);
  • Ballast water management;
  • Handling and Stowage;
  • Vessel operation management and safety;
  • Marine engineering;
  • Maintenance and repair, etc.

Current test contains Seagull CES questions on the subject «Electrical Electronic & Control». Those questions can be used for competence verification specialist capable of preventing accidental situations related with transporting safety, or also for self-examination.

«Electronics» subject includes theoretical and practical information about advanced training for work on any type of vessel. Knowledge of this information directly shows employee’s competence who holds a relevant post on a vessel. A worker in the machine department, responsible for equipment support, needs to have a strong technical understanding of the operation and components of the equipment. They should be familiar with the fundamental principles of each device’s operation and its functions, as well as be capable of diagnosing issues and resolving malfunctions. It is essential for the employee to stay updated on the latest updates and advancements in equipment technology in order to efficiently perform tasks related to servicing and repair. Furthermore, having basic communication and collaboration skills is crucial to effectively interact with other team members and clients when providing assistance and consultations if needed.

On this site Crew Evaluation System Test on the subject «Electrical Electronic & Control» contains 40 questions you need to answer with no possibility to go back to previous question. Therefore, we recommend carefully reading each question and making decision with no hurry. In case you have some difficulty answering, you have also possibility to request a hint.

Special thanks to JSEC and Mr Animesh from our Telegram channel, without you this test would not exist.

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Code: RTXB A 5 V DC source has an internal impedance of 0,2 ohms. When a load of 2,3 ohms is applied what voltage will be measured at the source terminals?
4,6 V.
5,2 V.
4,8 V.
5,0 V.
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Code: ACJL A triac is used to provide temperature control of an oven. The galley complain that the oven only reaches approximately 50 % of demanded temperature. Which of the following is a likely cause?
The voltage supply to the oven controller is reduced by about 50 %.
Connection between the demand knob and the triac gate terminal has gone open circuit.
One of the main switching elements in the triac has failed.
The triac has completely failed.
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Which of the following measures is to be taken when working with batteries?
Install alkaline and lead-acid batteries in the same compartment.
Recharge batteries immediately after discharge.
Add new acid electrolyte to batteries that are in use.
Keep the batteries in discharged state.
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Which of the following is an application of a piezoelectric sensor?
I don’t know.
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What is the minimum starting requirement of an emergency generator?
3 separate starting devices each with stored energy capable for at least 3 consecutive starts.
1 set of starting device with stored energy capable for at least 3 consecutive starts.
2 separate starting devices each with stored energy capable for at least 3 consecutive starts.
2 separate starting devices each with stored energy capable for at least 4 consecutive starts.
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Code: RPHF When considering instrumentation systems, what is the meaning of the expression “dead-band”?
The controller will not react to a process change in this range.
The controller will is not respond to adjustment of set-point.
The controller will enter “sleep mode”.
It will take some time before the controller will react to a change.
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Which of the following is the minimum acceptable value of insulation resistance for High Voltage equipment?
100 M Ohms.
1 G Ohms.
1 M Ohms.
100 k Ohms.
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In tanker operations, there will be some areas and zones where flammable or explosive vapour, gas or dust may be expected. Such areas are classified as hazardous. What is meant by hazardous area Zone 1?
Flammable mixture would not normally be present or it would be present for a short period only.
Flammable mixture is not continuously present, but will be present during normal operations.
Flammable mixture is not present at all times.
Flammable mixture is continuously present or present for long periods.
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Code: BOKI Which of the following methods may a diode be tested by?
Use a Digital Multi-Meter set to check forward voltage and reverse current blocking.
Use an insulation resistance tester (Megger).
Use a Digital Multi-Meter set to measure ohms in forward and reverse directions.
Connect to low ohms resistance tester.
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Code: PDRS When performing electrical testing of a three phase motor, insulation resistance measurements may be influenced by which of the following?
Humidity, frequency and dampness.
Temperature, pressure and dampness.
Humidity, pressure and surface contamination.
Temperature, humidity and surface contamination.
Next question
Flow irregularities in pipes are not caused by:
Throttling valve.
Elbow pipe.
Restrictive valve.
Straight pipe.
Next question
Which of the following is not a mode of a closed loop control?
Next question
A Multimeter is not suitable to measure:
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Code: OKWA Continuity testing of a delta connected three phase induction motor yields the following results; U1-V1 = 4 ohms, V1-W1 = 4 ohms, W1-U1 = 4 ohms. What is the value of continuity resistance for each winding ie. U1-U2?
2 ohms.
4 ohms.
6 ohms.
12 ohms.
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Code: KKHF Which of the following functions does the diode shown here perform?

Electronic scheme

Allow Op Amp to top up +15 V rail.
Return inductive current to supply at switch off.
Reference the transistor to +15 V.
Provide an overload route for transistor current.
Next question
Which of the following is an application of an capacitive sensor?
Proximity sensor.
Piezoelectric sensor.
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Code: FEYS Some ships generate electrical power at 440 Volts, but then step up this voltage to supply specific electrical equipment. One common example, may be to feed a large bow thruster. Why is this done?
A large bow thruster will draw very large currents at low voltage. Being typically remote from the generator, significant voltage drops would occur at low voltage.
The shipyard could not purchase High Voltage generating plant at the time of manufacture, so they used what was available at the time.
The overall ship’s electrical load does not justify High Voltage generating plant. This method allows more power to be delivered to the bow thruster at low running cost.
Manufacturers can supply High Voltage bow thrusters at less cost, and the power factor is improved.
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Code: BFGX In an automatic temperature control system, operating with a PID controller which of the following settings or parameter adjustments may result in system oscillation?
Gain too low.
Temperature change.
Too short D-time.
Gain too high.
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What are the main elements for Process Control?
Sensor, Modulation, Controller, Process.
Sensor, Controller, Noise, Final Control Element.
Resistor, Capacitor, Battery, Load.
Process, Sensor, Final control element and Controller.
Next question
Following shows circuitry of a peak detector. What is the output voltage curve, Vo if Vi is a sinusoidal input curve?

Scheme - peak detector

Vo will peak when Vi is at the maximum, remain constant and fall to zero when Vi becomes negative.
Vo will spike when Vi is at the maximum/minimum point of the sinusoidal curve; zero everywhere else.
Vo will be the same sinusoidal curve but at a lesser amplitude.
Vo will peak at a level less than Vi maximum voltage and remain constant throughout.
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Code: THJL When selecting switchgear to work with High Voltage it is important to use an appropriate arc quenching medium. What is meant by arc quenching medium?
The gas, liquid or vapour which will minimise creation of an electric arc as contacts open.
Equipment which communicates information about the arcing.
The way in which the contacts separate as the switchgear operates.
A material which assists a welding process.
Next question
Code: PEBH A 250 V contactor has been fitted to a 220 V supply. Which of the following symptoms might be observed?
Contactor overheating.
Contactor wont operate.
Contactor chattering (vibrating).
Contactor constantly on.
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Code: SRBP The circuit shows a transformer with two windings, N (1) = 2 000 and N (2) = 1 000 turns, on a common magnetic circuit. Assume that there are no energy losses in the transformer itself. Calculate the output voltage V (2) when the input voltage is V (1) = 100 Volt.

Scheme - transformer

V (2) = 400 V.
V (2) = 200 V.
V (2) = 10 V.
V (2) = 50 V.
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This circuit consists of a current source I, a change-over switch S, a resistor R and a capacitor C. The current/time figures 1 to 4 show possible changes in the current I when the switch S is suddenly shifted from position 1 to 2 at time t = 0. Which diagram is correct?

Electronic diagrams

Figure A.
Figure B.
Figure C.
Figure D.
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Code: AOML Which cell voltage is required to trickle charge a lead acid battery?
1,2 V.
2,15 V.
2,5 V.
2,0 V.
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Code: VATG When the cable length exceeds approx. 10 meters we normally have to in case of a Pt 100, in some way compensate for the cable resistance. Do we also have to do this if we choose to use a T802 temperature sensor?

Scheme - T802 temperature sensor

Depends on temperature to be measured.
Not applicable.
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Code: TEOA High Voltage systems rely on the installed protective equipment being able to interrupt any fault in the system. Throughout the system, the fault level has been calculated, and under no circumstances must the system be modified to exceed this fault level. What is meant by fault level?
The amount of apparent power, that would be drawn from the generating plant, when a short circuit occurs at the bus bars.
The amount of apparent power that could flow into any fault at any.
The current level flowing into a symmetrical short circuit fault between all three phases.
The current level flowing into a dead short to earth at any point on the ship, directly from the High Voltage system.
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Code: BGNJ The continuity resistance of a 100 m long × 25 sq. mm cable (rated at 100 A) is to be checked. Which of the following results would you anticipate?
Between 0,1 Micro Ohm and 1,0 Micro Ohm.
Between 0,1 and 1,0 M Ohm.
Between 0,1 and 1,0 Ohm.
Greater than 1 M Ohms.
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Code: XQSO When starting three phase induction motors which of the following starting methods will immediately apply rated voltage to the machine?
Direct on Line.
Star Delta.
Auto – transformer.
Soft starter.
Next question
Code: HQPE Continuity testing of a delta connected three phase induction motor yields the following results; U-V = 3 Ohms, V-W = 3 Ohms, W-U = 6 Ohms. Which of the following is the likely condition?
Open circuit winding between W and U.
Short circuit winding between W and U.
Partial fault between W and U.
Short circuit between V and Earth.
Next question
Code: RGBR What is the advantage of a transmitter with a narrow measurement range?
Easy installation.
Better linearity and increased accuracy.
Do not need any calibration.
Lower purchase cost.
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Code: UGPX How can a lead-acid type battery be checked to confirm if it is fully charged or not?
Measure the level of the electrolyte.
Measure the battery voltage.
Measure the temperature of the electrolyte.
Measure the relative density (specific gravity) of the electrolyte.
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When polarity of the incoming power line is reversed, what happens to the DC motor?
Motor rotates in the reverse direction.
Motor explodes.
Motor still rotates in the same direction.
Motor stalls.
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Code: BXUA This circuit consists of a voltage source V, a change-over switch S, a resistor R and a capacitor C. The voltage/time figures 1 to 4 show changes in the voltage V(C) when the switch S is suddenly shifted from position 1 to 2 at time t = 0. Only one of the diagrams is correct. Which?

Electric scheme of circuit

Figure 1.
Figure 2.
Figure 3.
Figure 4.
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Code: NCNE This figure shows a transformer, with two windings, N(1) = 2 000 and N(2) = 1 000 turns, on a common magnetic circuit. Assume that there is no energy loss in the transformer itself. Calculate the current l(2) when the current l(1) = 2 A.

Scheme of transformer

l(2) = 2 A.
l(2) = 4 A.
l(2) = 1 A.
l(2) = 8 A.
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Code: EKVD What should be the healthy continuity resistance of a 220 V, 2,2 kW, 10 A heating element, when checked near to it’s rated operating temperature?
22 Ohms.
10 Ohms.
0,1 Ohms.
220 Ohms.
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Code: UDFB Which electronic component or system is this graphical symbol illustrating?

Scheme - bandpass filter

Transformer with ferromagnetic core.
Electric heater.
3-phase sine-wave generator.
Bandpass filter.
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Code: GNXL Can a ZENER BARRIER be installed in a hazardous area?
No, as only the output from the barrier is intrinsically safe this is not allowed.
Yes, that’s what the zener barrier is made for.
Only if properly marked for such installation.
Only in equipment operating on very low voltage.
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Code: DBRX When there is a need to interrupt current flow in a high voltage system it may be very difficult to quench the electrical arc which is generated at the circuit breaker contacts. Which of the following arcing media is commonly found in high voltage marine switchgear?
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Code: XIWJ The circuit shows a full-wave bridge rectifier. Which electronic component should be connected between “a” and “b” in order to obtain reduced ripple voltage to the load RL.

Scheme - full-wave bridge rectifier

Inductive reactor.
Zener diode.
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