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Hot Work – Definition and Pronunciation

[hɒt wɜrk]

What is Hot Work?

Hot work refers to any work involving activities that generate sparks, heat, or flames, such as welding, cutting, grinding, and brazing. These activities pose a fire hazard, especially in environments with flammable materials. Proper safety measures and permits are required to perform hot work to prevent accidents. Pronounced /hɒt wɜrk/, understanding and managing hot work is essential for maintaining workplace safety and compliance.

Examples of Hot Work

Unauthorized work and hot work is prohibited in way of the cargo space.

From Knowledge and understanding of tanker safety culture and safety management“Gas Tanker Safety Culture and Risk Mitigation Measures”.

Many cargo vapours are heavier than air and will accumulate in bilges and other low areas. An area or space that is considered gas-free for hot work or entry will therefore usually be frequently re-tested.

From Personal health and safety crew members on board a gas carrier“Personal safety on gas carrier ship you should to know”.

Hot Work Permit
Hot Work Permit
Source: Wise Global Training (from Everything you need to know about Permit-to-Work System, Manual about PTW“The Complete Guide to Permit to Work System (PTW)”)

Copies of permits, such as for cold work, hot work, electrical isolation etc., should be displayed on the equipment at the work site.

From Comprehensive Guide to Risk Assessment and Process Safety Management“Process safety management on gas carriers LNG/LPG”.

Pronunciation of Hot Work

[hɒt wɜrk]

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