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Flag State – Definition and Pronunciation

[flæɡ steɪt]

What is Flag State?

Flag State refers to the country under whose laws a ship is registered or licensed. Ships are subject to the laws of their flag state, and this designation can have significant legal, regulatory, and operational implications.

Examples of Flag State

Some Flag States carry out their own inspections and administer their own certification process. However, most Flag States delegate some or all of these tasks to Classification Societies which are then empowered to deliver the certificates in the name of the Flag State.

From Other Characteristics Specific to Liquefied Gas Tankers“Main technical characteristics of LNG LPG tankers”.

In taking such measures, the Member shall forthwith notify the nearest maritime, consular or diplomatic representative of the flag State and shall, if possible, have such representative present. It shall not unreasonably detain or delay the ship.

From International Labour Organisation Conventions 147 and 152“ILO Conventions 147 and 152 – Ship and Dock Safety Standards”.

LNG fleet by flag state
LNG Carrier Fleet By Flag State (as at start April 2017. Data in terms of fleet capacity) (from Liquefied Natural Gas Carrier Market InsightsTrends, Technology and Key Sectors of LNG Carrier Market)

Approval procedures for LNGCs are generally based upon the existing international rules and regulations, implemented either by the flag State of the ship or by the port State/local authorities of the terminal, and on the recommendations of professional bodies such as OCIMF, SIGTTO, or GIIGNL. These procedures address some specific aspects of safety and security at the berth, along with crew qualifications for LNG and an understanding of the terminal procedures.

From Liquefied Natural Gas Commercial Considerations“Understanding LNG Commercial Aspects in Modern Industry”.

Pronunciation of Flag State

[flæɡ steɪt]

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