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Flammable Range – Definition and Pronunciation

[ˈflæməbəl reɪndʒ]

What is Flammable Range?

Flammable range – capable of being ignited and of burning. This term is often used synonymously with combustible and inflammable.

Examples of Flammable Range

A number of functions required by the Gas Codes are the following: detecting cargo vapour in air, inert gas, or the vapour of another cargo; measuring concentrations of gas in or near the flammable range; measuring concentrations of oxygen in inert gas or cargo vapour, or in enclosed spaces.

From Basic knowledge of tankers“Basic general technical LNG LPG tankers information”.

If a gas released to atmosphere is exposed to a source of ignition at the point it is within its flammable range, it will burn. Depending on the conditions under which combustion takes place, some degree of over-pressure will occur due to the rapid expansion of the heated gas.

From Basics of safety on gas carriers“Hazards of LNG/LPG during transportation on the gas carriers”.

Methane has a flammable range of between approx. 5,3-15 % gas by volume and combustion would be sustained if the O2 level was above 13 %. This is why the O2 content is maintained at levels safely below that value.

From Common LNG Support Systems“Essential Equipment of LNG Support Systems on Tankers”.

Pronunciation of Flammable Range

[ˈflæməbəl reɪndʒ]

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