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Membrane Tank – Definition and Pronunciation

[ˈmɛmˌbreɪn tæŋk]

What is Membrane Tank?

Membrane tanks are non-self supporting ships’ tanks that consist of a thin primary barrier layer (membrane) supported through insulation by the adjacent hull structure. Membrane containment systems also require a secondary barrier.

Examples of Membrane Tank

Load-bearing insulation systems for membrane tanks are generally more complex and more costly than the thermal insulation systems installed with independent tanks.

From Basic knowledge of tankers“Basic general technical LNG LPG tankers information”.

Size continued to increase and the first under-ground membrane tank, with a capacity of 200 000 m3, was commissioned in 1998.

From Shore Natural Gas Storage Tanks“Using of Different Types of Natural Gas Storage Tanks”.

Photo inside the tank
Inside a Membrane Tank of the Technigaz Type (GTT) (from Various Types of Liquefied Gas TankersCharacteristics and Types of Liquefied Gas Tanker (LNG LPG))

LNG ships are all equipped with two submerged pumps per tank. Membrane tanks are usually equipped with a tube to install an emergency pump in case of failure of the two pumps in one tank.

From Other Characteristics Specific to Liquefied Gas Tankers“Main technical characteristics of LNG LPG tankers”.

Pronunciation of Membrane Tank

[ˈmɛmˌbreɪn tæŋk]

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