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PTW – Definition and Pronunciation

[piː tiː ˈdʌbəljuː]

What is PTW?

PTW (Permit To Work) provides a structured approach to ensure a task is carried out safely. It ensures compliances with company procedures and the associated risk assessment. It must be assessed, authorised, monitored and cancelled correctly.

Examples of PTW

A PTW system is an integral part of a safe system of work and can help to properly manage a wide range of work-related activities. This is particularly true of maintenance work, where activities involve being in close proximity to normally restricted operations or energy sources.

From Everything you need to know about Permit-to-Work System, Manual about PTW“The Complete Guide to Permit to Work System (PTW)”.

An enclosed space entry permit and a permit to work (PTW) will be required before entering for any inspection.

From Non-Standard and Emergency Operations on Liquefied Natural Gas Carriers“LNG Emergency Situations and Handling Non-Standard”.

Man welding steel
Example of the risky task which require PTW
Source: pixabay.com (from Risk Assessment on Liquefied Natural Gas TankerRisk assessment and hazard identification on LNG tanker)

A sanction for test declaration should be issued in an identical manner to a PTW, and it should not be issued for any apparatus where a PTW or where another sanction for test is already in force.

From High Voltage Systems and Safe Electrical Equipment“Explanation of High Voltage Systems on LNG Carriers”.

Pronunciation of PTW

[piː tiː ˈdʌbəljuː]

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