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Flash Point – Definition and Pronunciation


What is Flash Point?

Flash point is the temperature under very specific conditions at which a combustible liquid will give off sufficient vapour to form a flammable mixture with air in a standardised vessel. Related to the volatility of the liquid.

Examples of Flash Point

Flash point of a liquid is the lowest temperature at which a liquid generates enough vapor to create a flammable mixture with air.

From Liquefied natural gas (LNG) – The Ideal Gas“Definitions, Propierties of Liquefied Natural Gas (Ideal Gas)”.

In simple terms, flash point requires an external igniting source while auto-ignition temperature does not require an external burning source.

From Properties of liquefied gases“Liquefied natural gas properties and conditions of its transportation”.

Flash Point is not the same as the ignition or auto-ignition point.

From Flammability, Explosion and other Hazards of Liquefied Gas“Potential Gas Hazards for Human Health and Equipment”.

Pronunciation of Flash Point


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