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Boil-Off Gas – Definition and Pronunciation

[bɔɪl ɒf ɡæs]

What is Boil-off gas?

Boil-off gas (BOG) is the vapor that is generated as a result of the natural evaporation of a cryogenic liquid, such as liquefied natural gas (LNG), during storage or transport. When LNG is stored in tanks or transported in ships, a small amount of it gradually evaporates due to heat ingress from the surroundings, even though the tanks are well insulated. This evaporated gas is referred to as boil-off gas. Managing BOG is crucial to maintain pressure and safety in storage tanks and transport vessels. Often, boil-off gas can be reliquefied, used as fuel, or flared, depending on the infrastructure and regulations in place.

Examples of Boil-off gas

In LPG tanks, the boil-off gas is reliquefied and returned into the tank, creating a certain movement in the liquid which is sufficient to ensure a good mix.

From Shore Natural Gas Storage Tanks“Using of Different Types of Natural Gas Storage Tanks”.

While cargo handling equipment is generally not considered in the EEDI calculation, the equipment associated with boil-off gas management was included for LNG carriers as BOG management is on indispensable arrangement on LNG carriers.

From Environmental management of ships during transportation of LNG/LPG gases“Shipping Pollution in the Modern Maritime Industry”.

2-stage LD compressor
2-stage LD compressor: equipped with precoolers to achieve full pressure under conditions of warm boil-off gas (from Liquefied Petroleum Gas Reliquefaction Plant and Boil-Off Control“LNG/LPG Reliquefaction plant and other necessary system and equipment”)

Away from certain hotspots, primarily located in Northern Europe, ports offering LNG bunkering are fairly scarce, making it an impractical choice of fuel for ships on the vast majority of deep sea routes (aside from LNG carriers using boil-off gas).

From Liquefied Natural Gas Carrier Market Insights“Trends, Technology and Key Sectors of LNG Carrier Market”.

Pronunciation of Boil-off gas

[bɔɪl ɒf ɡæs]

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