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Cofferdam – Definition and Pronunciation


What is Cofferdam?

Cofferdam is the isolating space between two adjacent steel bulkheads or decks on a ship. This space may be a void space or a ballast space.

Examples of Cofferdam

Transverse bulkheads separate the holds, either single plate or in the form of a cofferdam.

From Various Types of Liquefied Gas Tankers“Characteristics and Types of Liquefied Gas Tanker (LNG LPG)”.

As a precaution, immediately remove the flow cartridge and spring from the dynamic auto balancing valves on the affected tank to permit the glycol to flow at a higher rate to the coils in the cofferdam and around the liquid dome.

From Non-Standard and Emergency Operations on Liquefied Natural Gas Carriers“LNG Emergency Situations and Handling Non-Standard”.

 Cofferdam BHD
Cofferdam BHD Vertical Connections (from Presentation on ABS Advanced Analysis“Ship-Safe System & All Aspects Performed by ABS Engineering”)

Preparations should include: prepare the cofferdam steam or gycol heating system as appropriate.

From Cooldown of Cargo System on the Liquefied Gas Carriers“Cargo Cooling System for Membrane and Moss Type Tanks”.

Pronunciation of Cofferdam


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