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Dew Point – Definition and Pronunciation


What is Dew Point?

Dew point is the temperature at which condensation will take place within a gas or vapour mixture as temperature decreases.

Examples of Dew Point

As pressure drops below the dew point. liquids will condense in the reservoir and will, in most cases. be unrecoverable.

From Complete Manual for Engineers about Dew Point Reservoirs“Understanding Natural Gas Condensate Reservoirs”.

Whichever method is used, it is important to monitor the oxygen concentration and the dew point from time to time in the different tanks, using the sampling connections provided at different heights in each tank.

From Various Ship Operations and their Ways of Conduction“Conducting key ship operations – general information”.

Typical dew point meter
Dew point meter (hygrometer) (from Common LNG Support Systems“Essential Equipment of LNG Support Systems on Tankers”)

On a 4 tank membrane ship of 140 000 m3 it will take 20 hrs to dry all the tanks to a dew point of approximately minus 25 °C (-25 °C), or as otherwise specified in the cargo operating manual.

From Essential Steps for Preparing LNG Tanks for Cargo Loading on LNG Vessels“Optimizing LNG Tank Preparation for Safe Cargo Loading”.

Pronunciation of Dew Point


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