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Inert Gas – Definition and Pronunciation

[ɪˌnɜːt ˈɡæs]

What is Inert Gas?

Inert gas is a chemically inert gas, resistant to chemical reaction with other substances.

Examples of Inert Gas

The drier for the air and inert gas (IG) is normally combined in the same unit, which is usually located in the engine room.

From Air and Inert Gas Dryers“Essential Guidelines for Air and Inert Gas Dryer on LNG Carriers”.

On LNG ships, inert gas is used to displace methane before opening the tanks and also to maintain an inert atmosphere in the holds or insulation spaces around the tanks.

From Other Characteristics Specific to Liquefied Gas Tankers“Main technical characteristics of LNG LPG tankers”.

Photo of inert gas generator
Inert gas generator (from Inert Gas Generator“Working Principle of Inert Gas Generators on LNG Carriers”)

The holds around the tanks are kept under an atmosphere of either inert gas or dry air.

From Various Types of Liquefied Gas Tankers“Characteristics and Types of Liquefied Gas Tanker (LNG LPG)”.

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Pronunciation of Inert Gas

[ɪˌnɜːt ˈɡæs]

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