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Тренировочный CES тест онлайн по теме швартовка судна (Mooring)

Добро пожаловать на страницу, где вы можете пройти тест CES онлайн по теме швартовка судов (Mooring). Данная практика поможет вам, как морскому специалисту, подготовиться к сдаче экзаменов, получению сертификата компетентности или аттестата.

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According to which criteria are the cable lifter units designed?
The brake force and band brake diameter.
The cable diameter and drive motor force.
The brake force and cable diameter.
The band brake diameter and drive motor force.
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Automatic winches may be used on all winch lines at the same time:
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Choose the statements you think are correct in connection with oil sampling contamination control:
Rope should never be used as a stopper on wires.
Wear googgles if you operate the windlass.
New ropes have the same elongation as used ropes.
Two or more lines leading in the same direction should always be of the same material.
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Choose the statements you think are correct according to safe mooring practice:
Allow a quantity of oil to flush before collecting a sample.
Fill up the sampling bottle to 90 %.
Oil is extracted through fully open ball valves from high pressure line.
Take at least two samples from each sampling place in the system.
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Does the angle between the line and the horizontal have anything to do with the number of ropes to be used?
Yes, greatly angle means less rope to be used.
Yes, smaller angle means less rope to be used.
No, only when wire rope is used.
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How is the anchor cable length marked?
Red paint.
Blue paint.
White paint.
Black paint.
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How many complete rope turns are recommended around the warping drum?
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If one strand on the 8-strand fibre rope is broken, how much strength remains in the fibre rope?
50 %.
80 %.
65 %.
25 %.
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If we have different types of mooring lines leading in the same direction, which type of rope, mentioned below, will take most of the load?
Steel wire rope.
Polypropylene rope.
Nylon rope.
Manila rope.
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Snapback is a serious danger when we are handling:
Wire ropes.
Both wire and synthetic ropes.
Synthetic ropes.
Only nylon ropes.
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To identify a fibre material rope you can check if it floats. Which of the following ropes float if you put it into water?
Polyethylene and Polypropylene.
Nylon and Polyester.
Steel wire rope.
All types of ropes can float.
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What does STS mean?
The ship is only moored to one point.
Two ships moored alongside each other for the purpose of cargo transfer.
The ship is moored in position using both anchors forward and stern is secured to buoys located around the stern.
Ordinary mooring.
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What is the operating parameter for the mooring drums brakes?
60 % of the MBL.
40 % of the MBL.
70 % of the MBL.
50 % of the MBL.
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What is the purpose of a Pedestal Roller?
To change the direction of lead of a mooring line.
To secure a chain.
To secure the eye of a mooring line.
To facilitate towing.
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What is the purpose of the brake test?
Is to find the highest necessary tightening torque.
It is to find the correct tightening torque.
It is to find the maximum tightening torque.
To update the ship records.
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What should the operator of an undivided drum be aware of?
Always have sufficient number of turns on the tension drum.
The difficulty to spool and stow the wire drum satisfactory.
The danger of personnel injury when the rope is transferred on a split drum.
Of standing instructions given by duty officer.
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What will happen if you have more than one layer of wire on the tension drum on a split-drum winch?
It will decrease the brake holding capacity and the pulling power.
It will increase the brake holding capacity and the pulling power.
The brake holding capacity will be the same.
It will increase only the brake holding capacity.
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Which of the following statements are correct?
A new mooring rope should be uncoiled from the inner end.
Do not drag the rope over sharp edges.
Chafting at chocks and fairleads has no effect on the rope.
Avoid placing wire and synthetic rope on the same bollard.
Exposure of sunlight can damage the rope.
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Who is in charge of the mooring operation?
Duty officer.
Harbour master.
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