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Вопросы и ответы на Seagull CES CBT тест по теме Fire-fighting (Advanced)

Добро пожаловать на страницу, где вы можете найти ответы на CBT тест (Computer Based Test), который еще называют Бесплатные вопросы и ответы на CES тесты для моряковCES (Crew Evaluation System) онлайн по теме «Fire-fighting (Advanced)» (пожаротушение – углублённые знания). Данная страница поможет вам, как морскому специалисту улучшить свои знания с помощью открытой информации, где размещены как вопросы, так и ответы теста. Основанные на доказательных эмпирических данных и опыте морских специалистов, показательные и эффективные объединенные материалы CES/CBT тестов используются на практике в предметных областях.

Разработанные для оценки базовых знаний моряков CES & CBT тесты компании Seagull (после ребрендинга OTG) представляют собой онлайновый инструмент оценки, используемый для выявления потребностей в профессиональной подготовке, специфичных для областей знаний, определенных в ПДНВ, ответы на которые вы найдете ниже.

В процессе отбора и набора персонала, а также для измерения уровня знаний существующих офицеров и экипажа, CES тест хорошо показал себя по всем параметрам. Ocean Technologies Group использовали для создания вопросов обширные темы, которые включают:

  • Управление кризисными ситуациями и скоплением людей;
  • Интегрированная навигационная система;
  • Управление балластными водами;
  • Обработка и укладка грузов;
  • Управление эксплуатацией судна и безопасностью;
  • Морская инженерия;
  • Техническое обслуживание и ремонт, и многие другие темы.

Данная страница содержит ответы Seagull CES по теме «пожаротушение – углублённые знания», собранные из CBT тестового симулятора для помощи во время проверки компетентности команды судна, так и для личного тестирования знаний.

Тема «пожаротушение – базовые знания» включает в себя теоретическую и практическую информацию, знание которой напрямую показывает профессиональность работника, занимающего соответствующую должность на борту судна. Знания, позволяющие предпринимать необходимые действия при борьбе с пожаром, позволяющие достичь минимального ущерба как кораблю и его грузам, так и экипажу.

Crew Evaluation System Test ответы на этой странице по теме «Fire-fighting (Advanced)» содержит 47 вопросов и ответы на них, которые можно использовать в случае с затруднениями в любом вопросе во время прохождения проверки на профессиональную компетентность.

Тест по теме тушение пожара на судах

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Воспользуйтесь поиском, чтобы найти интересующий вас вопрос. Достаточно ввести одно слово или часть его, чтобы фильтр заработал.

Количество отображаемых вопросов: 47.

Правильные ответы отмечены знаком .

After a fire in an enclosed space seems to be extinguished, why does ventilation have to be started with fire-fighting equipment at the ready? Select the ONE best answer:
The air introduced can re-kindle the fire.
There will be lots of smoke escaping from vents.
It will have a large cooling effect if done vigorously.
The space will be well sealed and fans may be damaged.
After an Engine Room fire is extinguished, what indicators is there that the space is safe to open? Select the ONE correct answer:
Reducing temperature of surrounding bulkheads.
A steady temperature seen in surrounding bulkheads.
A reduction in smoke seen at the top of the Engine Room.
White smoke rather than black smoke seen at the top of the Engine Room.
After an Engine Room fire is extinguished, why should care be taken when ventilating the space? Select the TWO correct answers:
Hot metal objects may re-ignite fumes.
All of the extinguishing agent would be removed.
It will be very hot.
There will be smoke in the ventilation ducts.
Carbon dioxide will smother a fire. Which ONE of the following will it NOT do? Select the ONE correct answer:
Remove heat from a fire.
Extinguish a fire.
Smother an electrical fire.
Be of any use in the Engine Room.
How are fire-fighters protected from electrical shock? Select the ONE best answer:
By always making sure that supplies are isolated.
By not using a water extinguishing agent.
By wearing insulated boots and gloves.
By never spraying water on electrical parts.
How can communications from a fire on-scene commander (OSC) cause fire-fighting plan to be changed? Select the ONE correct answer:
The communication can show that the original plan is not working.
The OSC will direct a change to be made to it.
The plan is seen to be working correctly.
The original plan will include things that in reality are not necessary.
How can the Master protect crew from smoke and gas associated with a fire? Select the ONE correct answer:
Turn a vessel so the smoke blows away from it.
Run the ventilation system up to full power.
Stop the interval ventilation system.
Spray water over the accommodation.
How does an effective drill prepare a fire-fighter who will directly fight a fire? Select the ONE correct answer:
The person will get used to wearing a fireman’s outfit and BA set.
It does not, because the person will become concerned after wearing the kit.
It lets them see the benefits of a fixed fire-fighting installation.
The person becomes aware of the importance of communications.
How is a fire on the deck of an oil or chemical carrier extinguished? Select the ONE best answer:
Using the fixed extinguishing system.
Using water spray from a fire hose.
Using a fire extinguisher.
Using the accommodation water curtain.
How should a fire plan deal with flammable hydrocarbons stored on board? Select the TWO best answers:
Remove them from the location of a fire.
Apply boundary cooling to cylinders or tanks sides.
Leave them in place and attack the fire instead.
Cover hydrocarbons in a foam blanket.
If a fire takes hold in the Engine Room, what is the best action to take? Select the ONE best answer:
Start the emergency fire pump and generator.
Send in as many fire parties as the vessel can muster.
Shut-off fuel and attack the fire from the shaft tuner with water hoses.
Close ventilation and send in fire parties to use the 55 litre portable foam extinguisher.
In a fire situation, why is it important to have the UN number for dangerous goods? Select the ONE best answer:
It allows the emergency response procedures to be determined from the IMDG Code.
It identifies the fire-fighting procedures to prevent further damage to the dangerous goods, for insurance purposes.
It allows fire-fighting procedures to be used that limit oil and air pollution.
It is a cross reference to a United Nations database of dangerous goods being transported.
In a fire-fighting situation, which of the following are the responsibilities of the on-scene commander? Select the THREE correct answers:
To carry out the fire-fighting activities that meet the fire-fighting strategy or plan.
Reporting back to the person in charge of fire-fighting.
Making sure that the fire-fighting is effective.
Recording the activities as they take place.
In an Engine Room, why is it sometimes difficult to fight a fire manually? Select the ONE best answer:
Parts are often difficult to access.
In a fire situation, it will be unlit.
There are minimal fire-fighting agents on board for Engine Room fires.
It is hot.
Is rescuing trapped crew an initial or subsequent tactic in a fire situation? Select the ONE correct answer:
Subsequent – the initial tactic is to find out if people are missing.
Initial – in a fire situation, there are always people missing.
Neither – rescuing trapped crew does not count as a tactic.
Initial – safety of life is paramount.
Is the following statement True or False? Capsizing is possible when fire-fighting:
Is the following statement True or False? When a whistle alarm sounds on a BA set, it is a sign to the wearer to leave the space:
On a vessel in port, who may take charge of the fire-fighting organisation? Select the ONE best answer:
A local Fire Chief under the command of the Master.
It will always be the vessel Master.
A company safety representative.
A Port State inspector.
On a vessel, why is it essential to have effective organisation to fight a fire? Select the TWO best answers:
Organisation is needed for the best outcome.
Organisation is needed to keep the crew calm.
Organisation is a requirement of the oil majors.
Organisation is needed because the crew cannot cope by themselves.
What action should be taken to protect fire-fighters? Select the ONE correct answer:
They should only be send to fight a fire if risk assessment allows it.
Never send them into a space containing a fire.
Always have them working in teams of four fire-fighters.
Never release carbon dioxide or other gas types of fire suppressants.
What are “fire-fighting process hazards”? Select the ONE correct answer:
Hazards introduced because of a fire-fighting operation.
Items such as smoke that are emitted by a fire.
Hazards caused by a fire spreading.
Events not forecast that happen during a fire.
What does OPA-90 say about the requirements of a “qualified individual”? Select the ONE best answer:
They should be contactable and represent an oil facility.
It should be the vessel Master.
It does not matter who the person is long as they are responsible.
They should be an “experienced individual”.
What influences the amount of air used by the wearer of a BA set? Select as many answers that you think are correct:
The amount of work done.
The level of training.
Personal fitness.
The design and model of the SCBA set.
What is important about allocating roles on a Muster List? Select the ONE best answer:
Crew are allocated roles that are appropriate to their strengths, weaknesses and physical health.
To ensure that inspectors and surveyors can see there is a level of organisation on board.
All officers and crew are assigned any role in an emergency.
Duties must be based upon the officer or crewmember’s department.
What is the characteristics of an economiser fire? Select the ONE correct answer:
Very high temperature.
Fairly low temperature.
It is intermittent.
Of very short duration.
What is the expression that describes hazards created by fire-fighting activity? Select the ONE correct answer:
Process hazards.
Application hazards.
Unacceptable when they happen.
Avoidable with care.
What is the main purpose of the person in overall command in a fire-fighting response organisation? Select the ONE best answer:
To direct the operations and make decisions.
To be answerable to an insurance company.
To be the point of contact for the media.
To be the liaison person to organisations ashore.
What is the process hazard associated with a fire previously contained within a compartment? Select the ONE correct answer:
A fire ball created from super-heated gases.
A build-up of heat in the fire.
Smoke from the fire getting into the accommodation.
Running out of carbon dioxide gas used for smothering.
What makes for an effective fire drill? Select the ONE best answer:
It should be as real as possible.
It should last over an hour.
It should always involve the office staff.
It should always be in the Engine Room.
What must the fire-fighters consider before attacking a fire in a cabin? Select the THREE correct answers:
A flashover when the cabin door is opened.
Large amounts of smoke.
Mains electricity.
Burning fuel oil.
What part of a vessel’s management is tested by having regular and effective fire drills? Select the ONE best answer:
They test a vessel’s fire-fighting organisation.
They confirm that the vessel’s fire alarms work.
They ensure that the fire-fighting equipment is in the right place. However, it should never be used.
They confirm that fire pumps deliver the required throughput.
What precaution should be taken before carbon dioxide is released into a space? Select the ONE correct answer:
Check that the space has been evacuated.
Check that all persons in the space are wearing BA sets.
Check that the fire does not involve any electricity.
Check that no other extinguisher has been used.
What should a fire drill contain to be as real as possible? Select the ONE best answer:
A realistic place, using crew and equipment that would be used.
Any easily accessible space so that it is less risky to those taking part.
One that has a few of the crew involved so that it is not too big.
A realistic place always, using two crew in SCBA sets.
When a fire breaks out on a vessel, which ONE of the following would be first to be informed? Select the ONE best answer:
Emergency services or search and rescue.
The designated person ashore.
The vessel’s insurers.
The cargo insurers.
Which ONE of the following is NOT part of a shipboard organisation that is tested during an effective fire drill? Select the ONE best answer:
The pressure in the BA sets.
That procedures to assist fire-fighting are adequate.
The speed at which the crew can muster.
The response of the office staff.
Which answer best completes the following statement? For firefighting communications to be effective, they should be …
… concise, spoken slowly and short.
… concise, short and spoken as quickly as possible.
… reduced to only passing essential information.
… passed every minute to maintain contact.
Which answer correctly completes the following statement? A plan that is made to fight a fire should …
… prioritise the safety of crew and fire-fighters.
… focus on a direct approach to attacking the fire.
… immediately involve shore organisations.
… exclude the duty watch-keepers and those sleeping.
Which answer correctly completes the following statement? Water is useful to fight fire…
… but it cannot be used on all burning materials.
… and will extinguish any burning material.
… only when there is a class “A”, carbonaceous fire.
… but not in polar areas where it will freeze.
Which of the following are characteristics of an accommodation fire? Select the ONE best answer:
Often Class A, often behind a door and start small.
Often Class B, always very intense and low smoke.
Very difficult to first attack because of locked doors.
Usually involves burning oil from cargo or what is stored on a vessel.
Which of the following is a dangerous characteristic of an Engine Room fire? Select the ONE best answer:
When oil is involved, it can rapidly escalate.
It is never really possible to extinguish it fully.
It will always spread to the accommodation above.
When left to burn, it damages equipment.
Why are communications so important during a fire-fighting operation? Select the ONE answer that does NOT apply:
It is a requirement in the procedures.
They help produce effective management.
They promote safety.
Without them a fire can get out of hand.
Why are some stored goods dangerous if there is a fire on board? Select the ONE best answer:
They can be very dangerous if they catch fire.
They get in the way of successful fire-fighting.
They float in water used to fight the fire.
They do not have a UN number.
Why does fire-fighting an “under deck” fire with fire hoses produce a capsize risk? Select the ONE best answer:
A large volume of water can be added to a vessel.
Water is allowed to drain overboard more easily.
Often a hold or space is open to the elements.
This will usually add top weight to a vessel.
Why is foam not very good at putting out a fire in a water soluble product? Select the ONE best answer:
The foam is broken down when water is absorbed.
Foam has no cooling properties at all.
A water soluble product is a gas.
The product will float on the foam.
Why is it dangerous to open a door on a fire previously contained within a space? Select the ONE correct answer:
Air can cause a flashover fireball.
Smoke can come out and enter the accommodation.
Heat escapes from the fire.
Crew can accidentally enter the space.
Why is using a fire hose on an “on deck” fire better for a vessel’s stability? Select the ONE best answer:
Water is able to drain overboard more easily.
A large volume of water can be added to a vessel.
There is a large free surface effect.
This will usually add bottom weight to a vessel.
Why should a vessel’s ventilation system not be used to remove smoke and hot gases? Select the ONE best answer:
Hot gases may cause a fire in some other location.
It can cause structural damage if air inlets are closed and space is under vacuum.
The ducting will become contaminated with smoke.
Fans cannot cope with smoke or might be damaged.

Тест по теме тушение пожара на судах

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