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Hazards and Risks in Usage of Land Transport in Oil and Gas Industry 613
Safety while Working on Marine Transport Over Water and Under Water 768
Emergency Management and Methods of Handling Sudden or Unexpected Situations 853
How to Prevent Fire and Explosion or How to Minimize Effects of it 740
Hazards, Risks and Controls Available for Operating Boilers and Furnaces 481
Hydrocarbon Process Safety – Fire Hazards, Risks and Controls 601
Hazards, Risks and Controls available for Safe Containment of Hydrocarbons 760
Safety Critical Equipment Controls in Oil and Gas Industry 1410
Weld Failures and Weld Testing Techniques in Oil and Gas Industry 310
Types of Failure Modes that may lead to Loss of Containment from Hydrocarbons 505
Safe Start-up and Shut-down of Hydrocarbon Containing Equipment and Processes 374
Plant Operation and Maintenance of Hydrocarbon Containing Equipment and Processes 664
Principles of Shift Changeover Process and Why it is Important 678
Everything you need to know about Permit-to-Work System, Manual about PTW 1693
An Organization’s Documented Evidence to Provide a Convincing and Valid Argument that a System is Adequately Safe 1080
Investigating Incidents, effective identification of the root causes and making recommendations for improvement 1611
Common Hazards and Risk Assessment in Oil and Gas Industry 1569
Risk Management Techniques used in the Oil and Gas Industries 1336
Usage of Contractors in the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Industry 954
All you need to know about Process Safety Management in Liquefied Petroleum Gas Industry 1358